Who want to adopt this boi?

The winner of the October game giveaway for Overwatch is: Shywolf! Congratulations!

The next giveaway is for Shadow of the Tomb Raider! Check here for more info!
  • This is for the extended game! Super strong boy ready to be adopted by someone since I kind of want to spice up my roleplays. He'll start out at 3 1/2 moons, but appears injured at border where your character can basically scoop him up from there.

    Below are a list of groups that I will not join (just because I already have a character there!)

    - The Highlands

    - The Cartel

    - The Dark Dynasty

    I prefer slower-paced groups, so if you're active and trying to jumpstart activity I could also help you with that! Tags are in signature if you need them! <3

    Small | Biography

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