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  • Stars above. She didn't want to announce it like that, not when she wasn't ready. She had so much that she wanted to accomplish and experience before being slapped with that 'single mother' label. Alas.. It had to be done. Entering her third trimester now, the wings at her side would only hide so much, and it was better to iron everything out than have any rumors floating about. Saoirse only now wished that Ralsei hadn't been there to witness that meeting. She wanted him to stay in that ignorant bliss for just a little longer, because nothing sent a man running faster than 'I'm a mom'.

    Or at least, that's what she was led to believe.

    But of course.. Then there was the matter of whatever had happened last week, when she had asked the hybrid out on a date. Hell-on-earth, that was something she had never experienced before. Was he possessed..? Somehow? Irregardless, it wouldn't change her perception of him - he was so sweet, and thoughtful, and gorgeous - but it worried her for a moment that he was bottling this all up. Or perhaps he was talking it through with Rockfox.. Yes, that would probably be the best case scenario..

    Saoirse breathed an exasperated sigh as she settled into her usual armchair in the library, shedding the oversized scarf now that she was indoors. Man, this was stressful.


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  • ACT Since the meeting, Ralsei had been craving to talk to Saoirse; not that the news didn't lessen his adoration of her at all, but his anxiety? quite a lot. Did that mean she had someone else? he knew polygamy was a thing, but he didn't quite understand it - and if she was alone? well... he knew it wouldn't be right to leave her side. Inching closer, Ralsei took a deep breath - he could feel Asriel's presence, but it was eerily still; maybe he knew how much this meant for him. " * Saoirse? sorry for the intrusion, may we talk?" was that too formal? probably - but he didn't want to scare her, or anything.



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  • Ah, no, Saoirse was strictly monogamous. Growing up with parents who passed on their conservative views to her and showed her the perfect example of how a marriage should work, the concept of polygamy was.. jarring to her. Don't get her wrong, Saoirse wasn't possessive(or at least, that's how she viewed herself), but when you took those vows on your wedding day, you were making a promise to stay faithful and to cherish your significant other, til death do you part. Once you opened up your relationship and starting seeing others in conjunction to your spouse, those vows lost their integrity entirely. And what about if you found yourself falling harder for someone else than you did your spouse? If you started preferred their company over your husband or wife? For Saoirse, it seemed like a road that could only end in disaster.

    'Saoirse? sorry for the intrusion, may we talk?'

    The scarfed feline looked up towards the hybrid, mild surprise on her face at his sudden appearance. Think of the devil and he shall appear. She could feel herself mentally groaning as she realized that she knew exactly what the following conversation would be about.

    Saoirse nodded and sat up, albeit with a good amount of effort, "O-oh of course, yeah, sure.." She replied, doing her bet to appear casual and, y'know, not nervous.

    "What's up?"

    i will lead you through this wonderland —— tags.