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    The Thunderlands are an ancient Clan with history dating back to the beginning of the site, being one of the four original Clans; ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Through various leaders, the Thunderlands have gone through many changes. They have been occupied by BloodClan at least twice in the past. In 2015, they were brought down to the backboards due to OOC and IC drama between high positions. They were led by Star Council-elected leaders for a short time. Eventually, in 2017, they regained front board status due to their increased activity. On the 23rd of September, their name was officially changed from ThunderClan to the Thunderlands during the rule of Deutschland and was the first of the original four Clans to change their name. July 10th, 2018, the Thunderlands (and all of the clans around them) suddenly saw a bright white light. Following this light was a shift into an entirely new world. Once gaining their vision, the Thunderlanders found themselves in the middle of a jungle. Their story continues on.


    Thunderlands is home to primarily carnivores, but take care in assuring their herbivore and omnivore members are well fed as well through the harvesting of wild fruits and farming of both fruits, veggies and medicinal plants made available by the forest. They utilize what their territory has to offer in the highest regard. Huts are built from the wood and leaves the forest drops, and the larger the hut, the higher the status symbol. The woman of the tribe are often decorated by preserved jungle flowers whereas the men usually are found to be decorated with various leaves and vines. Those that do not identify along either gender can usually be found sporting nothing at all, or a mix or flowers and leaves. Children are usually painted with inks made from fruits and their seeds, and while some families may mark their children with a special symbol, the primary purpose is to acknowledge the child as a young Thunderlands member that has not yet gone through their "growth" ceremony. The leader and other high positions are usually found decorated with dropped feathers offered by the colorful parrots of the forest. The larger the headdress, the higher the status. Usually headdresses are only worn during war, ceremonies, meetings, high position gatherings and other important events where their status should be made clear. Ceremonies are held for children coming-of-age, marriages, funerals, and of course warriors who prove their worth in battle.


    Bluestar, Swiftstar, Graystar, Gingerstar, Polarstar, Ruststar, Ripplestar, Crystalstar, Nightstar, Yellowstar, Brassstar, Wrathstar, Acestar, Fierceheart, Sorrelstar, Scorchstar, Haushinka, Wolfstar/Frigidstar, Moxiestar, Frogstar, Witchingstar, Timestar, Wildstar, Nosferatu, Bruce, Kenshin, Scorchstar, Flamecharm, Volcanicstar, Deutschland, Will/Fragilestar, Crow, Feliciano, Fragilepast, Deutschland, Emiel Regis, Samuel Banner



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    The Thunderlands resides in the Sundran Jungle located on the island Orcadia. The rain is plentiful, and the summers seem to be eternal. However, although the weather seems glorious, extreme lightning storms rock the jungle. It is very important for one to seek shelter during one of these lightning storms, as lightning will frequently arc through the sky, striking randomly at anything exposed to the clouds. The temperature is generally 64-73 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Rain is common here, averaging around 100 to 200 inches of rain a year. Spontaneous extreme lightning storms also are common.


    Treehouses & Huts

    The inhabitants of Sundran Jungle have built many houses nestled within the trees. They have large expanses of bridges connecting each treehouse, creating a town of sorts. The houses are high in the tree, but not too high that they are insecure. Quite the contrary, they are strong and stable. They also have various huts built from the wood and leaves the forest drops for those whom prefer to be on the ground, the larger the hut, the higher the status symbol.

    Glowing lake

    There is a lake that glows mysteriously at all times within the Jungle. It emits a soft blue glow that is apparent to anybody that visits it. It is said to be magical and a purification point for many - but to others it is a curse and certainly toxic. While the origins of the glowing lake are not well known, it doesn’t appear to be literally toxic as many have drank and swam in it. The glowing magic seems to attach itself to those that touch it, causing them to glow as well. But this is only temporary. Many have mentioned that this lake will whisper secrets to those who listen carefully.

    Ancient Willow

    A very large willow tree sits in the Jungle. This is rather unusual, considering it resides in a jungle. It stands out very clearly because of this and nobody knows what magic sparked it to grow. Another key feature of this Ancient Willow is its golden red leaves, which stand out starkly against its green surroundings. These leaves look as if they're permanently like trees in autumn, but the leaves are healthy and supple, missing the dry crunch of typical autumn leaves. Because of their vibrant color, when the sunlight hits the leaves the Willow can appear as if it is covered in brilliant flames. It does not seem to wilt despite the weather and is ancient and resilient. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, large and imposing but appears delicate despite its strength.

    Limestone Cavern

    At the edge of the territory is a limestone cavern. The cavern is, as the name depicts, made of limestone. It was made when acidic water flowed through the area and ate away at it until it formed a deep cave. Stalactites grow heavily in this area, but most importantly is the underground lake that the caverns overlook. It’s beautiful and seems to hold a sense of peace to anybody that enters it.



