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  • ———— Belial Tathamet ————


    Meeting time yet again, and Belial had much to discuss. Not simply promotions and demotions, but more substantial things as well. Alliances. Enemies. The ongoing struggle for power that always existed between megalomaniac clans. In short, politics. "Exiles, please gather for a meeting once again." The leopard called out, bringing himself to the position in the prison where meetings were usually delivered. This time things were cleaner, and the rat population seemed to be on a decline. The plague was spreading more slowly as immunities started building up. "Plague update. Things are slowing down. We might be seeing immunity as the plague reaches more and more people. Stay tuned, stay healthy, and remember to report any new cases." Perhaps this was the eye of the storm. They would have to see what happened this upcoming week.

    "Anyways, first of all, a couple of basic announcements. We would like to wish a warm welcome to Adrian, Breakout, Lumineer and Blake. I'm certain they will all prove themselves very helpful to our cause." They had had a number of joiners lately, which was nice. He just hoped they would stick around for a little while and not be off-put by some of their traditions. Time would tell, as it always would. "We're having a mass adoption as well. Go and check that out." That was simple. Belial was glad he didn't have to be wordy about all of these announcements. Though, the next one was more important. "It has been brought to my attention that some of us have been reluctant to permanently disfigure our paws. The branding ritual is now optional. I have a special badge for those who have completed it. Consider it bragging rights in pain-tolerance. Come see me if you've already been branded or would like to."

    There were more important announcements a bit later in the meeting, but this seemed like a good time to bring up promotions and demotions. There were a couple he wanted to point out. "First of all, I would like Breakout to step up to Vandal immediately. I am also demoting Yptix down to Vandal. You can earn your position back, though, obviously." That was good. Now it was time for something a little different. "I'm also giving out titles today. Softvelvet will be rewarded as Panderer for their contributions to our clan from the Dark Dynasty." He was happy that Softvelvet seemed to be more loyal to the Exiles than his own clan now, at least in some ways. Belial was glad the Exiles were making a name for themselves in that way.

    "Next, thank you to Roman for handling the weekly tasks this week. We need somebody else to aid with them this week, however. Let me know if you would like to help out with that." That was a simple comment. Weekly tasks were something they had been slacking on lately, but he was getting back into the swing of it now.

    And, finally, the most important announcement. "I don't know how some of you will react to this, but I know it's necessary, so listen closely. Historically, the Exiles have not needed alliances, but things change. Currently, there are a lot of clans out there who could use our support, and we could use theirs. It is a strategic decision on my part that we will be seeking alliances that will join with our cause in a very strong and connected way. I see no reason for us to be a hermit clan. Stay tuned, because things could get interesting. There are a lot of clans out there that throw their weight around in an authoritarian matter. In case you haven't noticed, we aren't big fans of authority here." That was a mouthful. Hopefully there were't too many questions, because Belial was already tired of this meeting, considering the next step was going to be putting all of this into practice. Good god.


    - Welcome to BREAKOUT   lumineer   CEDARKIT.   ADRIATICWATERS V.S.

    - Check out the mass adoption in the OOC board!

    - Branding is now optional. Mention in this thread if your character is already branded for a badge c:

    - BREAKOUT promoted to Vandal, Yptix demoted to Vandal

    - SOFTVELVET. gains the Panderer title

    - Need someone for weekly tasks this week, mention if interested!

    - The Exiles will be seeking close alliances for a kind of anti-authority alliance group


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    The fragile color-point would saunter forward on unstable paws, her clouded orbs directed toward the stone floor with a small sniffle. Her energy had been drained to nothing, her ribs protruding from her skin and her breathing wheezy. Had she contracted the plague? Her lilac ears would swivel back at the concerning possibility, ivory toned claws unsheathing from the stress and worry. It had been days of constant rest and chugging water yet her condition was only substantially worsening. Was she going to die? A light shiver would engulf her lithe frame, the tears taunting departure from the corner of her cerulean stare. She needed to discuss things with Belial. . . just in case.

