PAINTING THE TOWN RED | aka an unwanted bed thief

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    ❝ Here's to the boy whose only mistake was trusting in angels❞

    TAGS & PLOT ☆彡when the sleep deprivation hits, it really hits. he doesn't know how long he's been awake now, or even where he is. it's quite possible he's at the edge of a cliff again, murmuring to himself in broken down sentences. he can feel, without seeing, or hearing, the spirit beside him rambling again. over, and over, she nagged. what she nagged about nowadays was lost on him- especially when it circled back to the same thing, every, flipping, time. thankfully, however, he's not at the edge of anything at all. the earth beneath his paws is a little wet, and the air smells swampy. he's exhausted, and ready to pass out. his body has overworked itself again, and honestly, he was ready to slip into unconsciousness. falling asleep was easy for normal people, but when haunted by a spirit that only came out at night, life was hard. not to mention he had always had sleeping problems before his dead mother decided to be a pain in his rear.

    the texture changes a little, but not by much. he doesn't know whose territory this is, or the owner of the den he's currently in. the carpet's a bit weird though, and through blurry oculars, he extends his paws a little, sending them weird, blurry little glares. he was seriously starting to hallucinate in his mind, but in reality, the carpet was just made out of grass. muddy little paw prints made themselves known as he stealthily sauntered around the den, making tracks practically everywhere. he stops in front of the book piles, and goes to pull one out, only to forget what he was doing mid-way through. leaving the book half on, and half off it's original position, he turns clumsily, heading for another part of the den.

    thankfully, there's a bed here. of course, there must be someone in it, but he's both sleep deprived, and shameless. as long as nothing touchy touchy happens, he's going. absentmindedly shifting into his red panda form, the critter attempts to cling onto mija, kneading her fur like a child. he's out like a light moments later, presumably snuggled up to the healer.

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  • Mija had been knocked out, light's out in a deep rest. The healer's side heaved up and down, and often her hind right foot would shake from time to time. Mija's den was overly organized and cleaned down the very bottom and each tiny corner, and she even added a makeshift grass rug which was extremely soft to not track dirt into her den! Due to being the mother of five, Mija was often used to her children cuddling up to her but they were usually asleep before she eventually fell asleep. Though a strange sensation of someone cuddling up next to her, causing her ears to twitch.

    The mother rubs her cheek on the bed slightly, grunting slightly in her sleep as Aethreia kneads her coat momentarily but she soon wipes away. Though within silence lingering in the air, a handful of time passes and Mija soon lifts her head and glances around her den. With her sight being blurry with her deep sleep, it takes a few blinks of her neon orange eyes to start clearing her sight as she soon catches sight of mud tracks leading into her den and she stares intensely at them as she follows them with her eyes.

    They lead to her books... then... oh NO! Someone had got mud all over her book and Mija begins to become angry, her tail patting the ground aggressively as she doesn't mind the comforting kneading on her coat as she simply assumes it was on of her little demons before the tracks soon lead to her bed and she glances down at her side where... that is not one of her children. That is not her and Michael's child, unless they learned how to turn to a red panda. Though Mija is quiet and stares intensely at the male who is snoring away and kneading into her.

    This was so awkward, and the healer leans forth to sniff the red panda and her brows furrow up. Yeah, not her child. If anyone was to walk on her, Mija would be staring at the red panda with neon orange eyes locked onto them and clearly her face read "please help me, what is going on?"

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