WILL THE SUN EVER RISE // house painting

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  • Helena had never had a home to call her own. She'd always lived with family, friends, an acquaintance who didn't wish to sleep by themselves. But now. NOW she had a dwelling of her own. The feline had selected one of the many bland-looking houses and deemed it her new place of residency. All she had to do now was paint it. But what color would she choose? Well, that was a simple question with an easy answer: her favorite color, green. And that was where the she-cat could currently be found, employing the help of a few NPCs to help her spruce up her house. So far, progress was minimal, but it was only day one. She had time to make it beautiful.

    The she-cat could be heard cackling joyfully as she slapped color onto the stone walls, her eyes alight with excitement. This was much more fun then she thought it would be. Snowflakes fell down upon the world from the heavens above and she most certainly could feel the bite the wind held, but it would be worth it once the finished product was revealed. And, well, finished.


    Ara came up next and took a seat. Eyes on her as she painte, but not speaking for a long moment. Then, the young leader would speak. Want a hand?

    speaking thinking



  • The feline was startled by the sudden voice. She had not been expecting to be spoken to. She nearly toppled over. Fortunately, Helena steadied herself, and turned to address the voice, forcing something like a smile to rest on her features. "That would be great, actually."

  • Agent 3 !

    I guess you'd better squid-daddle back to your spawn

    "Now this is something I can get behind," Agent 3 grumbled as she came trotting over. The squid-dragon could not keep a grin from pulling at her face, looking at the brushes and paints. This was something she knew how to do- even if it was paint, not ink. It was close enough, they were practically one in the same where she hailed from. "I would love to lend a helping hand- talon, sorry, lend a helping talon as well," she then offered, her tentacle like tails wagging in anticipation.

    "why can't I see all the colors that you see?

    why can't I be colorful and free?"




    The woman would wave a clawed paw to Agent and then step forward. What would you like me to paint? She asks softly.


  • The long-furred feline gestured towards the last wall that had very little paint on it. "Could you guys get started on that one?" she purred, not taking her eyes away from her task at hand.