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  • Omniwing was graciously tasked with the duty of hunting though this time it would involve hunting for everybody. This would give the cobra a chance to really flex her hunting skills so she quickly got down to business. Now there was just a problem she had to figure out... She used her venom to kill off prey, but it was fast-acting and it could be accidentally ingested by the groupmates. What would she do about it?

    Right around this time in the morning, Omniwing fell into a pit. It took her more than an hour to wrestle her way out of it but the effort gave her a totally smart idea! She could just catch the food -- still alive -- and dump it in the pit! Then everybody could simply take a critter, kill it, and eat it safely without her venom lingering within its' system. She took note of the deep pit just to the left of the palace's staircase and went off hunting for most of the afternoon.

    By dusk, a loud chattering of captured prey animals could definitely be heard coming from the pit. Different small critters all squealed and climbed over each other in an attempt to escape, but Omniwing was there to deposit the last unfortunate prey rodent into the pit. Now she considered herself done with her task. There was only one small, itty bitty problem. She couldn't move them. Oh well, she attempted and her task was 50% worked out.

    A story where people die dramatically will sell, won't it? —



  • — Most certainly did the panicked chittering of captured prey items attract the attention of someone - that someone being Softvelvet himself. He brings himself forth with a curious raise of his brows, unsure of what he was going to find, and then he comes across the set up that Omniwing had put an unique use to. The angel hums with clear satisfaction, a soft smile settling across features most endearing as he comes down the palace steps. Omniwing seemed mostly finished with her task but... she seemed to be unable to figure something out. Oh... the problems of being an creature with no arms or legs. "Good job, Omniwing." Comes the Emperor's most sought out praise, vermilion eyes glittering faintly in the twilight as he carefully settles himself nearby. "Now, I assume you need some help?" Sofie doubts he'll be of much help, simply because he was just one person and there were plenty of little creatures caught in Omni's clever trap.



    softvelvet hamrik dark dynasty + the exiles penned by yakan

  • Nobody could walk by without hearing the loud chatter of lesser animals. And Lycus, despite his curiousity, was unsure wether it would be a good idea to see what the commotion was about or simply forget it and move on with his day. He had avoided may problems in the past by simply ignoring such things, but the loud cries of these animals sounded like hell.

    Arriving on the scene Lycus noticed their leader, or, at least Lycus assumed he was their leader after their first interaction (though one could barely call it that) with the ex-member of the Exiles. Whoever the Exiles where. Lycus didn't know a thing about this world of clans beyond their borders. He simply knew that he now had people that he could rely on. Like a family.

    Lycus' view then opened further as he saw the giant hole in the ground followed by the snake which had greeted him to the Dark Dynasty not too long ago.


    Was that what he had heard? He hadn't known that the feral one had a name. Perhaps he hadn't heard it right.

    Padding up carefully towards the pit Lycus was soon to realize that this was the epicenter of that terrible noise. A punch of animals in a pit. Still alive. The feline cringed at the thought of their oncoming fates. These were prey to them, right? Lycus couldn't bare the thought. He held too much value in life to see so much taken away without a whim.

    "I-," the new member of the dynasty looked up towards his clanmates with a less-than-happy look on his face and then immediately decided to not share his thoughts. He was new, they needed food, and it was unlikely these poor creatures would get out alive.