    "Welcome." She would mutter, the words rolling gently from her tongue with little volume. The clan was continuing to grow and prosper under the ebony leopard's lead, she knew it would. The faintest of smiles would trickle along her maw, memories of spin the bottle and silly love potions surfacing through the lingering drowsiness. So tough and aggressive on the outside, Belial was nothing but a giant teddy bear in a suit of black armor. Hopefully this plague scare was merely a simple cold that metastasized into worse symptoms with fear. Now that she finally felt home, now that she finally had someone, now that she was happy. . . she didn't want to say goodbye, not ever.

    The mentioning of required branding being lifted was no surprise to Glasshouse. Belial had hated the idea from the start, it wasn't any major shock that he wanted it removed. "Congratulations to those promoted." Ugh, she needed to get out there more. She didn't even know who this Breakout guy was! Her inactivity had been unacceptable.

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    The savannah had not been here that long, as she was aleady getting welcomed. It seemed that the exiles was a lot different than when she had been here back a few years ago. The black savannah looked at the leader, even thou she still wasn't familiar with him. He said a bunch of names she didn't know. Except her relative Breakout. She was still confused on who everyone was here. But she was sure to learn everyone eventually. For now, the young girl sat back and watched things unfold.



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  • Plague what?!. And here Breakout had showed up for his first meeting in The Exiles with a grin threatening on his lips before the first thing got announced during this meeting and out of all things got thrown a fucking plague in his face. It was like getting a slap in his face. What the fuck out of all clans he could have picked joined the one how how had a fucking decease!. Talk about a shitty luck from his part to join the cursed clan with some unkown illness that might kill him. The Wilson for sure wasn't grinning anymore. How come no one had told anything about this to him?. Or even worse how could he not have realised it himself. Aha, now he understood all of this bad jokes that had been said around him. They hadn't been jokes at all." Fucking great. " he muttered to himself, not pleased over this to think anyone here could already be infected and pass it over to him. Breakout even consider to leave, to take Softvelvet with him and escape to Dark Dynasty with him there they would both be safe from this death sentence.

    But while he thought about this, over his own survival and Softvelvet's, not thinking his life was worth to risk for a clan he just had joined but it was then something rather shooking happend." I would like Breakout to step up to Vandal immediately." Huh?, the old black kitty-cat said what?. Him getting promoted already?. Eyes turned wide for a second there, taking in all of this with pure shook because for sure as hell had he never got promoted this quickly before. Damn, was the old man having a crush on him or something? or was he actually seeing something in him?, the use he could do for this clan?. Or maybe he was just using him like a tool just like any other asshole in this world. Breakout had no idea of course but he for sure as hell hoped for the second one because even if he would have felt flattered was not interested in a male that most be twice his age at least. Also he seemed a bit dull. What would they even talk about?, the weather?. Ugh. The opportunity he was being given here though draw all of his suspectiouness away. Fuck the plague, he could survive somehow he was sure by putting one of this masks on him or whatever shit he needed to do. One small step up towards power seemed to matter more for him all of the suddenly. In any case the Wilson refused to let a fucking rat decease be the end of his.

    " Thank ya Big Boss, as your Vandal i'll make sure to serve ya well." he said now with a grin again, accepting his position at least for now. Breakout had not seen that much of the plague yet but if it turned out to be to dangerous he might actually leave but until then he would help out to gain this people trust and play a pawn he didn't cared, you had to start somewhere before that one crown would become his.

    " I've free paws so i could handle the weekly task this week." he offered straight away, having done it before and belived it to be fun to give other tasks. He had alot of fun ideas to even give out to live up this place a bit. When the meeting moved over to them getting themself alliences though had not much of a personal opinion on it. He knew The Exiles had a history of not accepting alliences but times could change and he believed this could be a good call especially in a time like this one. " I agree it would benefical us better to have alliences, everyone needs a helping hand now and then. If i get to request some alliences i think would be good for us Boss i would suggest Dark Dynasty" for obivious reasons of course. " Blackheart rouges and The Sanctuary. I actually have ties with The Sanctuary leader so i could even y'know head over there myself to give out some good words about The Exiles."


