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    He was, in a sense, a hired hand, a mercenary, a warrior who volunteered to help this clan of his own volition. He wasn't getting payed for, per say, but he would collect his dues in time. He always did. He always would. The wolf was in camp as of this hour, glowing purple eyes scanning each and every detail and getting a layout of the place. He was new, after all, and the best way for him to help these people would be for him to get to know them, get to know their home, and maybe, one day, grow to call it his own.

    The ruins were a sturdy home, with rooms aplenty and space for an ever-growing group to expand upon. From a defense standpoint there wasn't much that needed to be done. Stone hardly ever gave way to much of anything. Any enemies seeking to lay waste here would find themselves hard-pressed to do so, which was a good thing. "Nice and solid." He muttered to himself, letting his tail rub against the exterior wall of one of the rooms. As he crept through the ruins he made note of the larger rooms, which must have been rooms of import, given their size and the overwhelming scent of the Veilers within them. Meeting rooms, infirmary, library. He didn't quite know what use they would have for a library, but he wouldn't question it. Perhaps it had been there before them, and they simply chose to leave it.

    After his short self-led tour of the ruins he padded out to the pathways, full of vegetation and weeds. He took a seat, purple tongue tracing his maw for a moment as he examined and scrutinized the camp from his vantage point. The one thing he did take not of was the deadness to the place. It was near-empty at the moment, and from what he could tell there weren't going to be many individuals filling the voids of space anytime soon. If they were going to war, they couldn't wage it without people. A small frown tugged at him and he sighed. Perhaps their allies would come to their aid in an attack, which he knew nothing of. He didn't even know if they had allies. But he would find out with time.



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  • Their camp was relatively secure; Lastbastion herself had previously fortified it further with downed trees and large clumps of thorns and other undergrowth, and she felt rather confident that their safety here was somewhat guaranteed. She recalled, too, that not too terribly long ago Amour had led a patrol of Veilers to seek out any areas of the Ruins that were crumbling beyond safety, and Bast doubted much had changed in the weeks since her death. A lot had changed, but not within a stone's timescale. So the Midnightbringer would've agreed with Casinonight on this point - and she would've also agreed with him on his other, for she, too, fretted about the lack of members, the decrease in activity. She did not know the cause, though it seemed to have been around since Winter's demise - she wished she did, though, because she was growing heartily sick of her inability to fix it.

    "Hello, Casinonight. Settling in okay?" the dark tabby's voice was businesslike but not unkind as she spotted the familiar gray wolf and padded over, long legs making quick work of the space separating them. Bast considered this fellow an oddity - he had joined to help them fight their war, with no promises or even allusions toward a permanent stay - and that was rather rare. She wasn't objecting, though - they needed as many paws and claws as they could get, and she hoped that he would find that the Veil was to his liking, and choose to stay. "Can I help you with anything?"

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