Ciel, I’m Sorry (Black Butler Ciel x OC) (PAFP)

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  • Ciel had noticed that the so far he hadn't seen Lily ,or the princess. He had kept up commincation with her but he hadn't physically talked to her in many years. He wasn't sure why he had he urge to go see her again after all these years but he figured that it was because it was her birthday and that an important event for the kingdom. When she had entered the call room Ciel turned to face her since it was respectful to do so. He was a bit surprised to see such a familiar color on her but he also felt a bit proud too which made him more surprised at himself. Ciel made sure not to let that be known though as the party went on. Then Sebastian had brought his attention to the fact the rpincess was indeed watching him and avoiding him. "How odd." He commented watching as her hand maiden approached her and whispered something to her.

    Angela saw another one of the maids bothering Lily so she made her way over and gently shooed her off. "She isn't wrong your majesty." She didn't want to make the princess up set anymore but she also knew that she shouldn't avoid her guest. "Your mother may not be happy withbyou avoiding one of our lords." She was many years older than the princess and softly scolded her but remained in her boundaries as her maid. Angela as been by the princess's side since she was born 12 years ago Anglea was 13 when she was born so she felt like a sister to the princess at times. "With you being of age to marry she may try to wed you off." Angela further explained to the Princess who watched the Phatomhive lord in the distance.

    I believe 12 was the age they were aloud to marry))

  • Lily sighed. She looked to her maid. “You know why I can’t speak to him.” She bit her lip. “I can’t have him finding out.” She uttered. “You’re right. I must visit with my guests. Even if.. I don’t want to.” She gulped. She stood, making her way into the crowd. She looked back to Angela. “Come with me. Please.” She made her way to Ciel. She gulped. She finally approached him. Her mouth felt dry, she couldn’t find the words. However, she forced them out. “Lord Phantomhive..” She curtsied slightly. “It’s a pleasure to see you..” She smiled. She took the time now to adjust her gloves. Now wasn’t the time for them to fall.

    Sebastian nodded. “It is odd..” He added. He heard from Ciel about the childhood they had together. He wondered what could be causing the separation now. Princess Lily seemed to always be responding to his letters, but why avoid him now? He frowned. “My lord, she seems to be making her way over.” He warned the young master. He simply watched as the two introduced themselves. He looked to the maid next to lily. He bowed, “Sebastian Michaelis, a pleasure to meet you Ms,” He held his hand out to her.

  • Ciel watched her had she spoke to her maid. He recognized her as the maid that would some times come to pick her up from his manor. Ciel nodded his head lightly when Sebastian made note of Lily's approach. When she spoke it was more pleasant then he remembered her voice to be but he figured it was because they hadn't spoken in so long. "Princess." He greeted with a bow to show his respects to her especially since it was her birthday. "I hope you are enjoying your birthday so far." He noticed how she adjusted her gloves but choose not mention it has he spoke to her.

    Angela nodded her head when Lily requested that she went with her when she went to greet Lord Phantomhive. She could understand why she was so nervous to talk to him especially with what happened and her scars. Angela didn't recognize the butler that stood next to the young lord but she still curtsied and gave him her head. "Angela Alder and it is a pleasure to meet you as well." She gentlys miled at the man across from her curious about his ruby red eyes.

  • Lily nodded. “Of course I’m enjoying it.” She chuckled. “Though, I am surprised to see you here. I mean.. you hate parties. Or so I’ve heard.” She bit her lip. “What made you want to come to mine? I mean.. we haven’t.. seen each other in years. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m glad.. you’re here I just..” She sighed. “Sorry. I get nervous a bit and ramble. You know that.” She smiled. “I’m glad you’re here. I just.. hope It’s not business on my mother’s behalf.” She shrugged.

    Sebastian smiled. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, my lady.” He chuckled. “So, I hear from the young master that you’ve been taking care of the princess since she was born? Ciel mentions seeing you a few times before.”

  • Ciel chuckled a bit when the princess began to ramble. "No princess I'm not here on business." He moved to have his hands clasped behind his back. "I wanted to coem and wish you a happy birthday since this is an importnat time for everyone." It was nice to see her smiled once again after not seeing it for a while. Sure he remembered what her smile looked like but it was different in person. "It is nice to talk after many years is it not?" He asked curiously.

    Angela nodded her head smiled before taking her hand back. "Yes I have." She neatly held her hands infront of her being sure to have proper posture. "I have met Lord Phantomhive a few times when he was younger." She would be lying if she said she wasn't proud of Lily and how she grew up even if she was annoyed by her being relectant to talk to he young lord.

  • Lily nodded. “I’m glad you’re not here on business.” She smiled. “Well thank you.” She added when he wished her happy birthday. “Huh?” She bit her lip. “Of course it is, I’ve just been so busy and things have gotten in the way I couldn’t find the time to see you and..” She bit her lip. She picked up one of the punch cups from the servants walking around. She took a sip nervously. “Mm, My apologizes.” Suddenly, a young girl came up to her. “Princess Lily?” She curtsied. Lily turned. “Oh, hello there.” She smiled. The little girl bit her lip. “Is it true you have burn scars? My mom said..” Suddenly the little girls mommy came forward. “My apologizes. Come with me.” They scurried off. Lily tensed. “Haha.. Kids these days..” She laughed. “They Hear the strangest things..”