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  • 「 a simple gesture × becomes a crime 」

    "Welcome, and congratulations." Lock echoed, he too had been rather slack in his activity lately but hopefully he could make up for it with ideas. Following that: "I will give the next round of tasks unless there are any objections." The rest of the announcements were things he felt others would feel more strongly about than himself, it was pleasantly surprising that their leader was actually interested in playing nice with some other groups even if they didn't yet know which ones. Which reminded him, he might give some random place a visit just to get the news out there. Maybe Valhalla was due to be invaded with some glitter, just washing all of it out would be torture enough after all.

    //Blahhh museless! also Belial. offering to do weekly tasks! and branding badge please?

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    The woman was laying in the background. Simply offering a weak nod to him as he spoke of her demotion. Seemed fair enough.

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  • Meeting time already? The weeks were flying by faster than he could count. In no time would it be December if the days went by as quickly as they did. He comes over swiftly at Belial's call, immediately finding a seat next to Breakout with the smallest of yawns rolling off of his tongue as the Usurper went on to the meeting's details.

    With the plague, some people seemed to be developing some sort of immunity. Ohh, could that be the reason he wasn't feel as badly as some other people? He was immune to this weird disease? Of course, it was because of his angelic nature that kept him nice and safe and out of harm's way. He wonders how it worked for the others, however. Maybe they just developed an natural immunity . . . That would be just as possible, wouldn't it? In any case, he nods his head whilst Breakout seemed to be surprised over the fact that the rumors surrounding the plague had been real. "Sorry cadillac, I would've told you earlier . . ." He murmurs to the hellhound apologetically, a meek smile bringing itself to his lips. It honestly had slipped his mind. The plague had been the last thing he was worrying about, if he were to be frank. With the steady herb supplies and Belial and the Moonshiners working on a cure, there really wasn't much to fret about.

    Some other announcements were about the mass adoptions, an welcoming of their newcomers ( all of which he knew and greeted himself, wow ), and now the branding was optional. He's already branded his paw, which sucked, but maybe he could put some make-up or something on it to cover up the scarring.

    Rank changes were fun and Breakout was immediately promoted to Vandal. He beamed up at the other, using a paw to nudge the male's leg. "Congratulations, hun." He purrs to the much taller hellhound. Breakout was already making a splash in the Exiles and so early on too - that was most definitely a good sign. Yptix was demoted and he was gaining a title. Panderer . . . Oh, he felt so much more accomplished now. He dips his head, that familiar warm feeling of pride swelling up within his chest. "Much thanks to you, Belial." Weekly tasks were also mentioned but . . . he wasn't sure if he wanted to do them. Other people seemed more than eager, however. If needed, he would most definitely volunteer himself, however. Lastly, Belial mentioned that they would be searching for new alliances. Now wasn't that interesting?

    Breakout oh-so casually threw out the name of the Dynasty ( for reasons that were obvious ) as well as the Sanctuary and the Blackheart Rouges. Well . . . there was a problem with the Sanctuary. He still remembers that green furred bloke that had lied to them and poisoned their food and took some of their crystallized rocks. The BHR, well, Vel didn't really have a problem with them - why did they have a problem with the Rouges? In any case, they'll see what would come of it from Belial sooner or later.

    / oof, edit : i'd also love the branding badge Belial.



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    She hadn't been around as much as she needed to be lately, and that was purely her own fault. Rounded ears listening intently to Belial's words, Blin was glad to find she had escaped any more warnings for the time being, but still made a note to be more helpful. She didn't even recognize most of the names of the newcomers he had mentioned. She needed to get out to the border and start welcoming joiners again, not to mention actually get around to meeting her newest clanmates.




