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    2. relations:
    3. age:
    4. genetics:
    5. rules/details:
    6. slots:

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  • ohohoho time for some plot adopts

    parents: npc x npc

    relations: siblings to alderstream

    age: 35 moons

    genetics: realistic ffa shorthaired! alderstream herself was a silver tabby w/ low white.


    this is a plot litter of sorts. these characters are blood riverclanners, born and raised as loyal warriors. they had a relatively happy kithood and apprenticeship, growing into fine and loyal warriors. however, alderstream was killed almost 16 moons ago when she was pregnant, and her body was never recovered, leading the acceptance of the fact that she slipped and fell down the gorge. this is half of the truth. she was killed by a warrior named thornheart, who suspected that alderstream's unborm kits belonged to a shadowclan cat.

    what alderstream's siblings do not realise is that their sister reincarnated into a loner's kit, who walks among the clans today as tempestwing. the two look very similar, except tem's eyes are blue, not yellow. tempestwing does not know of her past life aside from occasional weird dreams that she does not recognise as memories.

    slots: two

    parents: thornheart x npc

    relations: children to thornheart, a deceased riverclan warrior. she now resides in the dark forest.

    age: 20 moons

    genetics: realistic ffa! thornheart was a ticked brown tabby w/ high white.

    rules/details: these characters are purebred riverclanners, and before her unfortunate demise at the jaws of a dog thornheart would have taught them extreme loyalty and disdain for those who are "outsiders". they will not know of the fact that thornheart killed an innocent queen, but if a dark forest plot comes up later down the track they might get a visit from their mama ;>

    slots: four

    i'll be buried here with you



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  • I'm gonna bombard the place with raven litters don't @ me

    parents: Blackbird (npc) x Echo (npc)

    relations: Siblings of Ravensong, biological family tree

    age: 38 moons

    genetics: Norwegian Forest cats. Longhaired. Toms can be black or red. Mollies can be black or tortoiseshell. Will be solid unless they are red or cream. Some may be silver/smoke. Half of them will have less than 50% white spotting, half will have none. Any realistic eye color.

    rules/details: Please be active! They must stay in RC for at least one irl week, but after that they can go wherever. They do have a character bond with each other and Ravensong and can be strengthened by interaction. They can start off with loner names.

    It all starts with a tom named Echo and a molly named Blackbird. Echo and Blackbird were together for a while, both young with wanderlust souls. Blackbird gave birth to three kits in her first litter. They left to explore their own paths at the age of six moons. After Blackbird was pregnant with another litter, which would only consist of Ravensong, Echo would leave her to explore the city. Blackbird was eventually killed by a fox when Ravensong was 3 moons old.

    slots: 1

    parents: Sheila (npc) x Echo (npc)

    relations: Half-siblings of Ravensong, biological family tree

    age: 36 moons

    genetics: Norwegian Forest x Toyger. Half shorthaired, half longhaired. Toms can be black or cinnamon. Mollies can be black or cinnamon. Mackerel tabby is the dominant pattern. Some kittens may be silver/smoke. Some kittens may be colorpoints. Half of them will have less than 50% white spotting, half will have none. Any realistic eye color.

    rules/details: Please be active! They must stay in RC for at least one irl week, but after that they can go wherever. They do have a character bond with each other and Ravensong and can be strengthened by interaction. They can start off with loner or kittypet names.

    Echo met a kittypet runaway by the name of Sheila, and they had a litter of three as well. Sheila died giving birth, but Echo was able to survive and raise the kits until they were old enough to fend for themselves. He disappeared once more, but he was recently confirmed to be alive.

    slots: 2

    parents: npc x npc

    relations: Father of Ravensong, biological grandfather of Marshpaw (deceased), Rosepaw, Lizardpaw, and Snakepaw. biological family tree

    age: 72 moons

    genetics: Norwegian Forest cat. His longhaired pelt is silver-tipped black and he has green eyes.

    rules/details: Please be active! His name start off as Echo, but can be changed if he chooses to join RiverClan. He was the former mate of Blackbird and Sheila. He is/was a very experienced fighter, and has defended Ravensong against a dog in this thread. The only trait I'd like him to have is wander-lust, but otherwise, he is a clean slate, personality-wise.

