Sweet Blasphemy (bxb, angel x demon, demon needed)

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  • Name: Kane

    Personality: To be frank and to the point, Kane is quite the douchebag. His attitude is almost always negative and he rarely finds pleasure in the world around him. He likes to make others miserable and has a knack for it too. However, as a demon, his dark nature is to be expected. Kane is impulsive yet determined and once he puts his mind to something, nothing can deter him from getting it done. He's stubborn, narrow-minded, and hard to impress but that's not to say it's impossible to do so. Despite his standoffish attitude, he still does like having people to talk to and if someone manages to get close to him he will protect them with his life. Kane forms powerful bonds, albeit rarely, and would do just about anything for those he cares for.

    Appearance: Kane stands at about 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 189 pounds. He's well muscled and broad shouldered with an intimidating stance at first glance. He has a 5 o'clock shadow almost constantly and has semi-short, spiked black hair. Kane typically wears dark shades and has a worn down leather jacket that he wears with just about anything. His arms are covered in miscellaneous tattoos and he's got his right ear pierced. This is the mortal appearance he takes on when he's on Earth but when he's alone, he changes drastically. He grows at least a foot taller, has large, bat-like wings, and his eyes become completely black with a singular slit of yellow for a pupil. His hands are solid black in this form but it fades up his arm into an ashy gray that covers the rest of his body. Two long, partially curled horns grow from his head and he also gains sharp, vampire-like teeth. Kane does not like being mortal for long and typically changes back into his true form when he's alone.

    Other: Kane was around during the Black Plague and even takes credit for causing it. He also claims he was the inspiration for the legend of the boogeyman but no one really knows for sure.

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    IC: Quintin walked into the bar casually, rocking only slightly on his feet as the loud atmosphere hit his ears. He skimmed over the dozens of faces, keeping the description of his target in mind and seeing if he could spot her. Even though he had a few months to complete his mission, he thought that the earlier he started, the better. He'd been told she would probably be here at some point tonight. At the moment, Quintin couldn't see anyone resembling her description, but he'd keep it in mind and see if she showed up. It wouldn't hurt for him to stay awhile, and if he could find her, he knew he should scope out where she lived and where she usually visited. It would make his whole mission easier.

    Walking up to the bar, Quintin ordered a simple beer and walked over to an unoccupied table. The alcohol wouldn't really have an effect on him, but he found it fun to drink anyway. Twirling the bottle slightly on the tabletop, Quintin took the occasional sip as his eyes contributed to roam across the many people in the building. It was pretty packed that particular night. Quintin hoped he'd be able to pick out his target among the many people there.

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    Loud, overwhelming bass pounded his eardrums and his nostrils were assaulted by the intense smell of cigarettes, spilled alcohol, and sweat. Kane typically was indifferent towards the actions of humans but the people who showed up to these bars and acted the way they did really pissed him off. Their loud, drunken voices stabbed at his ears and every now and then one would touch him with their greasy, disgusting hands. Kane managed to escape the worst of it and was now seated at the bar, hunched over a half empty bottle of beer and rubbing his temples slowly. He'd been here for two hours now and there was no sight of the woman he was supposed to be tracking down. Following some stolen leads from the angels, Kane had ended up at the one bar in town this woman visited every now and then.

    Kane lifted his beer to his lips and took a slow swig, his whole body freezing as a strange air entered the room. It felt like the temperature dropped several degrees but he appeared to be the only one to notice. Kane's eyes slid across every person's face in the bar until he'd spotted the culprit for his uneasy feeling.

  • IC: Quintin was almost considering going out to dance; if he was going to be here a couple hours, why not have fun? He raised his beer to his mouth and took a short sip. Almost immediately, an uncomfortable tingling crawled down his spine. The beer he was drinking was cold, but it shouldn't have much, if any, effect on him. Frowning slightly, Quintin quickly realized that the sensation was caused by something else. That couldn't be good.

    He shook his head slightly, not wanting to appear as if he'd sensed something unusual. Nothing had happened yet, so this couldn't be that bad. He set his beer on the table. Casually casting another glance around the space, Quintin very briefly studied each face his eyes met. He knew that the odd sensation was a premonition of sorts, but he wasn't sure what it was trying to tell him. Perhaps that this target was here? But it had had a sort of edge to it ...

    He was about to brush it off when he made eye contact with a man almost across the bar. Another shudder, slightly fainter this time, slid down his back. Quintin's brow creased very slightly. There was a demon here, he suddenly knew it. This wasn't exactly abnormal; he knew some demons came to Earthly spaces to just be there. But what were the odds that he was sharing the bar where he was supposed to find his target with a demon? Realizing that he'd been staring, Quintin flickered his gaze back to the rim of his beer bottle. Maybe it would be wise to try and track the demon's movements, he thought.

