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  • this wasn't exactly what was meant to happen. the pleasantly plump raccoon hadn't intended to find herself locked in a metal cell, being allowed only to move forward and backwards. it had been a solid few minutes that the youngster had been encapsulated in the jail, where she had been past the point of frantic and instead moved to the state of acceptance.

    the subspecies drew in an icy breath, closing her eyes in defeat. was it worth it? she would mutter to herself, shaking her skull ever so slightly in disgust as she recapped the unfortunate situation she found herself in.

    that damn open can of salmon deliciousness.

    it was embarrassing, but at least finley's final meal would have been a decent one. it was just a shame the thick bodied mammal would be spending her last moments in in an unforgivingly uncomfortable trap, but at least she was alone to spare her dignity.

  • when dead girl ventured out today, thoughts never wheeled toward this as a possibility of one of her encounters. no, in this weather she suspected an ally or poor and cold visitor at best.

    so imagine the surprise to flush within eyes of sweet sugar plum as she stumbles upon not just creature, but a cage too. where in the hell it came from, let alone who put it there, alludes the phantom beast and half a swear starts to escape lips. "what the fu . . . 'ere, hang on." she glances over the trap with studious eyes, a paw flicking up from the snowy ground to pick and fiddle with the nasty lock. it takes a minute, maybe three, for hands to undo the damage and the caracal casually steps back as the door swings open. "there ya go. how'd that even happen?"




    ◜ . and i burn breathing her in┊ information . ◞

  • well, the small creature gulped, deciding whether or not she should spill the beans, as per say. i smelt food and got hungry.. finley took a dramatic pause and sucked in another breath. should she continue?

    deciding so, the femme slowly backed out from the trap and hesitantly turned to face her freeer but was too embarrassed to initiate eye contact. so i followed the trail and next thing I know, the door slams shut on me.

    the youngster's small ears pinned to her skull, eyes darting anywhere but chica. a chunk of wet cat food stuck to the bridge of her nose, and finley hadn't the slightest clue it was there. how embarrassing.

  • 「 how did it come down to this, scrolling through your call list— i don't wanna lose my pride but imma fuck me up a bitch」

    the canine would be the next to arrive, eyes narrowing sloghtly at the.. plumper raccoon. interesting, to say the least. "erm, scusami, hun but you have a little bit of... food on your.. nose." she cleared her throat,tongue drawling over her muzzle as she began to take out a cigarette. she really should of quit but.. not like she was going to die anytime soon over some fuckin' cancer sticks. "you should really be more careful, and not wonder right into a damn mouse trap because you got hungry. there is plenty of food round here that isn't dangerous to get. " she almost called the young girl an idiot, but she held back her snivy tongue, stepping back before lighting her cigarette with a quick breath of fire. "if you are still hungry I'm.. sure we can spare something small. just try not to be stupid.. okay?" so much for holding back that mean comment. guess she just could not help it.


    no turnin' back.。.:*゚:*:✼✿

  • it was almost on cue that her cheeks flushed red at the mention of food on her face. god, could it get any more embrassing? the youngster scrambled with her nimble muddy flanges and without a second thought, forced the minute snack into her own throat.

    'just try not to be stupid.. okay?'

    ears flatten and the fatty rolls onto her rump, resting her hands softly on her belly. i was just hungry... finley nearly whispered.

    after mumbling to herself, the little one looked up in shame. her ears were still folded back, and a small frown could barely be made from her thin black lips.