Gifts from above. {Anonymous help}

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    Jet black paws would carry the regal, panther like she cat towards Thunderclan territory in the dead of night. The camp was quiet, only the sounds of her former clanmates snoring touching her ears. In her jaw hung a limp rabbit and two small birds, but there was no scent of any clan on them, only the smell of the city far beyond Thunderclans borders. The shadowy figure would slip into Thunderclan, dropping her gifts into the fresh kill pile before leaving as silently as she had come.

    A few moments later, she would return again, this time carrying a bundle in her mouth that smelled sweet and intoxicating. She placed the bundle in front of the nursery, the context being honey, catmint, and lavender that also smelled with hints of the city.

    The shadow would look around camp once more, only to snap it's head in alertness as it heard movement from one of the dens and she would slip out of camp from the dirt place. But she would return soon with more aid if she could.

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  • You were only coming out to use the dirtplace area. Sliding from the nursery your eyes roamed over the camp, freezing on the once empty prey pile. Had someone gone hunting this late at night?

    Maybe it had been Asphodelpaw, because now your eyes rest on the herbs laid down on the ground not too far away..