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    Ver Million / Female [She/Her]

    Nicknames: "Ver" “Vi-Vi” "Mom" “Millie”

    Approx. 19 months (Nov/4) / Ages at users discretion

    Blackheart Rogues / Overseer / Keen, Socialite, Steadfast, High Skills, Gamemaster, Loyalist

    Solaris Kingdom / Dawningcrown / Queen

    Shadow Veil / Shaderunner / Sociable, Devastator, Followthrough, Patriot, Trailblazer, Bringer of Renewal. Servant of the Community, Patrician of shadows

    Warlord of Strategy of The Sanguine Ruins / Socialite, Operative

    Cygnet of the Volary Flights / Titles


    Taken technically / Homoflexible / likes to fling, unsure about long term relationships

    Girlfriend of Nightstar, Incarnadine and Mercy

    Ver x Nightstar x Mercy (The Veil-Harem) + Vernadine

    {GEN ONE} NPC x NPC / No Siblings / Adoptive Guardian of Stiles and Addison / Mother of Vega, Ambrose, Moira, Cinnabar, Showkit, Sangria

    Mentor to Narcissus, Krymson and Abbi


    [main ✩ German Shepherd mix] [ref]

    Larger than most of her breed, Ver stands around 3'6 at the shoulder roughly, and weighs around 110 pounds. Her build is lean but she has lithe muscles rippling underneath her pelt, her front paws especially show these lines of power. Like all German shepherds her front half is much more built than her lower and she walks with her chest puffed out and her long tail lowered. Ver’s fur is always growing and being trimmed during certain season. During winter it’s fluffed out and blankets her form in long strands, it’ll gather heavily around her neck. back, shoulders and around the base of her wings. During the summer months it’ll shed and she will be smooth but still fluffy, her color will brighten ever so slightly and reveal more of her brown fur. Her fur is typically a mottled tapestry of dark browns, Blacks and grays and they all fight for dominance on her pelt. She like most of her species has a large ‘saddle’ of black fur that covers her back and a large portion of the fur on her tail. It extends up her neck and onto her face where it forms into sort of full face mask. Her muzzle is twinged with gray.

    Her face is slim and has a feminine look to it much to her utter discomfort. While most of her body can be considered wild and rugged her face juxtaposes that appearance. It’s slim and well formed and her lips curl up neatly into a sort of perma-smile. Her front canines often poke through her maw. Her nose is a standard black and she has small whiskers. Going up her face you’ll take note that her eyes are a bright vermillion color with small specs of a darker crimson flecking their surfaces. Her ears are tall and always perked and are just shy of the height of her horns. She has fluff on their bases which extends to the sides of her face.

    Ver’s scars are mostly hidden beneath her thick fur but they are still numerous and gather heavily on her front legs and on her flank and stomach. She’s very proud of them. The most notable of these is a large X shaped scar that cuts across her right ‘peck’ she also recently has a long scar going across her right eye

    Large horns protrude from the dame's head, curving upwards into a 'U' shape when seen from afar. They bare a hard but slick texture and are colored a pale red with pin stripes of vermilion cutting through them. Along with this Ver has small 'useless' leathery wings that rest just below her shoulders, they form in three distinct points. Recently she’s grown another larger pair capable of flight just above her old pair. The scales are a slightly lighter color.

    [Alternate ✩ Oriental Shorthair] [Ref] (Mild Concussion/Various injuries)

    Long legged handsome feline with large ears and red eyes.    

    Accessories: Wears brass knuckles on both front paws.

    Weapons: A brass knuckle modified to have three long sharp blades coming from its end. She wears this on her left paw.

    Smells faintly of rain, hydrangeas, metal and leather


    POSITIVE: Dutiful, Charming, Sociable, Hardworking, Amiable, Dedicated, Reliant, Steadfast, Obedient

    NEGATIVE: Lonely, Sordid, Greedy, Amoral, Compulsive, Ego Driven, Rowdy, Suspicious, Stubborn, Relentless

    NEUTRAL: Casual, Tough, Workaholic, Perfectionist, Mellow, Proud, Determined


    (VERY OUTDATED) Crass, greedy and morally unsound are three of Ver’s standout traits. If you don’t take a closer look you’ll assume they fully define her. She’s a mercenary; not someone who concerns themselves with ethics or about the needs or feelings of others. They only are out for their own gain. Ver will be the first to agree with that stereotype, she’s well aware that she has contributed to it. But she will earnestly state that this isn’t the only aspect of her persona, it’s not even the top of the iceberg. Much of her more heinous traits are indeed a result of her occupation, if she didn’t develop a tolerance to her work she would more than likely wind up crying in a gutter somewhere. She’s learned to distance herself from her sins, she’s desensitized to most crimes. She may not like doing or agree with what she’s doing but will keep her concerns to herself. A jobs a job and no employer wants to hear her bitching.

