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    GENERAL. [ put it around your neck, until your stomach's upset ]


    — adopted by akuma baskerville \ "daddy's girl" \ adopted sibling to yuuki,riku,haruka,and so on

    — bigender; biological born a male ( 'he' or 'she' pronouns ) \ constantly changing thier own gender

    — spiritually 1000+ years old \ physicially looks between 12-14 moons old \ born on 14 february \ dosen't age, forever looks young and beautiful

    — bisexual panromanticer (leans towards males) \ obsessed with ver \ single and very interested \ easily falls in love \ pm if wanting to plot something out

    — currently resides in the cartel \ thug; host division \ former from shadow veil

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION. [ your vision blurs and you'll see friends no more ]

    ❤ 'LUST DEMON'

    — yuuka is a sort of a 'lust demon' or a 'love demon' which pretty much means they gets attracted to anyone how lust about something in life. it can be sex, power or some ambitious goal. whatever it might be yuuka draws themself towards this people like a leech falling into 'love' with them.


    hates to be called for yuu, don't do it unless you want them to rip apart your face. they will take it as an insult and act out in violent behavior.


    — refuse to accept they likes candy or sweets as they acts like they hates it and all because their brother yuuki loves candy as well so because of thier childish behavior of not wanting to have anything in commen with their sibling so have decided they hates it. so will frown and grimace, showing clear dislike for it even if they deep inside badly wants to eat it.


    — very delusional and stuck to believe in 'happily ever after endings' when it comes to love. they are obsessed with the idea of love itself and thinks every love story will end up like they do in the fairytales. completely having shut themself of from reality entierly.

    — just as easily they falls in 'love' can also fall out of love for them. this shows clear signs yuuka has no real idea what love really is about and even proves further for thier delusional illusion.


    — wants to very badly be loved so will do anything just to get affection and attention, even going so far to hurt themself just to get the person to stick around or pity them. self harm is a very commen method they uses just to get attention.

    — anyone how shows kindness towards them, or claims ownership of them they will most likely stick around with until someone more suitable comes thier way.

    — 100% a yandere. yuuka will do anything for the one they believes they are in love with. there is no limits of what they can do even less so what they will do to make the other to love them. a yuuka in love is a very dangerous person and shouldn't be underestimated.


    loyal to akuma and will always pick his side no matter what over anybody else. will follow him into the end of time. there is nothing they wouldn't do for thier papa and yuuka constantly tries to earn akuma's love and approval over and over again. they are also the only person yuuka actually would listen to.

    — wants thier papa for themself which is why they hates all of thier siblings since they views them as rivals for thier fathers love and is terrified akuma loves his blood children more then them and that he one day won't want them anymore which is why they sees them as a threat for thier own position as akuma's child. this is also why they tries to be a 'good girl' around akuma and will do anything if that means they will get affection from them and honestly just wants them to feel pride over them.

    PHYSICALITY. [ lovely results don't you agree? hey, hey! lovely just like me? ]

    ❤ CARACAT ( caracal/domestic cat hybrid) [MAIN BODY ⚥ ] HEALTH; 90%REFERENCE

    — yuuka's apperance are between a caracal and a cat. whilst thier size is more of a caracal with longer legs as well with this tuffs at the top of thier ears thier fur material is that more of a cat, even having more of a cat features. thier tail tip have a little tuffs though which comes from none of the spieces, and it's unkown why it's even there. thier body structure is more towards the feminine direction with a slim and smooth body built. they has a thin smooth fur which makes it easy to see thier ribs while thier face having a little bit more thicker fur coat to give them a more fluffy apperance. thier chest has a more thicker and fluffy fur making it stick out. meanwhile the color on the fur is dark gray with a puplish shifting color in it, aside from thier chest and underbelly which has a more ivory bluish shifting color. has stunning strong pink color orbs with a redish pubils that's has white around the pubils to make thier eyes stand out more. don't forget to take notice of the pink colored heart underneath thier left eye. lastly they have ivory beautiful angelic wings.

    — accessories: black color with a pink heart, silver braclets on thier tail. heart piercings in right ear,bandges around paws

    — scars: cut marks at the back of all of thier paws.

    — injuries: none

    PERSONALITY. [ aren't i the cutest of all? ]



    personelity 1; in this personality they are very gray and dull, almost numb and uncaring to everything that happends around them. Nothing seems to faze them or to give an reaction from them at all. they have a bored view on life, and really lacks motivation or interest to do anything even less defending themself which makes them to a easy target for abuse. they are often taken this personality when they have no one. Without a person to obssess over lacks a purpose in life which is the result for them getting into this gray personality. Sometimes they even self harm themself just for the sole reason of wanting to feel something.

    - personality 2; a more childlike side of themself. acts innocent and cute often a personality used to get people to like them for whatever reason it might be they want them to. can show a very affectionate side of themself there they wants to nuzzle with the people they likes, and can be a bit clingy. desperate for attention in this personality and can even hurt themself just to get people to acknowledge them while acting like a innocent victim.

    - personality 3; when being lovesick. whenever founding someone to love will become like an entierly different person, and it's also in this one they become extremely dangerous. will act sweet and supportive in anything thier crush do, acting very hyped and cheerful in thier present and surrend thier whole world around them. they won't care for anyone else then them and will think they knows them out and in and knows what's best for them. towards anyone else can act unpredicable depanding on if seeing them as a threat or not. jealously and the fear to lose their crush is what can drive them mad. in the other personalities this far they won't go to the lenght to hurt others but in this one it's possible to even kill them. this is thier yandere side.

    - personality 4; Oh boy this one is when yuuka have got heartbroken. breaking thier heart will turn them to madness and will shook the hell out of anyone how is used to see thier other personalities except from personality 3. they will want revenge and doing so in the most cruel ways, sometimes even vile ways. won't care what they have to do as long they suffers. Can also get into this personality if someone hurts someone they cares about more then themelf.

    - personality 5; everything is blue and yuuka will become depressed and sad. will refuse to get up from bed or even care to fix thier fur. they will refuse to eat and just think they are either a horrible person how needs to die or feel like a victim and that the whole world is against them. will cry alot and be sensible towards everything that gets thrown at them.

    - personality 6; love to play games with all and everyone around them. can be innocent or they can be about life and death itself. it dosen't matter which since they will laugh hysterical about it anyway. being this smug little fox how will play anyone they wants just to amuse themself and won't care for the consequence.

    TAKE NOTE of that this is just some of thier personalites. yuuka have a very shifting personality and more can develop over time.

    —disorders [MENTAL HEALTH; 40%]:bipolar disorder, dependent personality disorder, borderline personality disorder,histrionic personality disorder,delusional disorder, erotomanic,childhood trauma disorder,

    likes: akuma

    dislikes: pretty much all thier siblings,shadow veil

    INTERACTION. [ hey, hey! i'm good aren't i? if you say no i'll cry! ]


    — can actually put up a fight if wanting to but preferes to play 'weak' \ mental attacks can trigger them into a violent respond

    — can start fights if it's for someone they cares enough about \ will act as the 'victim' otherwise \ unlikely to fight back, most likely will accept the circumstances

    — tag name if attacking \ can powerplay none violent actions \ ask for major injures/capture/death

    — powers[90%]; shape shifter,emotion manipulation,shrinking,possession

    MISCELLANEOUS. [ love me i beg!, love me i beg!, love me i beg!, more and more ]


    — penned by SEINA .



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