    Sebastian nodded. “So Ciel has mentioned.” He chuckled, glancing to the the two as the little girl approached lily. He frowned. Perhaps that’s why she wears the gloves? She seemed to tense up when the child asked. He thought. He looked to Angela. “So, the dress that the princess picked.. it is in my masters family house color. Was that done intentionally?” He smirked.

  • Ciel was going to speak but then a little girl ran up to her asking about scars. He looked to Lily confused to what the little girl was talking about but she brushed it off jsut as quickly. "Yes kids have sich wild imaginations." He was admitly curious as to what the child was talking about he would have asked her in their younger years but their bond was not as strong as it used to be. Sure they had been talking to another as they grew but it was never the same as talking in person. "So how as royalty been for you." He asked pulling the subject away from the kid asking about her scars since it obviously made her uncomfortable.

    Angela looked to Lily's dress when Sebastian had asked about it choosing to ignore the small child in the hopes he hadn't noticed. "The princess as admittedly developed a strong attachment to the Lord's family colors." She made sure shebspoke in a whisper so Lily wouldn't hear her since she would msot likely scold her for telling Sebastian about it.

  • Lily nodded. “Always asking the silliest questions.” She chuckled. She glanced over to Angela and Sebastian before her gaze returned to Ciel. “Hmm? Oh, you know..” She laughed. “Most days I’m off doing my princess stuff. Attending events with my mother or I’m in my study doing studying or responding to letters.” She shrugged. “I have been able to do a bit more shopping though.” She smiled. “What about you? Mr. head of house.” She bit her lip. “Sorry, that was a bit impolite I suppose. How is nobility treating you? I hope my mother isn’t.. sending you on too many wild goose chases.”

    Sebastian smirked ever so slightly. “Is that so?” He asked. “Might I ask you something?” He raised a brow. He knelt down to her ear so he could whisper. “I wouldn’t dare tell my young master. However, was the child correct? Does she have burn scars? And what from?” He stood again. He had a devilish smile on his face, but it seemed to be just a “very happy” smile. Maybe Ciel would notice the devilish side.

  • Ciel lightly shook his head no when she asked if her mother was sending him on wild goose chases. "No course not, what kind of Lord would I be if I couldn't handle the queen's requests." He glanced over to Sebastian when got the feeling that something important was going on his conversation so he listened in on their conversation but he still spoke to Lily has not to hint her in on what he was doing. "Plus your mother's word is law is it not?" He asked wanting to keep her attention on him and not the two talking next to them.

    Lily could tell something was up when he asked about the scars Lily had. She lightly raised her brow at him as she spoke. "I may be her maid but I do not have this information you see the princess doesn't tell me everything nor show me." She remained respectful but her tone did hold the warning of asking further questions about the princess and her personal life.

  • Lily nodded. “Of course, I just..” She shook her head. “Mmm.. never mind.” She bit her lip, once again tugging her gloves up. She looked around at the other guests for now. She turned her attention back to Ciel. “Mm, how have you been? I mean.. I know it’s probably thin ice I’m about to step on but.. since.. that night? Are you doing okay?” She asked. “I.. I’m worried for you.”

    Sebastian frowned. He didn’t expect such a loyal maiden. He nodded. “I see.” He smiled. “My lady, would you like to dance?” He held his hand out. Lily happened to hear this part. She looked to Angela. “Go dance.” She smirked. “I’ve heard he’s an excellent dancer. Go on.” She chuckled. Sebastian smirked. “She would be quite correct, my lady.” He chuckled.

  • Ciel was a bit stunned by her question kind of hoping to avoid that subject he never really talked about it in his letters that he sent her. He chuckled to his self a bit when Angela stared at Lily in slight disbelief when she told her to go dance he knew that Angela could dance but she was a nervous one when it came to close proximity. He waited for the two to leave before he continued speaking to her. "I guess you could say I'm okay." He knew that was a lie when he said that he as okay he could be feeling better about it but for now he was okay. "I have many years a head of me." That was also partially a lie sure he had at least a few years a head but once he reached his goal he would be no more and his soul would belong to a certain dancing demon.

    Angela was a bit proud of herself when frowned at her response to his question but that was quickly gone when he had asked her to dance. She could dance that wasn't the problem she was just nervous when it came to being close to others then Lily just had to tell her to go dance with him. "Well I guess there would be no harm in a dance." She then let him guide her to the dance floor and lead the dance since that was the proper thing to do. "So if you don't mind me asking how did you become the young Lord's butler?" She asked as they dance since he had asked a personal question about Lily.

  • Lily nodded. “Mm..” She smiled. “You’re lying.” She frowned now. “I can always tell when you lie. Why you think it was wise to do so now is beyond me.” She frowned. “Come with me.” She took his hand and lead him out into the garden. She had a bench in the middle, sometimes they’d come here as kids. She sat down, looking up at him. “Are you going to tell me the truth? Or are you going to lie again?” She crossed her arms. “It’s not polite to lie to a lady y’know.”

