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  • natal chart

    — ( leo sun ) Leos are the royal leaders of the Zodiac. The 5th in the line of Zodiac, Leos, much like their name, are strong, fierce, bold, courageous and regal in their lifestyles, ways and expression. Amazingly creative in almost all spheres of their lives, Leo individuals are independent and dominant. Known to be the most authoritative amongst all the Signs of Zodiac, Leos or Lions are often brave-hearts, and their confidence, ambition and positive thinking are exemplary and unparalleled. The word ‘doubt’ or, for that matter, ‘self doubt’ is not a part of a Leo’s dictionary. Driven and determined, often to the degree of excess, most Leo individuals precisely know what they want from a situation, in particular, and the life, in general. Or, as a learned man once said, “At least, they feel and believe they (Leos) know it all!”. In all the realms of life, Lions tend to be strong-willed, enthusiastic and energetic. Their ruler Sun bestows them with sparkle and zest – and also with glowing warmth and generosity. Coupled with their self-confidence, this kindness makes most Leos the joy and life of parties, gatherings and group activities. Most Leo-born natives are also outspoken and brazen – a quality that sometimes goes against them – much like their domineering streak. That said, in relationships and matters of love and sex – Lions are loving, amorous, chivalrous and a joy to behold – until to cross their path (against their wishes). Nonetheless, the never say die attitude of Leos helps them take their failures and setbacks in a positive stride. The exuberance and vitality of Leo is what makes their partners relish all the things the Leo personifies.

    — ( capricorn moon ) Let’s get down to business. People born with a Capricorn moon sign in their natal chart are well-known for their reputation as the CEO of the zodiac. A Capricorn moon sign is highly ambitious, and tend toward leadership-oriented roles. They can often take on a lot of responsibility, assuming the guise of a parental/provider type, much like those born with their Sun in Capricorn. If your moon is in Capricorn, chances are you’re programmed to achieve success and accolades with ambition like no other. But sometimes, a Capricorn moon sign can forget that they have their own wants and desires that need to be fulfilled. While they’re “like a rock” in most times of hardship, a Capricorn moon sign can sometimes feel resentful, angry or frustrated from putting their obligatory duties before their own heart’s desires. Another challenge for a Capricorn moon sign is that they have a big challenge facing them: the task of openly facing their feelings and asking for what they really want. Ruled by Saturn, the zodiac’s teacher, a Capricorn moon sign can learn how to dig deep into their minds and hearts for the answers and take responsibility for their problems, rather than playing the victim. As a grounded earth sign symbolized by the sturdy Mountain Goat, a Capricorn moon sign can sometimes appear a bit rough around the edges, but they’re sense of stability and structure is what takes them far in life. It’s important for a Capricorn moon sign to work with a therapist or life coach, or be able to confide in close friends in order to help sort their complex emotions. In the realm of romantic relationships, a Capricorn moon sign needs to be able to mutually share and express their desires, as they’re also incredibly reliable and trustworthy. Stubborn by nature, it can sometimes be a challenge to see eye-to-eye with a Capricorn moon. And sometimes, they might hesitate to enter or leave a relationship due to the heavy weight of obligation they’ve imposed on themselves. Patience, more than anything else, is crucial when relating to those born with a Capricorn moon.

    — ( scorpio rising ) Scorpio Ascendant people have a lot of presence. There is something about them that tells the world that they are not to be pushed around. Their manner commands respect, and in some cases, fear. Scorpio rising people can be quiet or loud, but they always seem powerful and determined. You either love or hate Scorpio rising people they are rarely people who go through life unnoticed. In fact, some of them are confused when faced with the fact that they get such strong reactions from others. They seem to look right through people, seeing through superficiality. This can be quite intimidating to some, and intriguing to others. Scorpio rising people, in their dealings with others, look for answers by reading between the lines. Surface details are discarded when they are getting a feel for people and situations around them. Scorpio rising people value their privacy so much, it can border on paranoia. They have a strong need to control their environment and are experts at strategy. Rarely people who will blow their chances with impatience, they plan out their moves carefully and deliberately, relying on their awesome ability to feel out others and situations. Scorpio rising natives are drawn to down-to-earth, natural partners. Reliability in their partner is very important. They generally look for complete commitment and have little patience with flighty partners.

  • note on lirim's senses despite it never being addressed, lirim doesn't see the world like other creatures do. they have a completely different set of senses, which will be described in detail below.

