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  • Hello, hello and welcome to Henry's plotting thread! Now that Henry has officially joined the clan and been around for a short while, I'd like to get a few plots rolling (and perhaps a few friendships made?) before his first big "shabang". In case you haven't seen him around, Henry is a stressed, inky boy with a lot of history and regrets under his belt. He's a good man, though, and he's easy to get along with. Below you will find several basic plot outlines. I don't really have anything planned for specific interactions (with the exception of his "shabang") and tend to do better with a culmination of threads that gradually build up or tear down relationships between characters. Thus, if you'd like, feel free to make suggestions for what your character and him could do. As a side note, I adore long-term plots (especially since regular interaction threads are prone to dying off pretty quickly). So, if you've got any ideas whatsoever, please feel free to throw them at me! The only plots that Henry is not currently open to consist of flings, having children, adopting children (he's just not in the most stable mindset to be caring for children atm), and being killed. Also, note that I am 100% up for both open and private threads.

    relationships //

    ENEMIES/DISLIKE Although Henry isn't one to make enemies, he and other characters can end up disliking/hating one another for varying different reasons. Reasons your character could dislike him, for example, could be his inactions (for example, him not acting out when he could've [like in the event of a raid]), his concealment of information (ex: his past or who he is as a person/creature), or not progressing a relationship (as a future plot, for example, your character and him have known each other for a long time; however, he still seems to refuse to get any closer to them and talk to them about his past/his issues). Remember, those are just suggestions, if you have another idea or something to add on, please do say so! As far as Henry is concerned, it is difficult to get him to hate someone. It's easy for him to dislike others for varying reasons. But to straight up hate someone - maybe even enough to consider them an enemy - is a totally different story. Your character would likely have to betray him in someway (ex: in trust), 'cause harm to him or those he cares about, or just be an awful person (ex: causing other's suffering for no reason).

    ENEMIES TO FRIENDS Perhaps your character hated him for whatever reason (for example, he didn't act out when he should've and it caused someone close to your character to get hurt in some way) but something happens or a series of events occur that cause your character to reconsider their stance on Henry.

    FRIENDS When it comes to Henry, it is surprisingly easy to get him to consider another a friend, perhaps too easy. In reality, one could simply talk to Henry everyday and simply not be a rude or awful person, and he'd consider you a friend. Of course, it definitely wouldn't be a close friend, but still a friend. The reason he behaves this way could be due in part to his willingness to be friendly towards complete strangers, but also goes deeper. A large part of this behavior is due to him being desperate for a friend to just talk to, in all honesty. He's been torn from social interaction for too long and has lost all contact with his previous friends. Thus, that makes him desperate for a close relationship. Moreover, one might come to think that his willingness to make friends could leave some relationships feeling shallow. However, Henry finds great enjoyment in devoting his time and energy to others, especially those he cares about. He will find a means of keeping relationships with everyone he knows as healthy as possibly can, even if he means not paying attention to his own well-being. Lastly, it is important to note that Henry will not speak of his issues with friendships in most cases. This could be considered ironic since he is often ready to offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

    CLOSE FRIENDS Becoming close friends with Henry is a totally different story and will have to be founded through a much greater culmination of threads. For Henry, a close friend is someone you know you can depend on and trust completely. Moreover, for him, close relationships are founded on a much greater level of commitment, trust, and fairness. All three of these being key to founding and keeping a deep and meaningful relationship. Furthermore, it is only in relationships like these that Henry will in-trust another with his past, his mistakes, and his problems.

    ROMANCE This is something that is extremely limited in plotting. Henry is not in an ideal spot for a relationship at the moment, due to several factors (i.e. he's still very much dealing w/his past, and he is still confused about how he came to be here or what this world even is). Thus, he will not be getting in a relationship or crushing on anyone until things quell down for him. But, if you think they could have an interesting dynamic later, feel free to ask! Also, since characters do indeed act upon their own devices, they can crush on him if you would like.

    UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Whether it be by unhealthy obsession or attachment, to reliance on him & not doing anything for themselves, or even acting as a bad influence, I'm down for plotting!

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ANY RELATIONSHIPS Henry will not be staying in this clan permanently - this is something that I've been planning for the first clan he ends up in even before I wrote his joining thread. He's also going to experience at least two bestial transformations while he is here and will ultimately either run away because he's hurting people or get exiled if he is discovered. Thus, any relationships made here will be made difficult or impossible in the future, depending on what we plan. However, rough relationships always have interesting dynamics and are often enjoyable to role-play (at least in my experience!).

    interaction //

    TUTORING In all honesty, Henry has next to no experience on surviving in the wilderness whatsoever. Namely, he doesn't know how to hunt or fight. Thus, if you want your character to take notice of this and attempt to train him, I am 100% open to the idea.

    SUSPICION As mentioned briefly beforehand, Henry is one to conceal a lot of information about himself. Thus, if you want your character to become suspicious of him over his evasiveness (for example, they might think he's a spy), you are more than welcome to. Moreover, if he does end up transforming more than once while in this clan (to which I am planning on him not being seen transforming in our out of his second form), suspicion can arise from that! After all, post-transformation back he'd be found covered in blood (both that of other's and his own) and wounded.

    CURIOSITY/FEAR Henry reeks of the smell of chemicals and can be occasionally seen sweating ink. Thus, if you want your character to be curious over him and have a session of questioning or prodding, then that would be fine by me!

    Again, if you have any ideas for interactions or what-have-you, please throw them at me!!


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  • uhhh,,, hey!!! honestly, i'm loving your inky boi and would love to probably get something started???

    I'm not very good at plotting and due to the nature of Omniwing (who is kind of still sort-of feral) I can't really come up with anything that's over the top intricate???

    Though since Henry doesn't know how to hunt, maybe Omniwing could like start bringing him food like rodents or birds or anything she can catch! Since cobras use venom to kill their prey, she could like bring live prey to Henry and drop it in his room so she doesn't accidentally poison him///lowkey teaches him how to hunt!!!

    if you have any other ideas or want to modify some parts of what i had, go for it! i mean after all, there isn't anybody else to interact with xd

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  • Hello, and don't worry; it's alright!

    Also, I think that would be interesting! Henry himself is a bit hesitant to kill anything 'of the flesh' since he's never had to do that before (at least, not the he remembers) and actually hasn't eaten anything since he got to the Dark Dynasty. So, having him have to eat an animal (since he wouldn't want to hurt her feelings & because he hasn't eaten) would be interesting! And also probably mildly humorous 'cause he'll likely end up trying to chase down the rodent that's now in his room ajfhk

  • jdacbjcb that sounds amazing!!! kind of helps henry get over that hesitance and start eating again??? [insert cheesy chase scene]

    honestly, this is all pretty great!!! uhhh,,, maybe this can be an open thread? so when the rodent is loose, anybody can come along and help henry chase it down???

    A story where people die dramatically will sell, won't it? —



  • I'm not too sure how these two would interact, so maybe a thread with them could turn up something interesting for them? I don't really have anything particular in mind as of this moment, however...



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