    Sebastian smirked as the pair began to dance. “Hmm, oh that.” He chuckled. “You see, I found him wondering off in the depths of London. He told me where he lived and well, I took him back. It was then I decided I must take care of my master.” He spun her. “I rebuilt the manor to an exact replica down to the cracks.” He chuckled. “You see, my dear.. I’m simply one hell of a butler. If I couldn’t do such a simple task for my master what kind of butler would I be?”

  • Ciel was surprised when she knew he was lying to her they had know each other long enough to tell when one was lying to the other. He let her pull him out of the party setting and into the garden he remembered it because they used to come out and play when they were kids. He took a seat down next to her with a small chuckle leaving his lips. "I guess you are right princess." He always did trust Lily with how he really felt about something even with the gap that had formed between them. "I miss them at times." He admitted turning his head to look over at her happy to be away from the party he knew he shouldn't have let her drag him away seeing how it could look bad for both of them but it didn't really care he wanted a friend he could talk to and not worry them running off and telling every one what was going on with him. "I missed talking." He admitted turning his gaze away from here.

    Angela nodded her head as he told his story she had a feeling there was more to it than that but she pretend to buy it for now. "Really well you are one hell of a butler then." She smiled at him following his lead through the dance beginning to be more comfortable dancing with him. "That is much more interesting than my story." It was nice to have some on to share stories with but it still didn't stop her mind from telling her that she shouldn't trust this guy not matter how inviting he was. She had to say she was intrigued by the man in front of her but before she was a maid in the castle she lived on the streets so she had learned a few things in her time and was determined not to forget them and that was when to notice something was up with some one.

  • Lily frowned. “You can call me lily while we’re out here, Ciel. You know that.” She crossed her leg over the other. “It’s okay to miss them.” She bit her lip. “I missed talking too.” She looked down. “My mother tells me your engagement with Elizabeth is going well. I’m.. I’m glad.” She smiled hesitantly. “Um.. I do have.. one question.” She looked to Ciel. “Do you remember.. anything about that night..? Let alone that day..?” She began fiddling her thumbs together, a nervous habit she’d had since they were young.

    Sebastian smiled. “Mm, I doubt that my lady. I’m interested to hear. How did you come into the royal servants? My master says you helped raise the princess.” He smirked, spinning her again, hoping to keep her enticed. He was aware the young master had gone outside with the princess, but he knew there was reason so he decided not to act upon it for now.

  • Ciel lightly smiled when she mentioned he could call her Lily and then lightly cringed a bit when she mentioned Elizabeth. She was a great person and deserved happiness but he certainly was not the one to give that to her they were too different from one another. She then asked about they night his parents died and tensed. "I choose not to." He truthfully didn't remember much of what happened that night nor did he want to because that made him scared in a way.

    Angela hadn't noticed that two had left so she just calmly danced and talked with Sebastian. "Yes I did raise the princess in a way." She began before doing a scan for the Lord and Lily but she didn't see them through the other dancers. "I started taking care of her when I was thirteen." She lightly smiled definitely more relaxed now.

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  • Lily tensed at his reaction for the mention of that night. She stood up quickly. She was scared. He seemed to not want to remember anything of that night. “Ciel..” She seemed afraid to get near him. “Ciel.. Christ.. not a thing?” She bit her lip. “Maybe I was an idiot for thinking I saw you..” She looked to Ciel. “I mean...” She bit her lip. “Come on, they’ll be wondering where I am. We should go inside.” She bit her lip. A gust of wind caught in her glove and blew it away. She tensed and covered her arm up. “I have to go..” She ran in the castle. She’s ran to her room. She searched for another pair of gloves that would look good. After finding a pair, she returned to the party. She found Angela, yanking her away from Sebastian. “Let’s go.” She bit her lip. Once they were away, she turned to her maid. “Ciel.. might’ve seen my scars.. I.. I want the party called off. Or something...”

    Sebastian smiled. “That’s interesting. He frowned as the princess suddenly yanked the maid from his grasp. He frowned, walking to find Ciel. “My lord? Is everything alright?”

  • Ciel watched her curious of why she was reacting this way towards what he said he thought she would be hapoy because it was a traumatic event for him. He turned his watching as she made her escape the wind blew he glove off revealing her scared up arm they were burn scars which made him more confused as to why she had them. Ciel stood from the spot he was sitting and moved to her back into the ball room jsut in time to see her grab Angela and yank her away from Sebastian to go talk to her he assumed. "I don't know but we have an investigation to make." He said hisgaze following the princess and her maid.

    Angela was definitely stunned when Lily came out of no where and gdragred her off to go talk about how she wanted the party called off. "Calm down I'll figure something out." She said gently wrapping on around her shoulders and pulled her to lean into her. "Now pretend you don't feel well if I pinch your arm pretend to faint ,but not unless I pinch okay." She gave her instructions as she looked for her mother and made her way over to the queen. "Your majesty the princess isn't feeling well." She said putting on a concerned look to further convince the queen.