Thirsting Hearts and Jealous Minds (private)

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  • Amanda giggled a bit when Bethany said she wouldn't fit in her time period. "Oh, yes there are lovely." She smiled at Bethany before walking back over to her.

  • "Good! I'd suggest having more than one pair, but that's for another time. Slip on your old shoes and we'll check out, then we can get a bite to eat." Bethany lightly giggled at that last part, a bit of a vampire joke there.

  • Amanda laughed a but at her joke before taking off the boots and putting on her other shoes. "Alright sounds good to me." She put the shoes she picked into the box she got them out of so they could buy them.

  • Bethany led Amanda to the register and bought the shoes and the socks, having grabbed an extra pack on the way. "There we are, a full modern outfit! Is there anything in particular that you'd like to eat?" She spoke as they headed back out into the mall.

  • Amanda didn't really know anything about the modern food so she would let Bethany choose. "You pick." She said with a small smile afterwards.

  • "Well, its past lunch so I don't want to be out much longer. I don't being on the roads when the dinner rush hits, so you're about to learn the wonders of fast food." Bethany smiled and led Amanda out of the mall and to the car, putting everything that they had bought in the trunk.

  • Amanda happily followed behind Bethany helping her put the bags in the back of her car. "What is fast food?" She asked curiously since this was a new subject for her.

  • "It's food that's made quickly so that you don't have to wait too long to eat. They're usually not too bad either, I honestly enjoy fast food." Bethany licked her lips as she thought about it, quickly getting into the car and starting it up. "Hurry, I've made myself hungrier!"

  • Amanda opened up her door and climbed inside glad she had blood yesterdya menaing she would be good for like a week. She had asked Beth about vampires and she was surpised on what people had thought of them.

  • Amanda gave a shrug of her shoulders. "I never tried to eat normal food back before I was put to sleep so I honestly have no idea." She admitted not minding that Bethany was asking her the question. "And I don't ind you asking me that question it's not like you asking if I went out and I don't killed sheep." She felt a bit embarrassed by her question example but she felt it fit what she was.

  • Bethany nodded in response, a bit embarrassed seeing as she should've known that answer already. "R-Right." She giggled slightly at the example but smiled, seeming to have been comforted a bit by that. "Well I can't promise not to question you about vampire stuff. There's been plenty of movies and books about vampires and they often have some...interesting lore and powers. So, I'm a bit curious." She blushed at her own words, thinking about how creepy that might sound.

  • Amanda was happy the Bethany was comfortable around her enouh to asl her about her vampireness. "You can't ask I won't be offended." She wanted Bethany to be confident and ask her anything she wamted to know because then Amanda got to hear her voice and they go to bond with one another. Course she hadn't seen any of the vamprie stuff but she pkayed on it to see if anything would help her figure out what was going.

  • "Alright, well I suppose the whole burning in sunlight thing is definitely not true. I mean, you probably would've been dead by now if that was the case." Bethany spoke with a small shrug, feeling rather relieved that it wasn't true. If it was, then she'd be spending all her nights with Amanda rather than her days.

  • Amanda looked at her slightly confused. "People think that really?" She turned her boy to face Bethany a bit more as she spoke. "We are human it's just we are no longer living and we drink blood so why would we burn in the sun?" She was curious about what people thought about vampires.

  • "Well, vampires used to often be associated with unholy and demonic things, so naturally holy things like silver or the sun should hurt them." Bethany explained, although the silver thing had mostly been forgotten in modern vampire lore. "So somethings have just stuck over time, although silver is more a werewolf thing now."

  • Amanda nodded her head a bit before offering what she knew. She hadn't been a vampire long before she was put to sleep so she didn't know everything. "I know a stake to the heart doesn't work, posiened blood is not fun." She cringed a bit remembering what had happened to her.

  • Bethany cringed at that and nodded, biting her lip at the thought. "Well atleast that means that you'll be underestimated I suppose, you'll give someone a good surprise." She offered with a small laugh, a smile appearing on her face for a moment.

  • Amanda lightly shrugged her shoulders thinking back on her time before she went to sleep. "I don't think I got thirsty right when I woke up because I was asleep for so long and my body no longer functions the same as yours." She began to talk about what might help them figure out their situation. "And from what I remember I died before I became a vampire or at least I think I died." She then got a confused look on her face as she looked through her now fuzzy memories it was not a moment in her life she remembered very well.

  • Bethany seemed to hang onto Amanda's every word for a moment there, a fascinated look in her eyes as she grove. She resisted the urge to glance at Amanda as she spoke, turning right into a restaurant's parking lot. "So, ready to try some fast food? Most people still prefer going to an actual restaurant, but if you're in a hurry then theres nothing better." She wanted to ask more questions, but she could tell that Amabda couldn't answer them all. Yet.