Plot with a nomad

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ so konahrik is my new character. he's a serious boy but will put anyone else's safety and welfare before his own. obviously as a nomad he doesn't live in any group and just wanders around. he may be convinced to move into a group if he becomes close enough with someone there.

    ( open )



    adopting kiddos

    one night stand litters

    light maiming

    ( closed )

    heavy maiming




  • well well!!, it seems there's a new noodle fella in town >:00!!

    i haven't been too terribly active with this gal lately, but i would absolutely be down for a one night stand litter - she's about thirteen months old, and she hasn't ever had children before, so accidental kid acquisition is a GREAT first start lm,,ao

  • yeah man! i'd be down to make the adoption thread for it, as well, when ur ready :00

    yan would def be a little sour when she finds out she's pregnant, mostly cos he didn't stick around, but she'd absolutely love if he ever decided to visit.

  • cool beans, I'm bad at adoption threads anyway

    Also he may stay for the birth and a little bit after that but leave when they start getting more comfortable

    oo and when they're older he'll come back and ask if they want to leave and travel with him