Sweet Blasphemy (bxb, angel x demon, demon needed)

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  • IC: The wing was surprisingly smooth against Quintin's palm. It wasn't really what he had been expecting, but it really was like soft leather. He could feel Kane shudder slightly under the touch of his hand. Quintin smirked back at the demon, playfully dragging his nail lightly against Kane's wing for a short distance. He did know that angels' wings could be quite sensitive, but their feathers were a bit of a buffer. He almost shivered at the thought of the bare skin of his wings being exposed.

  • Kane let out a small gasp when Quintin scraped a nail along his wing and bit his lip. "You little brat." he chuckled, ruffling his wing beneath the angel's touch. He stepped closer to Quintin and curled his wings around him, his hands coming to rest lightly on his hips. "So, do you like them?" he asked quietly, his eyes not meeting Quintin's.

  • IC: Quintin laughed softly, putting one arm around Kane. However, his sense of amusement faded as he noticed the way Kane wouldn't meet his eyes. He put his hand lightly against the side of the demon's face, trying to catch his gaze. "Of course," Quintin said softly, his expression sincere. He wondered what the cause of the apparent insecurity could be. Was it the difference between their wings, or were Kane's somehow abnormal for a demon?

  • Kane reluctantly looked into Quintin's eyes and ever so softly smiled, leaning into his touch. "Thanks.." he sighed in relief, leaning down and resting his forehead on Quintin's shoulder. "It feels nice when you touch my wings. No one has in a very, very long time..." he sighed and lifted his head slowly, eyes soft and somewhat sad.

  • IC: Quintin raised his eyebrows slightly in concern. He wondered if it was too personal to ask why, but he'd been doing a lot of things this night that he wouldn't normally. He thought, compared to the other risks he'd taken, this was a small one. Quintin rested his hand between Kane's shoulder blades, murmuring, "Why not?"

  • Kane pursed his lips with a sigh, contemplating if he should tell Quintin what the real reasoning was. "These aren't what my wings used to look like." he sighed finally. "My wings used to look a lot like yours except black and gold rather than white and gold. They were amazing and covered with feathers. But when you mess up a job or a mission, they don't take too kindly to you. The first thing they go for is the wings. Damn demons singed all but the tops of my wings so no feathers could grow and cut them up so it's impossible for me to actually fly and use them." he sighed.

  • IC: Quintin cringed slightly. He felt an immediate rush of sympathy, but he wasn't sure how to respond. "I'm . . . Sorry," he murmured, knowing the response wasn't much against what Kane had said, but wanting to try anyway. "That sounds . . . Awful .."

    Despite the sympathy that he felt for the demon, he couldn't help but also feel a faint sense of relief. Quintin knew that he'd messed up on a couple missions before, but the consequences had never been so severe.

  • Kane chuckled a little but it was full of mirth and sarcasm. "It's fine. It can't be undone so why cry about it?" he sighed and stepped back, scratching at the back of his neck. "We've just met and I'm already spilling my life story to you. I only ever do that after I've slept with the person at least four times." he joked and smirked up at Quintin. "Kidding.." he mumbled softly.

  • IC: Quintin smiled, but he thought that there was likely a trace of concern in his expression still. He ran one hand back through his hair. He supposed if Kane was starting to let it go, maybe he should move on. Quintin laughed briefly at the demon's joke, but even though it felt almost forced. He took a breath in. He probably shouldn't be dwelling on it.

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    Kane cleared his throat and scratched at his stubbly chin. He let out a snort to break the silence and then laughed lowly, shaking his head and sighing. "You could cut the awkwardness in here with a knife." he snickered, folding his wings in and crossing his arms over his chest. "How about we get ourselves good and drunk and have some fun? This isn't sad, feely, story time. It's party time!" the demon cheered as he poured some of the demonic whiskey into two glasses. He passed one to Quintin and winked at the angel in the process.

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    IC: Quintin smiled, grateful that Kane was letting them move past the awkwardness. He took the glass from the demon, watching the liquid swirl inside with a bit of hesitancy. Shrugging, Quintin took a sip from the glass, deciding he could probably use to let loose properly. The whiskey burned his throat a little going down. Quintin shivered, unused to the sensation, as it had been a long time since he'd had anything similar to this. He took a bigger sip, getting used to it. "Wow," he said simply.

  • Kane smiled brightly at Quintin's reaction to the whiskey and he took a swig of his own. "Good, huh?" he purred warmly. "Whiskey made by demons is so much more delicious than the kind humans make." he sighed, swirling the liquid around in his cup. Kane took another slow drink and hummed happily at the burn of the alcohol on his tongue and throat. "I could drink this stuff forever.." he sighed and glanced at the angel beside him.

  • IC: Quintin nodded, taking another sip of his own whiskey. "I haven't really drank anything but human beer for awhile," he admitted, chuckling slightly. He wasn't really stuck-up or anything, not for an angel at least, but the demon was probably used to letting loose more. Quintin scratched the back of his neck. He was slowing down his drinking, already feeling a bit buzzed. It didn't take very long, he thought. "I'm not really used to this." He wondered if he should set his drink aside, but instead just held the glass low in both of his hands.