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  • Amalfi Heights Religion Plot (UNFINISHED):

    phase one:

    the amalfians explore mount kodiak with a few of their allies. they discover a forest and river, but mostly its just a mountain like they expected - not mentioning the vaguely threatening aura.

    • a little while after they return from their exploration, the plague breaks out amongst a few of the members. this isn't associated with the mountain at all, as the plague came from the exiles. it's merely an unfortunate event. link to the exiles plague info
      • amalfi turns to the kinship circle for assistance with the plague
    • not long after the plague, a rock slide on the mountain crashes into the village, injuring a few amalfians and destroying many homes.
    • before the heights can recover from the rock slide, the temperatures begin to drop. freezing winds, heavy snows, and blizzards hit amalfi hard before they can prepare, increasing sickness and decreasing their food supply.
    • the violent winter storms shift from heavy blizzards to freezing sleet and rain. this leads to the river flooding and ruining even more land & buildings, and harming prey & amalfians.
      • they potentially turn to their allies for assistance at this point

    phase two:

    the amalfians are weakened from blow after blow of natural disasters.

    • undeveloped future points:
      • a vision from naleren explaining everything is the work of dherog
      • people are skeptic of this? people begin to accept naleren's word?
      • not sure if merioneth is still interested in having wenceslas be a preacher in this plot but potentially someone begins preaching naleren's word
      • mass trek to the yawning grotto to pay tribute/leave gifts for naleren
      • things get better after this
      • amalfi becomes centered on luxum religion

    future traditions as a result of this:

    • a yearly pilgrimage to the yawning grotto (during the late fall/early winter?) to pay tribute to naleren and her kindness of saving them from dherog's wrath (added bonus: new joiners are informed of the religious beliefs and can make a solo pilgrimage (along with a luxum priest) to the yawning grotto to convert (or if they don't want to go solo, they can bring along a trusted friend/associate/etc)
    • a festival during the spring in honor of naleren and luxan beliefs. allies are invited, includes music, food, games, etc. the main event is a play depicting the history of the two spirits and how naleren eventually saved amalfi. this could be organized by a priest figure and put on by the youth? sort of like a children's christmas pageant type of deal.
    • a new rank/title called 'priest' who is basically just someone who presides over/organizes weekly or monthly services regarding luxan beliefs, the pilgrimage to the yawning grotto, new converts, and the spring festival.

    this is what i've got planned out so far! please throw out any thoughts on this as well as any suggestions/ideas you guys have!

    (also, i need to find out if we're allowed to actually use the spirits in this plot (as in, having this all be a result of the real dherog and naleren) because some stuff might be difficult/have to change if we can only allow our characters to "think" that this is all the result of dherog and naleren.)



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  • TAGS - Yeah, I'm totally up for this plot! It kind of reminds me of the Prince of Egypt in a way, since there's just one bad thing after another. But to be fair, Ramesses deserved what was coming to him, Amalfi Heights does not. Or does it? But yeah, Pan will probably be one of the people who accepts Naleren's vision right away, since his birth mother and adoptive father are both religious.

    Now the real question is, should Pan's precious little garden get crushed by a boulder?



  • first of all, wow this is so interesting. when i decided to join here with koi, i had no idea that a plot like this was going on but now i'm honestly extremely intrigued by it all. i really like this idea of progression to get amalfi to the point of having this religion because it actually shows change which is interesting when most things tend to just already be set in stone without a lot of actual events leading up to it.

    at the moment (probably because it's quite late where I am) i can't really think of any suggestions or additions. i'll take some time to think over it a bit so consider this a bit of a track as well as me being quite star struck by this plot oof

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  • i'm glad you guys are interested in this! i'm hoping the religious beliefs will give us a bit of a unique aspect and hopefully attract joiners?? ofc any character is allowed to believe in whatever religion, etc.

    also, the idea for becoming luxum is credited to merioneth just so y'all know!

    i'm going to try and flesh out the rest of the plot in the next few days, but the guide for the exiles' plague has been linked on the first post if anyone is interested in the symptoms.



  • double posting oof

    would someone potentially be interested in discovering the religion/the gods and essentially suggesting that everything is the work of the spirits?

    i can have lemon do it, and spur the shift towards the luxum religion/worship, but he's fairly skeptical and untrusting so it would be a bit out of character for him to believe in something like this so quickly. but is someone else interested in taking the role of preacher for the second phase? (because i believe merioneth dropped wenceslas?)



  • Mimzy can. She is very trusting and believes in higher powers sooo



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