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  • litter: nightstar’s littermates

    name: bearthroat

    age: 35 moons

    gender: male

    appearance: a large fawn colored maine coon with a white splotch on his maw and piercing golden eyes. named ‘-throat’ after a plethora of scars along his throat after a badger encounter. reference

    personality: charming, pathological liar, manipulative, troubled, confident, nonchalant, cocky, blunt

    other: for the sake of simplicity i’m going to say he was raised with nightstar in riverclan <3

  • litter: Nightstar’s siblings

    Name: Onyxpool

    Age: 35 moons

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A black she-cat with a white locket and tail tip, and muted green eyes. She is large with a muscular build and a nick in her left ear.

    Personality: She is sharp tongued and sarcastic, with a sense of humor. She’s blunt and can be coarse, but she is dedicated to her clan with a single-minded intensity.

    Other: raised in Riverclan.

  • litter: fallensky xx npc

    name: crowpaw

    age: 7 months

    gender: male

    appearance: crowpaw falls on the shorter side in regards to stature. his eyes are a golden shade just like his father's and white marks splash against his chiefly black coat.

    personality: crowpaw's always been a quiet little guy. he sticks to the sides of things and watches, but he's never been one to butt in. that and he hasn't really gotten along well with others. some say he was a cynic at birth so it shouldn't be too hard to swallow.

    other: n/a


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  • litter: Nightstar's littermates

    name: Whisper

    age: 35 moons

    gender: agender / will answer to anything

    appearance: Black smoke Maine coon with amber eyes. Their stature is just slightly smaller than that of their siblings, especially noticeable thanks to their obsessive grooming keeping their naturally fluffy fur flatter than normal.

    personality: they were raised in Cedar's rogue group which fostered their absence of empathy. They struggle to understand emotion and the closeness of other cats but are quite good at emulating it. They have a natural curiosity and also lack fear, fueled by their inability to sense danger.

    other: They were raised with Cedar but will try to join RiverClan under the guise of escape so they can suss out what clans are all about.

  • Accepted!! Welcome to the fam!!

    I’ll leave one more spot open bc why not



    Nightstar RiverClan Leader 35 Moons ★ Played by North Tags

  • litter: Nightstar's siblings

    name: Ebonyheart

    age: 35 moons

    gender: Trans male

    appearance: Maxwell the extra angry cat. He is pure black, with a very feminine build and is often mistaken for a she-cat, as well as heterochromatic eyes; one green and one blue

    personality: Ebonyheart is probably the quietest of his siblings. He stays out of trouble and keeps his paws clean, for the most part. However, anyone who knows him knows there is so much turmoil inside of him just waiting to bust out. He's often found alone, usually crying and letting out the emotions he tries so hard to repress.

    other: I love my angsty trans boi <3