Thirsting Hearts and Jealous Minds (private)

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  • Amanda eagerly nodded her head when she asked if she wanted to try fast food. "Yeah sure lets go." She then unbuckled her seat belt and climbed out of the car. She felt a bit bad about not remembering everything but then again she was asleep roughly two hundred years.

  • Bethany stepped out of the car and stretched for a moment, smiling at Amanda as they walked up to the building. "Next time I'll take you to a proper restaurant, you'll probably be more used to that." She held open the door for the vampire, glancing inside. "Good, the lunch rush is over."

  • Amanda followed her inside and was greeted by a variety of smells she was unfamiliar with and she was trying to decide whether she liked them or not. "This is fine don't worry." She lightly smiled before shuffling towards the front to see if she could read the board thing she had seen from the door they walked in.