    slots: 1

    parents: npc x Brackenpelt (adopted by Ravensong)

    relations: Biological half-siblings of Ravensong's children. They carry WindClan blood. biological family tree

    age: 8 moons

    genetics: Free for all due to NPC mother. Note that their father was a short-haired chocolate mackerel tabby.

    rules/details: They were born in WindClan, though, were captured by Twolegs when they broke the Code and decided to explore the territory. However, the twolegs eventually abandoned them, throwing them down the river in crates. They were found by Ravensong. They may choose to return to WindClan at 6 moons, or to stay in RiverClan. As of adoption, they will be 3 moons. Please keep them around the same age.

    slots: 3 (more can be added)




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  • parents: npc x npc

    relations: siblings of duskoak & cousin of tempestwing

    age: 8 moons

    genetics: the father of the kits was a short-haired silver tabby, a bit on the long side with a angled face (oriental). the mother was a tortoiseshell long-haired shecat.

    cats associating with calico, tortoiseshell, smoke, any type of tabby, caliby, torbie, & low & high white markings are allowed. red eyes, amber eyes & green eyes are common. mutations vary.

    rules/details: these kits are half windclan half-riverclan. in the first litter, the father of the kits had ended up killing the first mother after abandoning her litter to be with him.

    slots: three


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  • parents: Fallensky xx NPC

    relations: Just their father, Fallensky.

    age: 7 months

    genetics: Turkish Angora. For reference, Fallensky was a tuxedo tom with yellow eyes.

    rules/details: Stay in RiverClan for 2 weeks real time.

    slots: 3

  • parents:Hawktalon X Dawneyes (

    relations:Hawktalon and Dawneyes are the parents of Springhawk. These cats will be the siblings of Springhawk, given that they are younger than Springhawk. Springhawk was part of their first litter. these cats will be the 2nd litter of Hawktalon and Dawneyes.

    age: 21 moons

    genetics: The cats will be Bengal felines, as they will range in different types. They are allowed to have any colored eyes, except blue. It will be most likely acceptable to have green eyes like Springhawk. They will earn Giantism from their mother,Dawneyes.

    rules/details: Please keep them in Riverclan 1 week in real time. for naming, they can have any sorta warrior names. their only living family members will be Adderstripes and Springhawk. they may choose to stay in riverclan, or move to any other clans, AFTER spending ONE WEEK in riverlan real time.






  • parents: Cedar (Rogue) x Duskheart (RiverClan)

    relations: Siblings of Nightstar and Silvertongue. Half-siblings of Rootlegs

    age: 35 Moons

    genetics: Maine coons. Cedar is pure black, and Duskheart was gray and white. These characters may have any variation of these pelt colors. Eyes can be amber, gold or green.

    rules/details: Cedar is a bloodthirsty rogue who has terrorized the forest clans for moons. He will stop and nothing to try and persuade his kits to join him. Duskheart was a RiverClan warrior who fell in love with Cedar before he lost his mind. She died of Greencough when the kits were 6 moons old. The kits grew up in RiverClan without a mother, and never really knew their father. After Duskheart’s death, Cedar began to grow dark. Since then, he has successfully persuaded Nightstar’s brother, Silvertongue, in killing clan cats for fun.

    These characters may start off one of three ways:

    1. As RiverClan warriors raised alongside Nightstar since birth.

    2. As loners who left the clan after their mother’s birth. They may either join RiverClan or join Cedar’s group.

    3. As a member of Cedar’s rogue group. Characters who choose to join their father will most likely be somewhat evil, or too afraid to break away from him.

    slots: 3

    - open

    - open

    - open


    Nightgaze RiverClan ex-Leader 50 Moons ★ Played by North Tags

  • parents: Ebonyheart x NPC

    relations: half-brother to Rootlegs (Trad. RC med cat), brother to Nightstar (Trad. RC leader), Silvertongue, Onyxpool, and Bearthroat

    age: They'll start out at 3 moons

    genetics: Realistic ffa! Ebony is a black Maine Coon with heterochromatic eyes.

    rules/details: Keep them in RiverClan until apprentice-aged. Ebony's gonna love these kiddos with all he's got so don't make them hate him please :)

    backstory: Ebony's going to fall head-over-heels in love an NPC tom, eventually getting pregnant with his kits. The tom doesn't stay around long, and by the time Ebony finds out he's pregnant he's moved on. In other words, Ebony's raising these kiddos alone.

    slots: 4

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