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    Valhalla is a tribe that is situated in a damp marshland, whose grounds are wet and the wildlife and plants are in abundance. The territory is quite beautiful; with a large diversity of plants and animals ranging from birds and insects to reptiles and many others. However, the territory is also mainly covered in water, with only a few dry spots that can be found. Valhalla is a safe haven for all those who have earned it, or are in need of it. The tribe identifies as a neutral tribe in order to protect those that inhabit it. However, that being said, they will go through whatever means necessary in order to protect those seeking safety in Valhalla and will not back down when in the face of danger.


    • This large rock sits in the middle of a relatively dry clearing, adorned with a soft, thin covering of vibrant green moss. Small scratches can be seen on the smooth sides, an unorganized history of creatures scrabbling to get atop it. The view is quite good atop the rock, as the marsh itself has little things growing to great heights. It also provides a soft meeting place if someone wanted to direct their words to a large group of people.


    • Trees do grow in the marsh, though they are not as tall as those in a lush jungle. An odd pattern of seven trees fixated in a semicircle around the Moss Rock have inordinary hollowed out dens fixated at different heights in each tree. These hollowed out dens tend to have their fair share of moss covering within, but it provides a nice shelter from the rains that the marsh so often sees.


    Smaller trees than the seven containing dens encircle the clearing. Their twisting branches have a tendency to form small bowls and crevices. Small animals like birds and squirrels will make nests in the small crevices, and once the nests are abandoned, they degrade into fertile soil. The soil is a great place for flowers of all sorts to grow, and that is why you will see a vibrant floral collection on many of these garden trees. If tended to, they could also grow other plants such as vegetables and crops for food.

    *All information used came from the Silent Marsh Codex. Images were found on Google*


    territory ✦ ranks and titles ✦ religion & traditions

    foreign affairs ✦ threads ✦ FAQ ✦ discord

    HIGH KING / QUEEN [HP] — The equivalent of leader. This ranking is in charge of all tribal matters, including holding meetings, welcoming joiners, and political issues that may arise. They are to be respected at all times, and should never be disobeyed. Their word is law, and should be treated as such.

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    JARL [HP] — The deputy equivalents. They have all the powers of leader, except for promoting and demoting members, unless given direct permission by the leader. When the leader is away, or passes on, one of these members will step up as leader, while the other takes their place.

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    AESIR [HP] — The assistant deputies of the tribe. This position acts as a council for the Jarl and the High King(s). They each hold a certain domain over which they have great control, and are some of the most trusted members of the group.

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    FREYA [HP / OUTSIDE OF HIERARCHY] — The recognized medics of the tribe. They are in charge of making sure all novices are skilled and capable of taking care of the tribe. They also must make sure that the novices are being trained correctly, and to the best of their ability.

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    FREYA'S NOVICE [SHP / OUTSIDE OF HIERARCHY] — The recognized medics in training of the tribe. They are responsible for keeping the tribe healthy, and are to keep them in battle ready conditions. They can be promoted by the High King, but it is most often that the Freya chooses the Freya's Novice. If any members are to become ill or injured, they will help heal them, but follow the Mage's orders nonetheless.

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    RADNINGAR [HP] — A step up from Skald, Radningar are the active members showing potential for greatness. These members are some of the most helpful in the group, as they are in charge of hosting training as well as proposing events and ideas for the group. They are known for their dedication and loyalty.

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    SKALD [SHP] — These are the members who have begun to climb the rankings in the tribe. They are showing signs of being dedicated, loyal and active members.

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    territory ✦ ranks and titles ✦ religion & traditions

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    Valhalla has no set religion, as they believe everyone should be able to believe in whatever they desire. However, being their name comes from Norse Mythology, people that hold those beliefs can be seen here.

    SACRIFICES — The members of Valhalla will often make sacrifices when they are hoping for success in battle, to keep illness away, or even to celebrate multiple different occasions within the tribe. Sacrifices are one of the most popular traditions, and are often performed on various occasions throughout the year, whether they are for memorable situations or not.

    RUNES — Anyone who is inclined towards the spiritual is welcome to create or find a pre-made set of divination runes to help predict the future! Runes are stones or pieces of other material with a certain symbol on each that holds a certain significance. Here is an example of Norse runes. The Aesir of Religion is often the most experienced with runes in the Clan due to their importance in predicting the future of the Clan and the outcomes of certain events.

    TATTOOS — Most members of the tribe will gain tattoos for memorable or honorable actions. While traditionally, one is gained after passing the right of passage, other tattoos can be gained for heroic actions such as fighting nobly in battle and saving and elderly or very young member of the tribe. Other ways they can be earned is for finding out useful information about enemies, or from sharing an idea that later can be incorporated into the ways of the tribe. These tattoos often times represent the individual and stand for what they have done. The tattoo design can be chosen by the person receiving it.