  • Kane felt a small electric shock zing down his spine as he made eye contact with the angel across the bar. He clenched his jaw tightly and squeezed the bottle in his hand but when he heard the telltale sound of glass about to shatter he let up and pushed the cracked bottle aside. Kane quickly got up and disappeared briefly in the crowd, checking to see if any other angels were here. After a quick look he realized Quintin was the only angel here and relaxed a little. Kane then slithered back out of the crowd, however this time he appeared on Quintin's side of the bar. Standing so close to an angel made his skin crawl and he was tempted to leave but he had to figure out why this angel was here in the same bar. There was no way it could be a coincidence. Kane casually walked up and sat in the empty seat by Quintin, waving at the bartender and ordering another beer. "Hello there, my divine friend." Kane hissed ever so softly, slowly turning his gaze to Quintin.

  • IC: Quintin nearly snapped his attention back to the demon was he saw him move, doing his best to follow Kane's path through the crowd. Despite his efforts, he lost the demon quicker than he would have liked in the constantly moving crowd. He turned a little in his seat. From the way the hair stood up on his arms, he knew that the demon hadn't left; his worry was an attack, even though such a move would be foolish in a crowded place like this.

    Quintin managed to spot Kane again as he re-emerged from the throng of people. Unfortunately, the demon was now much closer to him. The way that he approached Quintin was casual, although this only succeeded in raising Quintin's guard. The fact that the demon directly approached him was definitely unusual. This could only really mean one thing: the demon was on a mission, or at least something similar.

    Quintin again twirled his beer bottle slowly on the table top.

    "What would bring you in here?" He asked, raising an eyebrow in the demon's direction.

  • Kane thanked the bartender after his drink was delivered to him and he took a quick sip before turning his full attention to Quintin. "Look around you, buddy. This place is full of drunk idiots and sleazy chicks. This is a demon playground." he snorted. "Just here to enjoy myself a little. But what about you? An angel in a bar full of sinners doesn't sound right." he hummed, clicking his tongue before taking another slow sip. Mortal alcohol had absolutely no affect on a demon's senses but that didn't mean they couldn't still enjoy the taste. Kane licked his lips slowly and did a quick once over of Quintin, realizing then that, to be honest, he was kinda hot. "I've heard of an angel breaking the rules every now and then for a night of fun but you seem a bit..tense." he noted, resting his chin in his hand. "Mm, you know, no one breaks the rules better than a demon.." he whispered in a sultry tone.

  • IC: Quintin nodded slightly. Although Kane's statement about the bar seemed reasonable, Quintin got the sense that maybe he wasn't being quite truthful. Either way, he supposed he'd follow this thread of conversation through. He felt a little amused, if he was honest. Sure, angels tended not to frequent clubs and bars and the like, but there were a few who enjoyed them. It's not like the simple fact of their presence there would bring any consequences. Quinton himself had been to a few bars in his time, and not always for missions like this one.

    He couldn't quite stop his gaze from flickering down to the demons mouth as he licked his lips. Already being a little flustered and surprised at the apparent flirting, Quintin actually felt himself blush a little as he caught the once-over the demon have him. He mentally scolded himself a little, but at the same time he leaned against the table with one elbow. Quinton had been staring at Kane a little earlier, and he had to admit that he was attractive. He fumbled only a little for a reply before saying, "Well, I think us angels are given more leniency than you'd think."

  • Kane chuckled a little at Quintin's statement and he arched a brow at him. "Oh, really?" he purred and tipped his head to the side. "If that's true, then how about a dance? Have some fun rather than sit at the bar alone." he murmured as he got to his feet. If he could throw the angel off his scent and convince him he was here solely for 'physical' purposes then he could finish the mission much easier. Kane quickly swallowed down the rest of his beer and then slid off into the crowd, finding an open spot on the dance floor where he could stand. A few women and even men brushed by and attempted to dance but his eyes remained on Quintin, even as a girl pressed to his chest and tried getting him to dance. He simply grabbed her hips and pushed her aside, beckoning out to Quintin to come and join him, biting his lip a little since it seemed that had gotten the angel's attention earlier.

  • IC: Surprise showed on Quintin's face as Kane asked him to dance. Even though they seemed to have been going through some pretense of flirting, he hadn't expected it to go this far. He slid off his chair. Quintin hadn't done anything like this for awhile. Despite the couple times he'd come to bars or clubs, he'd usually decline to dance. This time, however, it was different. For the obvious reasons, but also Quintin just seemed to feel a pull. He half-walked, half-danced through the crowd. He wasn't quite sure what he was doing, and he hoped it wouldn't show. Maybe overcompensating a little, he stepped up to Kane confidently, his eyes once again briefly drawn to the way he bit his lip. The demon almost seemed to draw in the humans around them, Quintin noted as he looked at a girl who eyed them before being lost in the crowd. He took in a breath. Okay, this shouldn't be that hard, he told himself.