    Her work ethic is high and she takes great pride in a job well done, she’ll work until she drops and won’t give up on anything. She’s determined and can be very stubborn, changing her mind can be a chore and she isn’t likely to betray her employers. She’s honorbound to her word, and wants to keep her credibility. Ver always will rely on her work to keep her busy, it gives her life meaning. Sure the pay is nice but she needs something to do, her life depends on it. It’s all she knows how to do, she’s not a natural born leader and she doesn’t have high ambitions. She wants to go wherever her heart leads her and follow whatever impulse she has. Her occupation allows her to be flexible, where her impulses don’t affect her in the long run. Because before she never had any goals in life, she had no plan. She just wanted to have fun. Which is why her stay in the BHR is so baffling, it’s the first time she’s settled anywhere or even considered joining a group full time. She craves attention, recognition and relationships and this group is… well it gives her chance to get those very things. She likes it but will always remain antsy, it drains her work and her quality of life may dwindle if she doesn’t find something to do in camp to keep her paws busy…

    INTERACTION / "Gotta do the jobs i take, That's always been my way"

    Very Difficult Physically / Difficult Mentally / Powers include Shapeshifting, Scent Manipulation and Electricity elemental

    Will start fights / Will end fights / Won't run away / Sometimes shows mercy

    Ask to powerplay harmful actions (maim/capture). No kill. Peaceful powerplay allowed

    attack in "#835959" or Underline and tag Ver Million PM Kedamono if URGENTLY needed!

    Penned by  Kedamono

  • Timeline;


  • Character Notes;


    Doesn't sound like a normal dog at all, Her howls, barks and growls are heavily distorted and wrong. She's heavily mutated and her vocal cords are no exception (sound reference)

    Quad wings - was born with only one and wasn't capable of flight with them

    She is actually undergrown for what she is, she was malnourished as a child

    Eyes lack pupils giving her an eerie look

    Wolf/German Shepherd mix with genes from a Irish wolfhound and doberman from her fathers side. She primarily resembles a GSD

    Tries her best to hide her emotions behind a smirk. She hates people bearing over her or getting concerned for her sake.

    Has a habit of wagging her tail. She may be able to compose her face and keep calm but her tail sure does love to betray her cool and suave persona

  • Saoirse,

    "At one point I greatly respected her, she’s a strong woman and I know she’s been trying but I can’t fucking lie about what’s really going on. Saoirse is insane, there’s something seriously wrong with her and I’m tired of how hush hush everyone is about it. She stares at me like I’m going to kill her when I’ve done nothing but try to help. God, and sometimes I just want to say to hell with it and do something wrong just so she’d stop staring at me with those wide empty eyes! Frankly she needs help, just not from me apparently" (outdated)

    "Saoirse is my leader, even in her worst moments she's someone who always looked out for the well being of myself as well as all the rest of our gang of jackasses. Without her we'd be screwed so she has my gratitude for keeping us together, she has my gratitude for apologizing and beginning to trust me despite everything. A lesser leader would've cast me out or dubbed me some sort of overly violent bastard but Saoirse is different, even if I forgot that for a while. So uh, thanks. Thanks a ton Sao"


    "Resilient and kind, Saturnrings has always been admirable in a way. To me anyway, she's defended me at my worst and has always remained cool in my books. I have no clue why someone like her can stand to hang out with me, but do i mind? Not at all, she's a good girl and a fierce enforcer. I'd glady watch her tear into Alkesei anyday."


    "The best apprentice i can ask for, as much as i pray he doesn't look up to me it's been nice having a constant partner in crime trailing after me. As much shit as he's went through he's still such a good boy, almost to good. Much to good to hang out with me, I just hope i'm doing the right thing and I hope he becomes strong enough to defend himself on his own one day. I can't be around forever to fend of his demons, both the real and mental ones..."


