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  • also tagging TAROTCARD in case you wanna have him develop relations with aethreia's siblings c:

    i thought i was gonna have aethreia dual join in the solaris kingdom, but he'll prolly dual join instead into dark dynasty for that lycus angst instead

    but! i'm totally having aethreia jump into random threads that involve his siblings and their groups, so you'll prolly see him appear randomly

    also! all of the siblings need to meet up sometime, because they technically don't know where any of each other are at

    although i assume aethreia knows where Claes G.D. is? and if claes has met up with lycus by now, when aethreia swings by solaris kingdom, claes could prolly tell him where he's at

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  • okey dokey!

    idk where lethe should dual join, siblings are in the dark dynasty and the solaris kingdom yeah?

    and tbh lethe is kind of isolated from everyone atm in the kinship circle, lol

  • Lycus hasn't dual-joined anywhere xD

    I mean, if he isn't lonely, than there is really no point to go anywhere for him.

    He's the Dark Dynasty bae

    They're currently not very active -- really its just the feral snake and him.

    But, bro, angst. Thats what it's all about.

    I'm really loving playing Lycus so far. The whole backstory as Lysandri really gives me some extra muse to work with. He may not be lonely, but he's kinda sad. cut his paw today and legit almost started bawling.


  • yep yep i'm fine with aethie knowing where claes is!!

    and,,, the thread for them to meet up has been made but since i've been slammed with school and haven't been able to post really at all the last two days I haven't been able to get to LYCUS G.D. aaaaa i'm sorry about that once I get the majority of my schoolwork done I'll post the draft i've been working on!!

    but once I get that done claes could definitely tell aethreia where lycus is!

    awww poor lycus lmao

    I'm going to start planning some angst for claes soon >:)

    idk what yet,,, but it's gonna h u r t

  • aaa

    im so bored

    there hasn't been enough action over in dd

    at least i'm for for school for an entire month, tho

    got more time for this... now i just dunno how to spend it xD

    hows everyone's charries doin'?

    i was thinking of making lycus a dual-alliance charrie. but idk what his motive would be to do that.

    Claes G.D. -- don't worry bout it! im in no rush


  • im bored too ):


    tbh i should probably just do shit with lethe

    im off school starting friday so (:: FUN TIME!! and also this chat is inactive so im here to liven it up o:<

    but anyway lethe visited the solaris kingdom to give out gifts so... funsies

  • bring this chat life!

    ya, i'm trying to find more fun stuff to do w/lycus but dd is sorta inactive. gladly there are plenty of people who seem to wanna plot, though. lycus now has a big ol' apprentice so, there is that.

    we gotta find some way to have a giant family thread. since lycus & claes are finally meeting and claes knows about aetheria now we just gotta weave the rest of the siblings in xD.


  • yeah a lot of people are having their exams this week :x !! and lots of people wanna plot yah. I HAVENT REALLY DONE ANYTHING WITH LETHE THO (im not really creative with these things)

    yeah we do!! lethe is in her little corner of the world ):

  • the holidays have been pretty alright~

    got a whole bunch of BTS merch for christmas, guess that's the only thing my fam knows that i like now.


    don't worry too much bout threads. i haven't responded to anything for, like, 4 days now ;-;


  • sorry that i haven't been active with aethreia but i'm fine now ;-;


    i'm about to have him visit everyone's groups and like give gifts or smth

    so ya'll can just assume that claes told him about the rest of the sibs or smth (if you're fine with that)

    + who wants threads with him?

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  • it's alright, happeh

    just glad you're back <3

    ly would be totally down w/meetin' aeth. i need many sibling hugs when he comes givin' gifts, that is if where-ever he is has as an alliance. i don't wanna weigh you down too much have 2 charries to play in dd. i don't remember of aeth has memories of their past life, but i may be working soon to give ly all the memories of his past life so that could be a huge plot thing w/them.

  • by now this should just be called 'the fam with kpop faceclaims'

    thats what its turning into it

    idk if i love it or if i wanna cry xD

    legit thinking of putting a bang chan into trad game

    edit: this way ly's 69th post, im terrible

  • oh jesus is it really turning into that.

    i diDNT MEAN TO.

    imma just,, pray for forgiveness.

    omg u should

    have strength, just endure a little more

    —— i'll be next to you & tags

  • i think i'm gonna hold off on giving aethreia a dual alliance ngl. my muse with him is iffy, but i did want to place him in the dd for lycus. aethreia, as a note, does have his memories! also, their mother from their first life is currently haunting his ass big time, but only at night, which is causing bad insomnia for him and whatnot c': later down the road, prolly after lycus gets his memories back, and realizes that aethreia is aether (or maybe aethreia will realize lycus is lysandri, whichever happens first), reia will tell him that their mom is around. eventually smth will happen to make their mom permanently disappear, but i haven't decided what yet

    & welcome, welcome!

    speaking about kpop faceclaims, i put winwin as one of lucien's faceclaims, but now i'm thinking about changing it to kun. before, it was jungwoo- honestly just want an nct member as one of them, but i'm so conflicted as to who (bc i already have a taeyong faceclaim in aethreia, although, i'm surprised i don't have more nct faceclaims for my characters, everything considered)

    i have a han faceclaim! in,, aethreia tho

    since zenon is the youngest (methinks), aethreia is just going to possessively baby his ass. i mean, he does that to all of his sibs in one way or another, but z will have it rough

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  • also!! since aethreia will be giving y/c a /late af/ Christmas gift, if you guys have any preference on what that should be, tell me. otherwise, i'll pick something out that reia'll give icly c:

    all opinions ic | played by happeh

  • lethe doesn't have a kpop icon but the popstars song was sung by two members from (G)I-DLE so it counts right

    and hey at least youre back with him! i also don't mind having a thread with like. everybody.

    aethreia can bring anything for lethe btw!

  • i started listening to stray kids a long while ago but only got really into them like,, at the start of december im late to the party because i pulled a few all-nighters and said "you know what? i'm just gonna watch stray kids stuff all night" and,, there u go.

    i mostly held off on it because my friend is a solo bts stan and whenever i mention another kpop group she starts saying "wtf do you stan someone else now don't abandon me."

    so now that theyre my current obsession im sure any characters i make rn will have skz fcs.

    oof lets go zen. he'll like it but at the same time absolutely despise it.

    and yeah, aethreia can bring zenon anything! could probably bring him a rock and he'd like it.

    if anyone wants a thread w zen then i'd be down :)

    edit: also guess who was the genius that accidentally tagged zen's joining thread as a private thread. :')

    have strength, just endure a little more

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