  • ———— Belial Tathamet ————


    Oh yeah, weekly tasks. He had almost tuned the two out who replied, each wanting to handle tasks this week. Lockout and Breakdown-- no, wait. It was Lockdown and Breakout. Well, he was curious to see if the two could work together. Neither of them seemed too keen on teamwork, which was why this would be a very intriguing little test. "Very well. Lockdown, Breakout-- you two will work together to give out weekly tasks. Teamwork is essential in the Exiles. Let us see how you fair." He spoke in response, looking between everyone else present. Glasshouse was here, too-- but she seemed to be somewhat ill. Had she contracted the plague? A panicked look came over him. He had to get out of this meeting fast so he could go and talk to her in private. "The Sanctuary cannot be trusted. The Rogues... we have a complicated history. I do not believe they properly dealt with the kidnapper of Yptix, but I may be wrong." He added, but of course the Dark Dynasty was a very probably alliance.


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  • " Hey it's okay. It's not like i would have left you in a clan like this one while a sickness runs around anyway." he would whisper down to Softvelvet once he accompanied him under the meeting, not blaming Sofie at all for not telling him. He had probably alot of things to think about so wouldn't let him feel guilty over this. Giving him hopefully a convinced grin that it he really was fine with this would use his tail to place it on Sofie's other side to close the distance between them even if it was only a little bit. Hearing Softvelvet acknowledge his promotion though meant alot for him not only because he wished to impress Sofie but as well to raise up in rank so he one day could stand on equal grounds like himself even if it might take alot of time before that would happen. Breakout liked alot more to hear him congrats him though then what anyone else how told him the same damn thing. In his eyes the only one how's approval really mattered to him was him. Far to quickly he was falling under this one spell, and all because he was so damn vunerable right now in a desperate need to just have someone there by his side. " Thanks babe."

    Belial then stole back his attention again

    Working together with who exactly?. Breakout blinked before he shifted his gaze over to found this 'Lockdown' guy thier big Boss had assigned him up with. Once his eyes found the cat could actually recognize this guy. Hadn't he been there when he first joined?. Giving a nod over towards the guy would then settle his gaze back on Belial again, accepting his leader order with a grin. " Got it Boss. I and Loki will work on this together then, right buddy?." He glanced back at Lockdown having no problem with this at all. No, he had no problem to be teamed up with others actually it just seemed to make this even more fun to have some company in this.

    Uh, both The Sanctuary and the Blackheart rouges where on thier bad list then?. Huh, the first one might be a bit of a shame honestly but the second one he didn't really care about much. He had never liked the rouges, actually having a grudge against them but since they had grown and become stronger lately had thought he at least could suggest them. Once the day come and he would step up as The Exiler's new ruler could just cut thier ties with them then. No big of a deal. Use them while they could be of use to him and then throw them away. A lesson he had learned personally and now planned to use for himself as well. " Huh, looks like i need to found myself some new friends then." he said this out aloud, meaning it even. His ambitious matter more to him then his relationship with Chica after all he didn't trust her, not thinking what he had with her was worth to risk what he was starting to build for himself here." Well i guess i could go on a short journey to see which clans are still pissed at us and who might actually be willing to work with us?." he suggested instead. That was a start at least since they had to start this somewhere. It would also save Belial a trip and time which Breakout not minded to do for him instead.

    // i will make the weekly tasks then and tag lockdown in the thread :)


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  • // oof late but i’m here && i’d like the branding badge for roman also please! && ic opinions!

    i listened carefully, nodding as everyone spoke their minds. i for one wasn’t so sure about creating alliances, (that’s not what i thought we stood for) but for the time being, i’d simply allow the chance for belial to explain himself. "good to know belial. is there anything we can do to help with these alliances? and what’s the status on the war with the rogues? is that still something that’s going on? and while you said that raids currently weren’t something we were fit enough to do, are we still allowed to go on solo attacks to our enemies? and hopefully spread the plague to them that way?" i didn’t like this way of acting like sissies. we used to be feared. and now we weren’t. what had happened?