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    The Growth Ceremony ~

    The growth ceremony occurs at 12 months old. Children are celebrated as they complete their basic training, and become warriors of the tribe. The ceremony features a "crowning", which is the act of giving a child growing to warrior a symbolic ink on their flank, a small feast for the family and friends hosted by the parents of the child or the child themselves, and then of course, the warriors test. The child is sent to fend for themselves for 3 days in unclaimed jungle territory, supplied only with medicine and minimal food for the venture to their destination. How they return usually dictates their future. Warriors that return with signs of battle are said to be more prone to do best in the battlefield. Warriors that return unscathed are said to be more prone to do best with politics and spy work. Those that return with signs of self-healing are said to be best in the medicine field. Variations occur and may identify various strengths versus a singular strength. A warrior that returns with battle wounds, healing and a new sense of wisdom are said to be ideal leaders, mastering all three elements of the test.

    Marriages ~

    A marriage is usually a clan event. Everyone is invited to dine before the leaders hut, and the center of their tribe is decorated heavily. Usually the healer of the tribe performs the ceremony, and the leader attends as a primary witness to the marriage. It is said that the marriage is sent to the heavens through the burning of two sacred objects to each partaking in the wedding. If the spirits accept the wedding, it is told that the burning will go without a problem. However, if the spirits deny the marriage, the objects will refuse to burn. Refusal of marriage results in the partnership being unrecognized by the clan, and any children bared from the pair (be it before or after) are deemed un-spiritual beings and are usually "cleansed" through the burning of various demon-banishing herbs soon after.

    Funerals ~

    Funerals are treated as a celebration of ones life. A large raft is built and burnt in a body of water, while the clan watches and mourns durong the burning. Afterwards, families spend quality time together and are encouraged to express care and share stories of the deceased.

    The Warriors Ceremony ~

    A warrior that proves their worth in battle is typically rewarded with a small feather, only to be worn during battle as a sign that they are a prized warrior and one to fear. This is usually a clan event, done at meetings, as a sign of their new title.

    Religion ~

    Whole religion is loose, it exists. The tribe believes that the beings that has formerly walked the earth continue to take up a life on the territory. They are rarely seen, but when one is seen, one is always recommended to follow it. It is said that after seeing and following a spirit, a prophecy or new grand power can be revealed. Or, if you are unlucky, you will find death and devastation.

    Leaders Ceremony ~

    Whenever a new leader is elected, the clan hosts a grand celebration for themselves and allies. Beforehand, the clan goes on a celebratory hunt to bring down the biggest prey they can find. During the feast, this prey is served. All attendees are asked to bring a feather from a bird, and a headdress base is passed around for each feather to be attached. Once the headdress is completed, the leader accepts their headdress and the feast begins.

    War Paint ~

    War paint is used to identify Thunderlandic warriors so that no accidental "friendly-fire" occurs. War paint is used with various colors made from fruits and seeds. Each leader has their own "warriors mark" which is a painted symbol typically on the forehead of their warriors, designed by the leader themselves. More decorated warriors can be found sporting smaller feathers during battle to assert their skill and for some, their rank.

    Symbolism of the Flag ~

    Their flag is a golden eagle carrying a white lightning bolt against a maroon red background. The golden eagle represents honor, courage, bravery, wisdom, honesty, majesty, freedom. Red represents fierceness, power, determination, and the white represents justice and peace, while the eagle holding it communicates the sense of brotherhood and community. The lightning bolt is a traditional symbol of the Thunderlands since the beginning.

    Ideas & Ethics ~

    The Thunderlands looks to foster a sense of brotherhood and comradeship within its community as well as their allies. They fight for justice, truth/honesty and honor, which is why they may feel the need to poke their noses into business when they think what is happening is unjust. They are a Clan that prides in courage, perseverance, and freedom, having been in quite a depression for many years during BloodClan occupations and frontboard removal. They will not hesitate to fight with fierceness to defend some of these values. True to their proclan roots, the Thunderlands frown on evil things, including murder, harassment, rape, pedophilia, excessive torture, and restrictions of freedoms, such as religion, speech, ect.

    Festivals ~

    Fall festival to celebrate their new name change that happened on the 23rd of September.



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    The Thunderlands is neutral aligned, though they usually seem to prefer allying themselves with ProClans due to their extensive history of being a proclan. The Thunderlands will only recognize Clans as enemies if they are actively fighting against them. Once the war with an enemy has ceased, they will then consider the enemy to be a neutral and treat them as such. Thunderlanders will go to war against a Clan if they have been extensively harming one of their allies (for example, a takeover) or if they have attacked the Thunderlands themselves.

    To be an ally means that the Thunderlands is prepared to protect and aid that Clan in anyway possible and keep a close relationship with that Clan that is deeper than most neutralities.


    1. The Highlands

    2. Hawkclan

    3. Amalfi Heights

    4. The Sanctuary

    5. Dark Dynasty

    6. Solaris Kingdom

    7. Valhalla

    8. Kinship Circle


    The Exiles


    Shadow veil



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