    — lirim is almost fully colorblind. they see most of the world in black and white, but see other creature's eyes in intense colors. even through the use of clairvoyance they still are only able to determine a creature's soul due to the color of its eyes. if a creature has no soul or spirit for lirim to view, they are just as grayscale as everything else.

    — lirim sees many different planes and dimensions at once, but they are able to focus on the dimension they exist in if they need to. they have selective sight, and so if they wish to see something that is not happening to the creatures actually in that plane, they can do it.

    — lirim is unable to hear anything but can pick up on the subtle vibrations that come from other creatures and can simulate a voice as a result. they prefer deeper/bass based sounds and voices to higher pitched ones.

    — in human aus, lirim had to wear special color/particle negating glasses in order for their human body to be able to handle all the dimensions they can see. as a result, their eyesight is quite poor unless in full, unstable void form, but outside of human aus their eyesight is actually extremely sharp and clear.

    - one of the reasons that Lirim has a dislike towards gods apart from the more important reasons is because of the aura they radiate. The aura is a clear and obvious almost halo-like color that surrounds them, and it irritates lirim's eyes to the point of migraines .

  • rules of interaction

    — ( I - romance ) Lirim is generally extremely oblivious to acts of true romance. Flirting and such, though always returned, usually flies over their heads and they don't put much thought into it. Therefore, they will almost never take the initiative in starting a relationship. However, Lirim also doesn't close ties easily. to start a relationship with them as a romantic interest, they would have to be informed preferably privately not in an open and intimidating situation, and spontaneity is frowned upon in most cases. They are not actively seeking any relationships at any time due to their asexual nature, and because they have just come out of a two-year-long marriage they are even more averse to engaging in anything romantic any time soon.

    notable romances Fell Drachen. Diable. Bubonicplague. Caleb. Funhaus.

    — ( II - friendship ) It is particularly hard to find a friend in lirim due to their inability to form close or meaningful ties. They aren't a sentimental creature or one that thrives on social interaction, therefore are able to survive with only themselves as company for a long while. They are nonchalant to a fault and will often scare potential friendships away by simply existing due to their noncommital nature and inability to make and uphold plans with those who will, in their eyes, die eventually nevertheless. Just because it is difficult to befriend Lirim doesn't mean it is impossible, however, as they are still delightfully morbid and a good source of sarcastic banter. Their friends simply need tough skin and even tougher patience, but once Lirim's trust is earned you won't find a more loyal friend.

    notable friendships Death.

    — ( III - family) Much like with friendship, it is very hard to get lirim to see anyone as family, even harder than getting them to see anyone as a companion. although they are technically family to the entire break family, they are a neglectful parent and do not see blood as something that truly makes a family. They see family as, first and foremost, a friendship, and a trust that cannot be broken by anything. To get here you must pass many tribunals and troubles, but it is even more worthwhile than having lirim consider you a family. Currently, only one individual carries the honor of lirim's full, unbreakable trust.

    notable family Buboniccplague. Twilightzone.

    — ( IV - enemies ) It is almost comedically easy to have Lirim as an enemy compared to just how difficult it is to get on any good standing with them, but likewise being called an enemy is almost overplaying how Lirim truly feels about most of the people they piss off. Everyone not worthy of their good side is almost automatically pushed to the bad side, and Lirim treats most on this side as a nuisance at best. It takes someone especially cruel or high and mighty to get Lirim to actively hate them, but regardless of that most wouldn't consider them a friend and therefore are an enemy.

    notable enemies Bill Cipher. Aya.

    — ( V - battle ) Lirim almost never engages in battle, knowing very well that the powers under their disposal could be devestating. They can single handedly tip the direction of a battle and do not wish to do so, knowing life should run it's own course without their omniscient intereference. As a result they will often either completely sit out during raids or battles, or, when attacked, simply take the beating in order to not cause entire worlds to implode. As a result their former bodies used to be extremely scarred and war-torn, although now they have a body that does not showcase these as much unless they wish. During battle they are impossible mentally and difficult physically, and should be tagged LIRIM   or interacted with in black.