    BLOOD PACTS — This is not necessary, but to be seen as a full and loyal member to the tribe, blood pacts can be made. In order to pledge your loyalty to the tribe, or when one is ready to pledge their loyalty to the tribe, there will be a ceremony held in the mossy clearing at sundown. Here, the High King/High Queen and the Thane will initiate this clan bonding while the rest of the members watch. The member getting initiated will have a piece of paper that states their name and that they will promise to never betray Valhalla, and upon it they will have to mark it with their own blood which comes from a small slice to the paw. Members who do this are respected and held highly in the minds of the kings and everyone else. It is recommended that everyone do this, but it is optional.

    WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION The celebration of Yule or the Winter Solstice is very important due to it marking the middle of the "dark season" of fall and winter and acting as a call for the light of springtime to return to the region. It is a massive celebration of light, with candles and lanterns and bonfires and lots of food. It is a joyful time in Valhalla, where everyone can make merry and forget about their problems for a time.

    COMING OF AGE — When a child of Valhalla has reached the age of twelve months (or a newcomer has been in Valhalla for an IRL moth), they can choose to take a quest from the High King/Queen. This quest can be anything, but it will likely be a difficult one. If completed, then the member is promoted from a Fru to a Thrall, and thus becomes a full member of Valhalla.

    WEDDINGS — Weddings are highly recognized by all members of Valhalla. Whenever two members decide to unite in marriage, the entire tribe will come together in order to hold a wedding for the pair, and will often hold bachelor and bachelorette parties and wedding showers for the couple. Usually, the tribe will celebrate a wedding for about a week as the events take place.

    FUNERALS — Funerals are highly important events, especially when high positions or beloved members die or are killed. Thy follow the tradition of a viking funeral, or a ship burial. Valhallans make a wooden ship for the deceased to lay on and surround them with gifts and their former possessions, as well as goods that denoted their social status. Piles of stone are placed on top of the deceased and their surrounding goods so that they sink once the ship is destroyed, and the ship is set out onto the water and set aflame.


    territory ✦ ranks and titles ✦ religion & traditions

    foreign affairs & important threads ✦ FAQ ✦ discord



    Sanguine Ruins



    Tribe of Storms and Stars

    Solaris Kingdom

    Blackheart Rogues

    Serein Copse


    Shadow Veil

    All others not listed


    The Exiles

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  • F.A.Q

    territory ✦ ranks and titles ✦ religion & traditions

    foreign affairs & important threads ✦ FAQ discord

    HOW/CAN I JOIN? — Of course, we’d love to have you! You can join in one of two ways: you can make a joining thread, and have your character request permission to join, or make an introduction thread, to introduce your character to the tribe, as if they have always been part of the tribe. Whichever one you do is compeletly up to you, and what you feel the most comfortable with.

    DO I HAVE TO ROLEPLAY A CAT? — Not at all! Feel free to roleplay any animal you’d like from a flying raccoon, to an aquatic lemur! All animals are welcomed here. Just be sure that your character is allowed with the rebuild rules.

    WHAT STATUS IS VALHALLA? — Currently, Valhalla identifies as a neutral Clan.

    CAN I BE A HIGH POSITION? — Not immediately, no. However, if you are active, interact with everyone, and provide ideas and such, you will be noticed and considered for promotion.

    WHAT IF I HAVE A QUESTION OR SUGGESTION? — If you're confused about something or have a great idea that you want to try out, great! Feel free to make a labelled private thread tagging the leader and/or high positions to have your character explain their ideas.

    WHAT ARE THESE 'SHOUTOUTS' THAT ARE HAPPENING AT MEETINGS? — A shoutout is basically saying that your character has been noticed as doing a good job in the Shadow Veil, whether it's coming up with ideas; being friendly to newcomera; or being an overall positive influence. Perhaps they're not going to get a promotion just yet, but if you get a shoutout, you're definitely on the right track.

    WHY AM I NOT BEING PROMOTED? — There are many things that can factor into why your character is not being promoted despite being active. Before a meeting is put up, the leader and HPs usually discuss who is worthy of promotions and who deserves a demotion that week. Some things that can be a 'make it or break it' for promotions are if you're sporadically active, cliquey or exclusive oocly, etc. Those who are promoted deserve it for their OOC inclusiveness and helpfulness as well as their IC actions!

    *Credit to some of these F.A.Q responses to the writers of the Shadow Veil guide.

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