  • Kane reached out and took Quintin by the hand, pulling him close and into the small space he'd found to dance in. He kept hold of the angel's hand and used it to spin him around in an almost playful manner before drawing Quintin in close again. "Just relax.." he whispered, his eyes flashing black for a split second. Demon's had the ability to 'hypnotize' their prey with a single glance into their eyes and cause them to feel whatever emotion the demon wished, however the affect didn't work on angel's unless they allowed it to affect them. Kane chuckled to himself and pursed his lips slightly, shaking his head. "My bad. Habit." he hummed in response to flashing his eyes at Quintin.

    Kane noticed a few feet away a man seemed to be looking Quintin over and that made the demon angry and oddly protective. He pulled the angel tighter to his chest and slid an arm around his torso, eyeing the man angrily.

  • IC: Quintin steadied himself as he spun, managing to find the odd gracefulness that he was almost known for. He smiled slightly was he was drawn back in towards the demon. He'd noticed the brief flash of black in his eyes, and though Quintin had heard that it only worked on humans, his head felt a little foggy for a moment. He tapped his foot a few times, clearing his mind. The last thing he needed in a situation like this was to fall under some mind trick. Quintin raised his eyebrows as the demon apologized. He knew it had likely been on purpose.

    A short breath of surprise escaped him as Kane pulled him closer, wrapping an arm around him. Though the dancing had felt sort of teasing before, it seemed to have taken a more serious turn. Quintin could see a look of slight anger in the demon's eyes, but he could tell it wasn't directed at him. Trying to bring Kane's attention back, Quintin rested his hand on the demon's lower back. This close, he could feel the heat of Kane's body. He had to admit, it wasn't all unpleasant.

  • Kane felt the anger and possessive emotions slowly dissipate as the feeling of Quintin's hand on his back brought him back to reality. "Mhm, sorry." he apologized again, forcing a small smile. He looked down into the angel's eyes and squeezed his hip lightly, a mischevious glint in his eye. "How about we leave this place and go somewhere quieter? You and I both know this place reeks and the music is way too loud." he said, leaning in and resting his chin on top of Quintin's head. "There's a park nearby if you don't mind the cold. Or I have a pretty nice hotel room close to here too." he hummed. "And I promise I won't try to get in bed with you. That isn't my intention for once. Just a chat and a drink with someone attractive." he said, glancing down into his eyes again. "What do you say? Want to bounce?" he asked with slightly raised brows.

  • IC: Quintin hesitated for a moment. For all he knew, this could be a plan to get him to somewhere that would be easier to ambush. And should be really be going into this worth a demon he'd just met less than an hour before? It seemed maybe a little serious for his liking now ...

    After a moment, however, Quintin nodded. He'd just have to be on alert. He couldn't really rule out the possibility of an ambush. Stepping back from Kane slightly, he held out his hand with a smile. He might as well see it out. Quintin really had no idea what he was doing, continuing to flirt with a demon. What could come of it, after all? It couldn't really be something he could continue in the long term. But for the time being, Quintin was having fun. He found he really didn't want to stop any time soon.

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    Kane pursed his lips and smirked ever so slightly, his hands lightly squeezing Quintin's hips. He took the angel by the hand and pulled him through the crowd, out to the chilly outdoors. Kane laced his fingers through Quintin's to make sure the angel didn't run off and started to walk down the sidewalk towards a small public park. "So, we never really introduced ourselves. I'm Kane." he hummed, looking over at the rather handsome man beside him. The demon walked up to a park bench and sat down, motioning for the angel to sit beside him. Kane rested his ankle on his knee and crossed his arms, tipping his head back and gazing up at the sky with a heavy sigh.

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  • IC: Quintin breathed out a faint sigh of relief as they left the noisy atmosphere of the bar. The night was calm and clear, with the stars twinkling brightly overhead. Quinton nodded as Kane mentioned his name, replying "Quintin."

    His mind was oddly present throughout the walk to the park. He liked the warmth of the demon's hand in his. It had been awhile since he'd tried to do anything romantic. Though it hadn't really occurred to him before, he suddenly realized that he'd really missed it. Sitting on the bench beside Kane, Quintin leaned back and put his hand in his pockets. He looked over at Kane, noticing for the dozenth time that night how handsome he really was.

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