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  • [ poetic shit 1.0 ]
    — Let's make gods out of these hollow corpses. I'm tired of the weight of mortality, I want to tear it from my veins til I bleed silver and gold, til I can feel something again. Let's carve our names in a heart on the ivory pillars of history. Maybe one day they'll chant our names. Maybe one day they'll paint us into the constellations and name galaxies after us, and we too shall be eternal

    — Yes, yes, I am wild, I am eyesore, I am the wind that makes breathing hard, I am the ocean and the battered shore. Name me wit h, name me salem, name me lover of the evening coals. Name me dangerous, see my swim through your liquid insults as evidence. I was always some fae, some siren, some succubus. Yes, I am ugly and wanting and hungry. I will eat the hell they make for me. This is my home and I do not exist for the sheer purpose of beauty. Name me mountain, name me sickening, name me goddess almighty. This is my home, I am daughter of fire and air. I do not exist to make your day sunny. I will be ice storms and tempests if I choose to be. This is my home, I am daughter of water and earth. I do not exist to silently agree. I will be the passion of thunder, the crack in mirrors, a howl of fury. Yes, yes I am myth, I am magic, I am destruction. Yes, I am more than flowers and teacakes and crowns. I am all that and then some. Yes, I wear your words like little white lilies. You may throw what you like, they mean nothing. Go on, name me sack of bones, name me rail, name me bracken. You cannot harm me. I was born dragon.

    — I am made of bullets; shrapnel. You are solar flares and soft lips - better creatures could love you, I know, but now they'll have to get through me.[/sup]

    — She hunts her prey the moment the sun sinks into the pits of hell. A sceptre of crimson bleeds through the waning amber sky as her rathe form comes alive. Graced with a mass of unruly tangles tamed only by the moon stoned diadem adornment. The sound of the earth surrounds her; the snap of twigs breaking underfoot, the piercing howl of the wind racing past her. Those she regards as her own, she protects with a fierce and ferocious devotion. A massacre is left in the wake of those who dare harm the ones she claims. The foolish and the arrogant are left stunned, jaws slack by her untempered ability to slay. Silently, she weeps for the girls whose innocence was not only broken, but snatched from them by the carnality of evil. That is why she dips her arrows in poison - that is why they must be slain. She is a predator, a lover, and a protector. Broken they may be, but she holds each shattered fragment of them clasped in hand; held tightly while the world spins wildly on its axis around her.

    — You always feared my girl - the one that has four eyes and wings. She's the daughter of the prince of hell and a princess of leviathan. You are scared of her and rightfully so. But did they ever tell you about me? Oh, they call one of my parents legion, for they are many. The other is the most powerful archdemon, and the blood on my thighs is silver and gold, and if you this apep was something. I dare you to touch me one more time. I'll eat you whole and alive. (I've lived for four millennia. Maybe it's time for you to see what I'm capable of.)

    — She comes to the city hollow, hands empty, eyes open to what lies in wait for her. She does not weep or wail; in her eyes, home has always been burning. A wolf queen prowls the palace halls, belly half full, thirst half slaked. The king doesn't see it but she does. It will open its maw and swallow them raw. Cassandra climbs the palace steps unprompted. Never before has death been greeted with so warm a kiss.

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  • [ poetic shit 2 ]

    — Girl, with an accent of blood, who speaks in foreign tongues, whose vowels are the sound of metal clashing. Warrior, with fire in her veins and armor beneath her skin, who crushes the earth beneath her feet. Immortal, hair streaked with daggers and iron filling her lungs, each breath invitingly toxic. Princess, with lips made of glass and a voice cut from steel, features born from thunder and battle. Heroine, a grin made for war and eyes flecked with ash - striding, powerful, into the arms of death.

    — I never understood what made your lips on my neck such an intimate affair until your teeth grazed my pulse and I realized you could open my throat and make me bleed out in your arms, but instead you chose to kiss.

    — Hollow bones, bird bones, tell me what it's like to echo. Old bones, broken bones, tell me what it's like to heal. You see, lately I've been doing a lot of echoing and not enough healing. It think it's the hope in me, the staunch belief that love exists, my hands clamping onto the past. And so I echo, echo, echo, with loneliness aching deep in my bones. I sit in a corner and blindly grasp for what I know is not there and yet cannot help looking for. I echo with heartbreak and I echo with pain, and nothing is new anymore. Repetition is not always safe, and even still I attempt to find comfort in it.

    — I sleepwalk home from the party I died at. Houses burn. They all know the song, the one that goes "I can't make you love me if you don't." Goldfish float on the surface of the tank. And I should have told you that you look just like someone that could break my heart. Crib mobile of planes crash landing. The other night I dreamed the power plant collapsed into the river and flooded the town where I say your name out loud. It swallowed me whole.

    — Do you hear the whispers? They talk of a new queen rising with a wicked smile and toxic fingertips. They urge each other to be aware of a heartless laugh and a flash of golden hair. They say her name rings true, for she has all of the grace and beauty of a flower, but as venom drips from her lips it's not hard to see she has the poison too. Do you hear the shouts?

