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  • Mother Nature was rather cruel during the cold months. Shortage of prey would make even the most level-headed warrior grouchy and irritated.

    The full moon shone down on the soon to be filled hollow, snow blanketing everything in a sheet of white.

    Tensions could run high in all the clans, and their could be fights. StarClan preserve us all.

    The dark furred warrior known as Jaguarstreak padded silently behind his leader ( JasperStar ) lost in grim thought.

    Ratstar   Ruestar   NIGHTSTAR .   +BLACKSTAR+   Minnowstar

  • Having no memory of the last gathering he had attended to, Bearthroat approached with his usual ruggedly handsome smile upon his godly features. The cold winter winds would be kept at bay due to his thick and thermal inducing pelt much like a lion’s mane would, the journey feeling rather light on his muscular and lean frame. Piercing golden eyes would scan the gathering felines curiously, fur bristling slightly to the thought of having to share an area with Thunderclanners after their treacherous prey-stealing ways.

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    She was behind a cat slowly. Her eyes missing and her kits dead. Missarried. Her curled ears flattened against her head but the visitations by a certain snow ThunderClan queen helped her to not bawl herself to sleep again. She blindly sat somewhere in the clearing



    Sιʅʋҽɾραɯ >> SԋαԃσɯCʅαɳ >> Sԋҽƈαƚ >> Pҽɳɳҽԃ Ⴆყ @ɾԋყႦႦҽαɾ

  • Kestrelsong padded into the gathering, staying close behind bearthroat . She wasn't sure how things were going to go here. Something could happen, things could get messy, and she was more comfortable sticking close to him in case she needed him. There wasn't really anyone she knew outside of RiverClan, but she was open to making friends.

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  • Briarthorn was there, near Noeyes, and wondering if Owlflight was coming. Hopefully. She might need his support at this gathering. Things could go south with her in such proximity to Ratstar, as she was still angry with the leader. Briar needed Owl to calm her so she didn't get into a screaming match with the inky leader in front of the rest of the Clans.

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  • Stormy spectacles fell upon the moonlit clearing, silvery spots of the moon's essence rippling across fur of a creamy complexion as he followed near the back of the glaring. Pawpads reacted strangely to the foreign and dry ground upon which he stalked, frost-encrusted leaves crumbling under his weight as he took delicate steps towards what he considered a necessary evil. Social interactions were the bane of his existence, a disorderly mess of stuttering words and awkward silences. He shuddered, but not from the cold that nipped at his chocolatey tailtip and ears.

    He swallowed a lump in his throat. He hadn't been to the past few gatherings- he'd had an excuse not to go due to the wounds that restricted any movement beyond a slow-walk. But now he'd mostly healed, the slashes across his neck but a pinkish blemish upon the already disheveled fur.

  • It had been a few moons since Redstripe had attended a Gathering but she was glad to be there tonight, to mingle with the rest of her Clanmates and those from the other Clans. Dull eyes searched for someone to speak to and she spotted bearthroat and kestrelsong ~ nearby. Slowly, the red tabby padded over to the RiverClanners, dipping her head to them respectfully. Once she reached them, she sat down, curling her slim tail around her paws. “Good evening. How’s RiverClan doing this moon? I’m Redstripe, by the way,” she introduced.



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  • Worried eyes landed on gladefall and she hoped to catch his eyes and wave him over to her. He looked uncomfortable and she wished to help her friend. He could probably figure it out on his own but it might be helpful to see a friendly face before he tried to talk to someone else.

    As a ThunderClanner approached, the ginger tabby's eyes widened, but a warm smile fell on her maw. She pressed herself lightly into Bearthroat, not wanting him to get hostile with her. ThunderClan and RiverClan were on ... rocky terms at the moment. But Kestrelsong believed it to be only the cause of a few bad members and not the whole Clan. And even if one of those "bad members" had greeted her, she would have responded cordially.

    "Hello Redstripe ," the molly greeted warmly. "I'm Kestrelsong, it's nice to meet you. RiverClan is doing fine. ThunderClan?" The statement was a lie about her Clan doing well. It was apparent that they weren't by the hunger that gnawed at her stomach. The lightheadedness, she felt on a regular basis now and was accompanied by a more slender form. But, keeping up appearances was essential at these things.



    i'm no good for you, you're no good for me —information

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    melanistic bengal

    four years and seven months


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    The senior warrior and closest thing Windclan had to a deputy followed his leader, looking around at all the others cats mingling around, before the youngish tom decided to sit by himself, wrapping his feathery tail around his paws and observe the foreign leaders and cats.



