starry-eyed child : finch

  • general

    name finchkit | finchpaw | finchblossom

    gender cisgender female

    sexuality homosexual

    dating mothshine [1/2 of minch]

    age 13 moons, ages realistically on the 4th

    family revolution x rosepaw [gen 6]

    sister to gullkit, dovekiss, hawkpaw, bluepaw, pipitpaw, and owlpaw

    granddaughter of and raised by ravensong

    paternal trees 1 2 | maternal trees 1 2


    clan traditional riverclan

    rank kit | medicine cat apprentice | medicine cat

    mentors rootlegs and streamspirit

    apprentice pipitpaw


    references 1 | 2 | 3

    > declawed

    > two parallel diagonal slashes across her neck and chest

    > has a fox bite scar on her left hind leg

    > smells of freshly cut grass and a mixture of herbs - mostly lavender and marigold

    finch is pacifistic, making her extremely easy physically.



    reward driven, rule bending, impulsive

    easily swayed, naive

    moral, selfless, optimistic, forgiving

    excitable, playful

    humanistic, pacifistic

    > the heart | the idealist | all loving hero


    suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and adjustment disorder



    — strength ★☆☆☆☆

    — combat ☆☆☆☆☆

    — swimming ★★★★☆

    — medicine ★★★★☆

    — agility ★★☆☆☆

    — intelligence ★★★☆☆

    aesthetics nervous anticipation before roller-coasters, holding hands, winning a prize, shared excitement between friends, telling secrets, patches on worn jeans, stickers on childhood furniture, mismatched socks, first crushes.

    — pinterest boards 1

    — minch boards 1 2 3 4


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  • timeline

    0-5 moons

    -born to rosepaw, found by ravensong

    -rosepaw dies

    -befriends cliffkit

    -gullkit dies

    6 moons

    -announced medicine cat apprentice

    -kidnapped and declawed by bloodclan deputy

    -befriends gladefall, bluepaw, pearlpaw, and shorepaw

    -attends her first gathering

    7 moons

    -treats first major injury

    -assists in the kittings of nightstar and ravensong

    -befriends vargo and bo

    -attends first half-moon gathering

    8 moons

    -wildseas threatens riverclan

    -apologizes to nightgaze, gladefall, and sorrelstar

    -befriends nightfall and swanfeather

    -finds out dovepaw is a long lost sister

    9 moons

    -meets and develops crush on mothpaw

    -gets attacked by fox, breaks leg

    -cliffpaw dies

    -owlpaw dies

    -confesses feelings for mothpaw

    -befriends constellationpaw

    -has a fight with bluemask

    -falls into depressive episode

    10 moons

    -reconciles with bluemask

    -recovers from episode

    11 moons

    -skyclan is displaced; stays in riverclan

    -meets revolution

    -skyclan leaves riverclan

    -befriends bellakit, salamanderpaw, daylightpaw, candle

    -promoted to medicine cat

    12 moons

    -breaks up with mothshine

    -riverclan evades a fire

    -hawkpaw and bluepaw are assumed dead

    -pipitpaw is near death

    -develops depression

    -attacked by npc and nearly dies

    13 moons

    -announces pipitpaw as mca


    riverclan mc + tags +  kira.  

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