    "Tea's a sweet woman, she welcomed me in without much hesitance and even before has always been kind to me when I've shown up on her border. If my visits were useless in the grander scheme of things i really don't mind, the real take away is meeting her. Not a bad consequence at all, if i say so myself."


    "Luciens someone I vibed with right away, he's a cool dude and can really fucking gulp down a drink. That's one hell of a skill and don't you deny it, the mans a legend I just wish he could see that. Shame he always talks bad about himself when i'm sure he could stand on his own against me, i'm sure he kicked major ass in his hay day and i bet he still can. I'm just patiently waiting for the day where i can finally see him shine. But yeah Lucien's pretty great, not going to lie."


    "I always hated the whole spheal about 'first impressions' matter, it's bullshit and Yuuka completely blew that whole thing out of the water. She's odd, but a good kind of odd I'm glad she choose me to stalk behind rather than someone else it's nice having a little fangirl at my beck and call. Reminds me of the old days but Yuuka's far better than them, she's a good girl and I know she'd trying her best she just needs some help and that fucker she's with needs to be put in the ground... By me hopefully"


    "Fayina, Fayina, Fayina... Oh where do i even begin with Fay. I've traded blows both physically and mentally with so many creatures but by far i'm starting to think she might be one of the most fun to mess with. It'd cute how unnerved and embarrassed she gets just by one simple little line. She's so easy and fun to play with and I can't help myself even if it'll just make her hate me more.... Love ya Fay~"


    "Do I really have to talk about Bast? Well... I do have a lot to say even if I'd rather not. I've always admired her from the moment we met, she's a put together woman and one who's in charge and completely in control.. It's frankly kinda hot to me but.. Fuck! Sorry... Umm well anyways Bast has been welcoming and a constant supporting presence since i winded up waltzing into her territory. She welcomed me into her little family of Veilers and gave me another place to call home, she's the kind of leader i'd follow into hell and back. That's really all i'm willing to say on her. But one last thing! Don't sleep with your boss... It's not a good idea trust me."


    "Abbi is the kind of kid a mother should be proud of. He holds high profile positions and keeps a good attitude despite his misgivings. I've never cared to ask him much on what made him change his name or why he was drawn to the ruins but it all doesn't matter. He can make his own decisions just as I can make mine and he seems to be prospering and doing good for himself so in a way i'm proud of him. Keeping doing the good work beanpole-boy"


    "I wish I knew her better, she'd always been kind and patient with me despite my natural uhh "fear" of doctors so I can give her immense credit. Sunpaw seems to love and look after her as well and she's been taking great care of Yuuka so I totally owe her one and it'd clear to see she's a really good person despite the gaping-eyes. They do give her a specific charm though! Don't get me wrong, she is cute!"

    Neverbloom (TBD) + Koda (TBD)

  • LINKS;


    MINOR TAGS + Character Storage

    DESCRIBED TAGS + Character Storage


    Aesthetic: Shades of red, gray and black. Themes of chain mail, bruising and welts, crackled knuckles, sharpened blades, Blood and Leather, Crinkled up dollars, wilting roses, Smoke and static, Torn tapestries, Vintage violence


    Aesthetic: Soft leather and faux fur, Needle like teeth, Elongated claws, Chapped lips, Nails on skin, Distant cities, Dried paint, Stormy skies, Wrapped tails, Broken statues


    Aesthetic: Faded out road signs, Broken florescents, Blood paper, Sharp knives, Entanged hands, Scatter petals, blood moon, the feel of old photos

    PINTREST BOARD - Made by Checkers <3


    First Litter - Vernadine


    Ver Million (WATGBS), Misato Katsuragi (NGE)

  • TESTS;



    "A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.

    Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit.

    Chaotic good can be a dangerous alignment when it disrupts the order of society and punishes those who do well for themselves." (Quoted)


    “The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd” (Quoted)


    “Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members. The emblematic animal is a badger, and yellow and black are its colours.“ (Quoted)


    The sanguine temperament is fundamentally spontaneous and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be boisterous. They are usually quite creative and often daydream. However, some alone time is crucial for those of this temperament. Sanguine can also mean sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Often, when they pursue a new hobby, they lose interest as soon as it ceases to be engaging or fun. They are very much people persons. They are talkative and not shy. Sanguines generally have an almost shameless nature, certain that what they are doing is right. They have no lack of confidence. (Quoted)

  • AUs;



    5'10 / Age depends on thread, typically in her 20's / Mixed race Latina (Mexican) + Asian (Korean) tawny tan skin flecked with a multitude of scars

    Raised in the foster-care system until she was an adult. Turned to crime to make ends meet and winded up getting in trouble and owing money to the mafia. Depending on her thread she’s either reformed or still working.