    20 MOONS




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  • owlflight

    shadowclan - warrior - male - 12 moons - tags

    Owlflight limped towards the gathering, one of his last. Being placed on a temporary stay after being exiled, the warrior knew that he shouldn’t be here. However, he had to be there for Sorrelfire and Briarthorn. Mostly Briarthorn.

    Noticing the brown tabby, the bengal made his way over to her and touched his nose to hers and sat down.

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  • Bubbling angry thoughts towards Thunderclan began to subdue when he felt Kestrelsong’s presence besides him. His handsome features softened at the pretty ginger molly, a small falsely reassuring smile forcing upon his lips. He had managed to leave Adderstrike, a member of the thieving group, with more than enough wounds to remember him by and he wondered whether they’d have the audacity to show up. His claws unsheathed almost instinctively before quickly returning when Redstripe approached. Her scent wasn’t among the earlier patrol and so he would relax, that and Kestrelsong’s comforting nudge. The sunset hued queen knew the battle-worn warrior all too well, his aggression and short fuse when it came to Riverclan was something only a few could quell including her. “Good evening, name’s Bearthroat, Riverclan warrior.” He didn’t wish to repeat Kessy’s words and so he omitted her inquiry.

  • Moonlike eyes entangled within the emerald stare of Kestralsong across the clearing as his clanmates began to branch off. The tilt of her jaw signaled him closer and with a gracefulness he hadn't long since regained he found himself at Bearthroat's side, dawning a timid but inquisitive energy as he, too, cast his unsettling moon-colored gaze upon the Thunderclan female. He tried hard not to look like he was visually dissecting her with every loop and glide of his unsettling stare as he took in the details of her appearance. Posture, expression, fidgeting. He offered her a small smile, but stayed quiet in fear he could betray the thoughts that lingered upon his tongue now pressing against the back of his teeth. Delicate features remained softly settled in a vacant expression.

    Feeling as though he was staring, he looked to Bear, childlike gaze trained on his suave and confident expression, transfixed as he spoke without a stutter to his words.

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    "I don't know anyone here..." Pigeonpaw whispered to @N O E Y E S , as if such a thing were a secret. Pigeonpaw wasn't exactly a worldly cat, hardly interacted with his own clan, let alone those from other clans! He held close to his sister, as if she were a force field keeping strangers away. "I can describe the cats here, if you want me to. Unless you mind if I try to mingle?" Pigeonpaw was horribly shy, but working hard to be less so. It would be for the best if he forced himself out of his comfort zone, but so many eyes all around him made him hesitant. The last thing Pigeonpaw wanted was for cats in every clan to witness how truly and utterly socially incompetent he was.

  • -- cloverpaw

    Cloverpaw was there, and feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of strangers. She saw Pigeonpaw and Noeyes and immediately made a beeline for them, hoping it would be alright to hang out with them.

    "Hey, guys. Are you excited?" she asked the other young cats, smiling in a friendly manner.

    pigeontuft ?? @N O E Y E S

  • Blackstar was a glorious looking bengal. At least in his days as the deputy. The special glittering of his fur seemed to dull, he actually looked a lot worse for wear as starvation was beginning to show on his tall frame. The once grand, 22 point bengal cat was hollowed out by stress and the lack of food. Not only physically he looked worse, but ever since Lambstar had stepped down and passed the torch to him, the tom definitely looked a lot more like his age of nearing five. Acting and looking young were different.

    He’d led the Thunderclan cats unknowing of the strife one of his clanmates had caused and boy was he going to be surprised when he found out. Settling up where the leaders would sit, he found it quite disheartening that his spot of deputy would sit empty. It may not be filled for a while. Looking at his fellow leaders who were gathered, the new leader would give a respectful dip of his head. The half blind tom wishes his clan was on better standing, but with leafbare in effect, only time will tell how well they’ll fare. If at all considering much has happened to his forest home.

    “Greetings Jasperstar... it wasn’t too long ago I was sitting down there. How does this go?” He tried joking. If awkward conversation doesn’t help he didn’t know what else to break the ice with that wasn’t such a dreary topic. Jadefeather12

    "i wait for the morning."

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    melanistic bengal

    four years and seven months


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    It had been forever since the riverclan warrior had been to a Gathering. Most of the time, he took his time to stay away from the Gatherings. Most of the time, he was out gathering prey for Riverclan, or he was playing around. But today, the tom had decided to go to the gathering. he couldn't remember the last time he went to the gathering. The last time he went was when Nightstar had taken him as a young apprentice. He was very close to the leader, as she was the one who had trained him when he was an apprentice. From what he learned about his cousin going to the gatherings. He wasn't sure what to expect.

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