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  • 「 feeling estranged in reality — the doctor asks me if i've {censored} 」

    Seeming unfazed by Pigeonpaw's attitude, Snow sighed softly and nodded in response to his clear dismissal. Glancing over her shoulder as Minnowstar's voice drifted subtly towards them through the trees, the white tabby pushed to her paws again and dipped her head in a quiet farewell to the young tom. "I know we come from different Clans, but if you change your mind at any point tonight and wish to talk, just come find me. I'm a mother before I belong to any Clan, so I'm sorry if I came across as invasive or pushy." Dipping her head again after her quiet statement, the white tabby turned and trotted back to the Gathering, eyes shifting to rest on her mate where he stood among the leaders. Blackstar looked interested in whatever it was Minnowstar had just said, and she slightly regretted missing whatever it was.

    "i answered without any hesitation that i have."

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  • Wincing slightly from where she sat at Minnowstar's revelation that BloodClan had been among them for a while, Brookpaw sighed softly to herself and prayed to StarClan that this wouldn't start infighting among the gathered Clans. The others really hadn't needed to know that much, especially considering it was more BloodClan's business to tell rather than their own, but it couldn't be taken back now, unfortunately. Brookpaw just remained quiet where she sat, keeping her face as impassive as possible.


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  • There went that laughter again and she was partially positive he was doing it on purpose now. Perhaps she was finding so much comfort in him because of their blood ties. The same relations that led them both back to Bloodclan. It was plausible and she allowed a slow breath to enter her muzzle and then come through her nostrils in a gentle sigh. Though as he began to talk about himself as a deputy her glimmering gaze wandered away and she allowed her eyes to rest on one forest cat then another. She was thinking, debating on what she could say to him because even though at the heart of it all she hadn't come here to make friends she supposed she could be supportive. "I find it...good to aspire to be the tom your father would have been proud of. But perhaps you should strive to make your own pawsteps instead of filling the ones that have come before? There is certainly nothing wrong with being inspired by your father and I think you will make a fine deputy in your own right and perhaps one day even leader." A small smile had pulled along her muzzle then, coyly before she then straightened up her posture. As he inquired about what brought her to the forest cats she almost withdrew but her eyes shifted, hiding her emotions as she looked down at the ground before her. There were a lot of factors and some of them unsavory. But there was a single truth to the reason she had joined the forest cats instead of going back home. "I...didn't want to be alone anymore. Though I didn't want to return home either so I decided to see life from the perspective of the forest cats." Then she fell silent as news began to pour forth from the leaders. One of them, she assumed was the Skyclan leader spoke of Bloodclan coming to them for shelter and there was talk of a dog attack. This made her fur bristle as she had no idea and she had to wonder if her siblings were okay. Did anyone die? The pain in her expression was evident and her claws dug into the ground, chest heaving slightly.



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    Pigeonpaw felt the fur along his neck bristle. She was a mother, not his mother. It wasn't her business anyway, why was she sticking her nose where it didn't belong. (His thorny attitude being met with patience made Pigeonpaw feel more than a little bit guilty. This, none of this, was Snow's fault. He had overreacted and had been too stubborn to apologize. Pigeonpaw steeled his face, didn't let the guilt show.) "Whatever," He scoffed in that way that only hormonal tweens could as Snow departed, then made quick to pretend like he really was interested in what was being said by the leaders.

    Sorrelfire would be disappointed with his attitude.

    The thought came unbidden, a surprise. Pigeonpaw looked to her, as if she could tell he had acted out by some Mom-ly instincts and come chew him out in front of the whole gathering, but it didn't look like she had noticed. Busy being the deputy, it looked like. Still. Pigeonpaw creeped down the incline, head held low and quivering while he focused on keeping his steps steady. All Snow had done was ask of his training, and Pigeonpaw had been quick to assume she had the worst of intentions.

    "Hey..." Quiet as to not disturb the rest of the gathering, Pigeonpaw touched his tail to Snow's to alert her of his approach, "Sorry I snapped at you and uh... stormed off like that. I don't- honestly I don't want to talk to you about it. Not really to anyone about it, but I could have just told you instead of like." Pigeonpaw scuffed the snow and looked away, "Anyway, yeah."

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  • 「 feeling estranged in reality — the doctor asks me if i've {censored} 」

    Looking around at the apprentice that approached her again, Snow purred quietly, her gaze warm and understanding as Pigeonpaw somewhat apologize for his snappish attitude. In truth, she was never bothered by it, because she understood he was either overwhelmed or emotional. The queen said as much. "I appreciate it, Pigeonpaw, but there's nothing to apologize for. I was overstepping my bounds, and I'm sorry for that. I hope one day you feel comfortable enough to talk to someone about whatever's on your mind." With that, Snow turned her attention back to the leaders, but couldn't help the quiet purr in her chest.

    "i answered without any hesitation that i have."

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  • //waiting for NIGHTSTAR . before TC goes.

    "i wait for the morning."

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  • shifty paws shuffled along the grass, wonderous liquid amber hues taking in the vast amount of cats here. it was her first gathering since joining skyclan just a little time ago, this being the first true feel of what its like to live in an area with various dominant clans claiming each part of the territory. it was interesting and a bit intimidating as well, but the nymph wasn't going to shy away so easily.

    she had heard of the different clans other that new own, but wasnt too familiar with the overwhelming scents that each clan carried to distinguish each other. she'd soon learn, but hopefully being at this gathering would help quicken her gain of knowledge.

    unsure of who to approach, webbedfire sat quietly, her eyes subconsciously searching out cats of importance like leaders, deputies, and medicine cats because at this point, they all looked like normal warriors to her.


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    Ebonyheart slid into the clearing, hoping he wasn't too late. His duotone gaze slid over the other cats around him, and he wished he didn't stand out so much. He was a rather large cat, and his long fur didn't help matters either. This was a bad decision, wasn't it? He thought nervously, curling his tail around his paws.


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  • Fern was bringing up the rear of the Thunderclan cats, eyes scanning for someone to speak to. Everything felt... chummy. It was her first meeting and, honestly, she felt kind of uncomfortable. These cats, on any other given time, would be at eachother's throat. As seen from when a Riverclanner had attacked Flameseeker, tensions were high. But, Fern had offered to come. With a twitch of uncertainty, she descended slowly down into the hollow, eyes roaming around at all the familiar and unfamiliar faces.

    What do cats even talk about at meetings? She wondered quietly, feeling anxiety gnaw at her belly. She made her way through, weaving between cats to sit apart from everyone, trying to get a breath and observe. That's what she really wanted to do, was just observe. Maybe at the next Gathering, she'd be able to talk to someone, having made a friend or something, but for now, she was just so, nervous.

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    Brine was tired. She didn't want to be here. But she knew that ThunderClan had to put on a brave face despite the troubles they were experiencing. She sighed to herself as she walked beside Ferndapple, trying to keep her head high and her eyes alert. Even if this was supposed to be a friendly time, she didn't want to give away more than she had to.

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  • Despite the fear that trembled within her meek heart, Fawnbreath decided it’d be best to attend this moons gathering. Her delicately thin frame moved fluidly throughout all the blurred forms, trying her best to keep her soft gaze downwards as to avoid startling(at least, to her) eye contact. The amber smoke beauty remained silent and lingered along the inky shadows, searching desperately for familiar Thunderclan faces.

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