    Sinnoh inhabitant - Veteran Trainer - 21 year old - Completed the gym challenge but never the league

    Veronica lives in Veilstone city where she’s been known to do paid work for team galactic or other such organizations from time to time.


    A renegade who works on their own fruition. Weavile is a bane of everyone’s existence, always jumping explorer teams always stealing rare items but there’s the chance you just might get her too work on your side... That is if you can fork up the gold for it!




    (Hired) by Lastbastion paid in full with alcohol and trade goods particularly gold and precious stones.

    (Joined) the Exiles under the guise of Cicada Casanova was quickly caught by Vera Lannister and promptly attacked by her as well as Damion Lannister and Bo. Winded up having her mind heavily tampered with by Trash while being choked and held down in an attempt to use her against the Veil. While there she learned various information pertaining to ranks and upcoming raids and disputes in the clan and outside of it. As well as promotions.

    Cicada also bore witness to the (Torture) of the heavily pregnant Ruins warlord named Petra. She decided to betray the exiles as her own morality and views heavily clashed with this event. She proceeded to (Help) the woman deliver as well as assisting in her escape. This was (Successful) and Cicada would leave behind the Exiles to temporarily join the exiles. (Abandoning) the home she forged and the few friends she had.

    She’d later go on in the ruins to (Regain) her memories and share what she’d learned with the Ruins.




    Forged long in the past but modified to fit over the paws of a large canine. She received this long prior to joining the BHR and sparingly takes them off. She received them in her adolescence from the corpse of another mercenary.


    A iron rod connected to three blades that can loosely be fitted over one of her brass knuckles. Was made from spare parts to be a more affecting killing weapon. Sparingly used as she has no reason to go out murdering anymore. Only used for interrogations or threats for intimidation.


    Received from Crownpaw, a large oval shaped egg colored a tawny brown color with mottled splotches of dark cinnamon and brown covering it. This egg unbenounced to her is that of a raven

    <Ghost - ♂ - Affected with albinism - ~1 Month old - [ref][ref]>


    Received from Lastbastion this pendant encompasses and is a reward for flourishing and developing in her life. The pendant itself is a blue heart shape glass pendant encasing floating blue flower petals. The chain can comfortably hang off her neck if she chooses to wear it.


    Received from Lastbastion as payment for sabotaging and harming the Exiles in retaliation for what they did to the Veil over the months. Drunk one of the bottles with Lucien

  • Playlist;



    “I'm going to get myself in fighting trim
    Scope out every angle of unfair advantage
    I'm going to bribe the officials
    I'm going to kill all the judges
    It's going to take you people years to recover from all of the damage”


    “Sometimes all I really want to feel is love
    Sometimes I'm angry that I feel so angry
    Sometimes my feelings get in the way
    Of what I really feel I needed to say”


    “Make sure you kiss your knuckles before you punch me in the face
    There are lessons to be learned
    Consequences for all the stupid things I say”


    “Thank God for business, they let me take the floor
    I stood so proudly, like I was going to war
    Players soon appeared, and I quickly was revered
    This must be what love would have felt like”


    “Curve your little spine and tell me that you're mine
    It's all about the game and what you flaunt
    Yeah, I know that there's no pleasing you
    When you know that you're not teasing me”


    “In love, I've always been a mercenary, but I never leave my post when the cash runs out
    I want to make you quiver
    Make your backbone shiver

    Hey kid, take the stage and deliver”



    SHADOW VEIL - MAY 2019

    Best Name

    Funniest Character

    Hottest Character

    Most likely to sleep through the apocalypse

    Most likely to intentionally make an enemy

    Sinnamon roll

    OTP (With Mercy and Sprucenight)

    Couple that probably coordinates their outfits (With Sprucenight)

    Bonnie & Clyde couple (With Sprucenight)


    Favorite female

    Most developed


    Clan mom

    Favorite crack ship (Ver x Ryad)