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  • Dualeyes

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    It was hard leaving at first and that wasn't just because of her painfully slow healing wounds, her time in Windclan was in secret of the clan itself as she had stayed in the tunnels with Softrose. The black and cream short-furred molly with the deepest set of blue eyes and a heart too pure for this world. The Windclan warrior had forgiven her for stripping her of the privilege of speech, she didn't exact her revenge upon Dualeyes- Instead she tended to her wounds.. Fed her, kept her warm beside her. The primarily white she-cat knew she couldn't stay though, she knew where she belonged. Responsiblity and duty kept a clutch on her, so with a bitter farewell to her savior and light, she headed back home.

    The ground was pure white, her paws sinking slightly with each step in the snow. Her pelt had once been as clean as the frozen substance beneath her but now it was tattered in scars; above her left eye, a cluster upon her right cheek, a torn ear, large barness of scar tissue at the nape of her neck.. And the beatiful chunk of missing flesh out of her right shoulder, she had masked the wound with tight cobweb wrapping and a bat skull, a parting gift from Softrose, tied down to her shoulder with cobwebs and roots.

    Dualeyes paused just at the marking of Bloodclan's territory, she closed her eyes for a brief moment as she took in a breath before letting out a heavy exhale frosty breath that hung in the air. Who was alive? Blue and brown eyes opened up to stare ahead of her, who was dead..? Were the mutts gone? Well.. time to find out and stop wondering. Her paws moved once again, pushing her towards the concrete jungle, towards home.

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  • It seemed mimi would be the first to greet the strange molly - and eagerly at that. Hobbling and waddling over, the snow-hued munchkin was nearly invisible within the snow at this point - save for her pink and blue accessories and her startling vivid-crimson gaze. "Hiya there! Um... Name 'n Buisness?" that was basically the gist of what she'd heard others ask before, and really she could barely see the other she-cat with how bad her vision was.






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    Tightly packed snow crushed beneath the weight of his paws, fleshy branchings of pure muscle blanketed with ebony carried him quickly across the ground. Inky tail lashing behind him as he quickened his pace, his shoulders bobbing and his reinforced blades sinking into the ground and carrying him with the grace of a lion across his pridelands. Dualeyes. She stood on the border, A mess made of her shoulder. Scars lining her perfect face where he had silently sworn a maim would never haunt her features. The scent of the moorlands carried over the gellid wind, letting him in on where she had been. He would need to cancel the search patrols but that wasn’t his concern. His daughter, was alive. He had always been hard on her, it began with Ellie’s death, strengthened with Lucian’s betrayal, and even more-so with Canary’s death. In the past few days, he regretted it, knowing he would never be able to apologize for being such a tough heartless father.

    Thundering across the clearing he stood by his adopted child, a short albino kid with spirit. Caledon would always secretly favor his Child of blood. She was one of the two remaining in Bloodclan. His glacial daggers trained on a strange shape paved over her shoulder, clinging to her by roots and web. A skull, a small one, a kitten? no."My beautiful daughter….. I thought I lost you" he whispered, aiming to wrap his broad for-leg across his daughter’s neck gently and press his maimed muzzle to her opposite shoulder.

  • Dualeyes

    A small molly with a clean pelt to match the snow approached, her accessories and crimson peepers almost the only thing visible against the snow she stood in. Upon the question from the other femme was when her self-consciousness began to creep up on her.. Was she so badly disfigured that this member couldn't recognize Bloodclan's own head-guard? Given that she couldn't recall an interaction with this she-cat, she carried the scent of Bloodclan so then.. Dualeyes swallowed back her doubts, preparing to respond until the king came into her sights. She stood there rigidly under his stare, was he too questioning who this horrid feline was?

    She soon received an answer, her father's fore-leg pulling her close. Dualeyes locked her jaw to keep her lower lip from trembling as she pressed her head against him. "You're okay?" The primarily white molly shakely breathed. "What about Maggie? Az? M-Mom?" She wasn't going to cry, she had already done enough of that in Softrose's company- Now it was time to be that steady rock again. Try her best to gain both her parents approval.. To keep what remained of her siblings safe..

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  • She knew that scent. Oh, she did! The second Ruth caught wind of Dualeyes on the border, mingling with the stench of WindClan, she rushed over in a bounding motion, a bright smile on her face. Despite probably giving Caledon some time with his daughter alone, Ruth couldn’t help herself. She skidded to a halt right before them, brushing past Medusa as she buried herself in the soft white pelt of the head guard. “Dualeyes!” she exclaimed, keeping herself there for a moment before pulling back. She smiled up at her mentor, bobbed tail wagging almost like a dog’s. “We... we thought you were dead. I’m so glad you’re home. Where did you go? Are you okay?” she asked before deciding to hold her tongue before she rambled any longer.

    She paused for a long moment, beaming at her mentor. Her smile slowly vanished and a sad look came to her copper eyes. She sat back on her haunches, overcome once again with the loss BloodClan had suffered. “Sheogorath is dead,” she mewed. Ruth wasn’t sure how Dualeyes felt about their former deputy, but she deserved to know he was gone.



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  • You can't fool your body

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    Minnow followed along behind the others, curious to see who was at the border. Upon spotting Dualeyes, the small molly was speechless. She'd realized that Dualeyes was missing soon after her own return, and had thought the worst. Whenever cats went missing these days, they always, always turned up dead. But she's not dead. Dualeyes was alive! Minnow was so grateful that another clan mate had not been lost, and she wished to bound over to great Dualeyes along with everyone else. You can't. Minnow kept still, her words of relief dying in her throat. She hates you. You think she cares if you're glad she's alive? The spot on her face where claws had once met stung, even though the wound had long since healed. Minnow stayed quiet, shrinking into the background as others stepped forwards. Dualeyes wouldn't want to see her, much less listen to her speak. When Ruth mentioned Sheogorath's death, even more reason to keep quiet. Minnow flicked her ears back, watching quietly.

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    A pair of golden orbs appeared from the shadows, followed by a pure black body. Ah, Dual is back. She thought with a smirk. Good, we never really finished that fight. She flicked her ears, sitting down and curling her tail around her paws. "Welcome back, Dual! Remember we still have a fight to finish."


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  • Dualeyes

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    She heard her name rise up from a familiar voice, slipping from her father's grasp for a moment to see who it was. The scarred molly was greeted by a long-furred tortie burying heraelf into her, Dualeyes smiled while nuzzling her head against the younger femme. "Ruth," She watched the molly ramble after she pulled back, her white ears tipped black flicked back at some of the questions. "It'll take more than some mangy mutts to kill me." She scoffed softly while her two-toned gaze averted away. "I wasn't sure if you made it. Telling me to 'get to safety'. Stars, who do you think I am to just run?" The she-cat mused shaking her head as her blue and brown eyes drew back to Ruth. The happiness seemed to leak from the other molly's face before she spoke again, Sheogorath.. was dead.

    Had she not witnessed what she had then she'd probably sympathize more, maybe even be sad over the death of the deputy- But no, not when her father risked himself and that tom hadn't faltered to escape rather than sticking beside his leader. "Oh, I see." Her toned had hollowed, instead of dying in service he'd die knowing that he had done nothing. There was no sympathy she could spare to him.

    Her attention was pulled to another voice and she cocked her head at the molly, "Of course, and don't think you'll win just because I'm a little battered up."

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    The way her father was touching the older female made her jealous. Why, she had no clue. Alas, the young girl slunk forward and paused. Looking up at her father a moment before looking to the female. Head tilting and eyes calm. Dad, who is this? She asked with clear interest in her voice.



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