Plot with a bunch of losers

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  • Press could run into Tesshin and be her annoyingly kind and innocent self - just like randomly give him a flower crown and try and be his friend.




    "Press" + cis female + domestic feline + thunderlands child + powers + storage + plot

  • I thought I responded oml yeah ofc!

    He’ll def need the support after what he’s about to go through, that’s sounds very sweet and he needs the love c:

    I can def make just might be a small wait

  • oooh there's some interesting potential here um

    ok so, one major plot I wann get out there is representing Megalith as a sort of Silver Witch in agrelos who'll be known for making deals with people to clean memories and corrupt emotions either for funsies or for deals (like ursala the sea witch. Lilith will ease stress or wipe away bad memories for a boon later on)

    so some plots :

    -Toxic romance relationship with Lilith where she confuses / manipulates y/c into loving her

    - She could mentally and emotionally manipulate a character (Candela, Flamberg, Tessin, Balthazar) into attacking his/her.their clan-mates in an open thread (short plot, effects are temporary) or steadily make them paranoid of their clanmates (long-term plot)

    and in both cases (to make a longer plot) she could come back and offer to wipe away those memories in echange for a favor later on (fight/spy/steal for her)

  • I just wanted to say I love her concept. Ahh she’s so cool. Those are some really cool plots.

    I want to get Bal more involved in (trying to)destroy the Killjoys so I could def see him going for Megalith next but instead she decides to emotionally manipulate him into loving her like you said possibly? Rather just to mes with him or for other motives? He already has a ton of bad blood with the family and it could lead to interesting plots?

    I also do have a character (champagne) who’d fit well with the second plot as one of my ultimate plans with him is to get his mind wiped so sksjdjjsjssjs

  • duuuuuude that'd be awesome omg yes!

    maybe an interaction thread? ;3

    and y ESS thought we can wait in the future for when that plot is read - but hmu anytime >:33