Hard Believer//Oneshot

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  • Well I see you've got your Bible, your delusion imagery/

    Well I don't need your eternity or your meaning to feel free

    As Sky opened her eyes, the one thing that came to mind was the fact that every cat was too far away. The Stoneteller could see Autumn, her old friend and Stag's predecessor. The fuzzy shapes of other ancestors, her sister. Flicker. Dust. Her babies. But they were too far away, her childrens' dark pelts distinctive but not close enough to feel warmth. As Sky takes a step forward, she's in shock that her snowy paws don't bounce off some sort of forcefield.

    She breaks into a run. Every sprint only equating to inches closer to her family, her ancestors. Why were the Tribe of Endless Hiding from her?

    "Come speak to me!" Sky's voice even sounded different. Loud, desperate. Whining. She was here to speak about Current! Did they not know she had questions? Why were they not guiding Sky the way they ensured so long ago?

    Then a dark shadow moves forward. Dust. The first of her children to leave her, here one day and gone the next. Sky's words are caught in her throat, and for once she says nothing. She just allows the smaller figure to touch her head to her mothers'.

    Beware, Mother. For he knows not what he does. Comes Dust's voice, much more focused than the child was when she was alive.

    "Who? Current?" Sky's questions are immediate. Or does she mean her younger brother, Veil, off in DarkClan? "Who doesn't know what he's doing?"

    But amber eyes are blank, revealing nothing. Dust only touches Sky's head lovingly once more before moving back to stand by her sister. And Sky once again tries to follow, but they're just so far away. Out of her reach , as if Sky was placed in a fish bowl.

    "Please!" Desperation from the fearless leader, "Just tell me what's going on! Is Current the correct choice?"

    Nothing. Nothing but faded images and her last plea, "Help me!"

    Wham. Sky opens her eyes, taking in the sights of the Cave of Pointed Stones. Damn.

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher