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    Solaris Kingdom - the name makes him snicker. Admittedly, had it been what, but a couple of months ago, his beliefs and the beliefs of the groups would have probably intertwined. Perhaps he should of come here instead of Volary Flights as it was now named when he was still blessed by the sun - but of course that was the past. It would not change no matter how much hindsight told him to change it, rectify what he did wrong and come out a better person. No the reason why he's here is curiosity more than anything.

    Like a lover scorned, he wants to know whether the sun really does favour this place. And out of no spite on his behalf, he has another person to look out for him now, he wants to see what it's like. Whether it's like the priests and desert dwellers he used to know in his youth. And that is enough curiousity to draw him away from Volary, in part, simply to stay here for a while and see what it's like.

    Andras sits on the border patiently, studying the ever-changing markings on his fur which pulse and move with his heartbeat. It's an odd thing for Savathuun to change he supposes, but he cares not. It matters not what they mean, written in a script as alien as Savathuun herself. If nothing else, they provide an interesting talk point.




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  • Curiosity was, ironically, a curious thing. Claes for one would know; he was curious about just about every little thing that he saw within the world. The little things, the grand things; the sunsets, the stars, the way people thought and how they all awed him. Perhaps he was in awe of the world, as he had been since birth...that had not waned in the slightest. Instead, it only grew. The more he discovered here on Agrelos, the more that he found himself to be curious even further. But, wouldn't the gaining of simple knowledge -- whether it be from books or from experience -- be enough to suffice? For most, maybe...but for him, not quite. After all, he still didn't know a lot. For example; he didn't know what the Volary Flights even was.

    The desert was hot, that much was true. Though Claes couldn't say that he disliked it, either. He quite enjoyed the warmth. The scarcity of water got to be troubling at times...but the sun and the heat itself didn't bother him a bit. And so, it was no wonder that the canine was out and about quite often, when he wasn't doing other things. After taking a quick trip to the Oasis, Claes had decided that it was probably a good time to do what everyone called 'patrols'. It was a strange concept, to just walk along the border, but it was one that he understood nonetheless. So, he had set off to do just that.

    Gentle paws moved quite clumsily through the sand, carrying Claes a little slowly along the border. So far, there hadn't been many out and about...but he guessed that was fine. This way, he was able to discover more of his home, anyways. However, it was just as that came to mind that his pastel gaze flicked around through his glasses that he saw an unfamiliar and famished figure stood upon the Solaris Kingdom's border. Claes's eyes widened considerably, and with concern within his heart, he raced forwards through the sands, moving quite quickly to where the other male was standing.

    Upon first look, Claes could only notice just how skinny the other was. It was unhealthily skinny -- skin and bones, practically -- and that made Claes's usually bright smile fall down to a concerned and worried frown. If he hadn't been so concerned about the other's weight, he would have noticed that the other had moving patterns upon his skin, and other cool markings that he had never ever seen before. But the look of starvation caught his attention of things, above all else. And that was evident as empathy and concern was written upon his features. "Oh my...sir, you need to eat something! I...I don't have anything on me..." Claes began to regret grabbing his bad earlier, "But please eat, we have plenty here," Claes spurted out once again. Unfortunately, the whole "name and business' custom they seemed to have here slipped past his mind. He was far too occupied by the other's health condition to have remembered to ask it.

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  • "Aren't you forgetting your standard greetings?" The cougar's head tips to the right ever so slightly with the ghost of a smile. The stranger seems more than concerned for his health - something that would be touching if it wasn't so misplaced. Andras was supposed to be dead, and yet he was not, and that in itself meant that he was more than happy with his physical state as of this moment. Even the fact he looked to be near skin and bones could do little to dampen the fact that honestly, Andras had never felt better.

    "I need nothing to eat, I am perfectly capable of hunting for myself." For the first time, he isn't having to rely on prey caught by others. That was the main appeal of clan life in the beginning, being able to stay with a group meant that he wouldn't starve due to his lack of sight hindering his already subpar hunting skills. But now he could see everything, clear as crystal and there was nothing that Andras would trade it for. Even if the sun should ask for him to serve again, would he relinquish his sight now?

    No. He would not.

    "My name is Andras Fekete and I wish to join Solaris, to answer the questions you should of asked." There, that should clear up the next raft of irritating questions before they are even asked. He knows the motions and may as well get the formalities out of the way as quickly as possible. He never had been one for the rigidity of politics and group dynamics in the first place.



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  • ❝ I'LL BE COMING WITH MY GUNS UP, SHOOTING AT THE MOON TO BRING THE SUN UP ❞ This guy seemed a little on edge; moving forward, Aurum glanced upon the stranger with peculiarity, before glancing to Claes and back. "He was only looking out for you, the desert can be unforgiving to the unprepared." he explained, his voice oddly flat; what was it about this stranger? "We have an open door policy, so please, feel free." Aurum spoke, before adding, "I'm Aurum - the leader here."



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    "Aren't you forgetting your standard greetings?"

    As soon as he heard the words, Claes’s frantic and concerned demeanor came to a slow halt. The canine’s mouth opened to speak and still say his concerns, though his mouth shut quickly after as he thought better of it. Was he forgetting things? The standard greeting? He had forgotten something, had he? At this realization, as well as the other’s rather...blunt and direct comment, Claes seemed to deflate. "Oh..." the word was breathed out quietly and almost helplessly. Eyes casting down to the sand beneath him, his shoulders and head lowering just a bit, he tried his best to maintain a small smile — though he was clearly struggling. One minute it was up and the next minute it was wavering and almost non-existent. Claes knew he was fact, most who knew him could probably say the same...though to have someone he didn’t know state that he had forgotten something important to say right then and there, whilst completely ignoring his concerns, hurt quite a bit. Or maybe he was just being sensitive? He didn’t know at this point.

    With embarrassment and hurt spreading as a cold and nervous sensation through his body despite the heat, the canine remained silent; shuffling his paws in the sand as he avoided the gaze of the other. This was...not good. Anxiety for messing up was now pulsing through his usually calm heart, he continued to remain silent. How was he supposed to handle this? This cougar obviously did not like him (or so it seemed). And on top of that he was forgetting stuff and...and..there wasn’t really anyone here to help. Breathing quickening as he tried to think of something to remedy the situation, his thoughts were cut off as the cougar spoke once more, stating quite clearly that he could hunt for himself and then his name and business — the questions he should have asked.

    The last comment made him flinch and wince a little; like an invisible wound being made upon him. In truth, Claes was easily hurt. He was about as tender hearted as one could get...and these words stung. But thankfully, not even a moment later, Aurum approached. The mere presence of someone else brought a great deal of comfort to Claes; taking quite a bit of pressure off of him to face Andras alone. Subconsciously, as the Aurum stated he was looking out for the other (which was true, through and through), the canine moved closer to the leader; he wasn’t really sure why, but he did. And with a shaky inhale, he finally brought his usually warm, though now ashamed (of himself, really), gaze to meet the other’s eyes. Claes had been told to back off and to leave others alone before. Like with Jupiterdrops and Leifsdottir, for example...but even then he was still bright and wanting to help. So why did he get so shut down this time? Was it because someone pointed out his flaw; his insecurity? He didn’t know...but it didn’t matter now. Anyways. Taking in another shaky breath, Claes have a polite dip of his head in greeting. "Welcome, Andras," his voice was even quieter then normal — just meeting a mumble.

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