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  • [ poetic shit 3 ]

    — If you look into the eyes of a prophetess, you may witness a world burning and wild shadows dancing in fire, in mad mourning, in death. Look beneath the fear and see the frenzy: soundless screams, bodies ablaze, wine mingled with blood. Red on red in red. Look into those eyes, and you may then hear the hisses, the warnings. Or rather, the inevitable. And may you scream with her.

    — You know what it is to be holy. Deep vein aches for wounds the earth feels, lightning storms and hurricane pain walking hand in hand across a ground you helped design. The thousand voices that scream your name in both battle chant and song. Their lives are not a game but you play anyways. You are sharp edged steel, a lone fragment of a shattered mirror, the broken bone reflection of a cruel smile. All that you are is ripped edges and cracked glass but your heart still throbs with a lioness' blood. Ichor drips from your fingertips, gold glistens on your lips. You took to power like Icarus took to the sky, and you know your fall will be just as sweet.

    — Shadow wreak havoc under an oil-black sky. What once was a gemstone of a city, shrouded in a film of dust and decay. I linger in the aftermath of a bomb-swollen storm. A thousand babies are buried beneath the ruins, wailing for mother long gone. War is a plague. I see more and more phantoms with eyes like the void, haunting the streets after twilight. An orchestra of bullets patter on my window, sliding down the glass like rain. The emptiness of my home was a lot to bear, but when they set it ablaze, I salvaged my soul from the ashes.

    — A cynical mind and an obsessive soul; two halves of one whole. They tire of a home in shadows, a taste of power, what it would mean to conquer. It feels like honey on his tongue, the lies he spins are sickly sweet from it. They made a mockery of him, once - look at the walking tragedy. Now they whisper when he passes - he's a demon with a crown of blood. (Does it look like he's still under your control?) Kneel, or he will hollow your bones out and build kingdoms upon kingdoms, thrones upon thrones.

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  • [ poetic shit 4 ]

    — We exhume our enemy's bones and paint them in a special shade of red we mixed ourselves. We uproot lilies, redwoods, mountains and replace them with ghosts of our fallen. We stalk through the dark and the moonlight of aching forests devouring, devouring. We are battling, hungry beasts. Look back at the mess you've made. Try your best to pick up the pieces. Watch your children make the same mistakes. You can't prevent this. You can't prevent this. You can't prevent this. Who are we at the end of the day? Ourselves or the images of ourselves that we create? Ragged lilies in march or lit molotov rags? Boots pounding cobblestones or glass shards of broken storefront windows? What is victory but a song written to comfort the defeated? What is defeat but realizing that you have been wrong every step of the way?

    — Somewhere, always, is a child tumbling, an angel tumbling, a rosy pheonix settling down into the boughs of a fig tree. The snake will swallow itself. The sun will swallow the earth, and somewhere, always, is a new thing learning how to crawl out of its oldness and into the light. What does it mean to look upon a ruin? We are boneless. We are boiling-hot blood. We are a frenzy of atoms rearranging themselves into other atoms. We are breath, then stillness, then silence, then silvery and soft.

    — We build our houses on the graves of ancient oaks, redwoods, pines. The wisdom of centuries lies in their veins; we do not understand, it can not be gained through the chop of an axe. We infiltrate the armies of giants. The silent sentries warn us away but we do not listen - the earth quakes as they fall. The thunderous crash of each destruction echoes in our ears and we call it progress. The air is tainted and our lungs blacken with the smoke of society. We fall back to the earth, gasping for air. The cities suffocate the wild wings. We kneel, wide eyed, before the trees and awe, as our ancestors did. Long before there was a word for religion they, too, felt small beneath the shadows of gods. The penitence for our sins is not easy. We thought it was the forests that we killed. Child, it was never that simple: it is our own lives we have cost.

    — Your hands are stained with the blood of kings and gods. Everything you touch turns to ash and fades away. You are left only with yourself. Everyone else is gone, by your hands or their own. I wander through the stars in search of myself. I create and destroy. I bring life and end it. I laugh and cry. I find pieces of me underneath rocks on far-off worlds, places I have never been yet feel like home. It was our power that bound us. I spread my wings, you danced on flowers. I wore bones around my neck, you had leaves sprouting from soft skin. I made the mistake of trying to be with you. Your beauty has been twisted and warped. Your leaves are withered now.

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