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  • Her stomach grumbled for the third time in the past few minutes, forcing Ruth to her paws. The she-cat groaned, disinterested in the idea of leaving her warm napping spot in the corner of one of the rooms where the sunlight happened to hit as it shone through the window. But alas, it was midday and she was starving. Leaving her warm napping spot, she slipped into the common room for a bite to eat only to find the Clan's store of freshkill to be low. Her ears flattened, a twinge of guilt sparking in her chest as she bent down for one of the last pieces of freshkill. No, the kits would need this more than her. She couldn't do it. Leaving the prey there for someone less capable of hunting for themselves than her, the tortoiseshell moved into the center of the room.

    "I'm going hunting. Would anyone like to accompany me?" she mewed. This would give her a good chance to sharpen her skills, something she hadn't been able to do in the few weeks that it took her broken paw to mend. She hoped Dualeyes would tag along. She needed to spend some more time training with her mentor, especially now that she was a guard. She'd be a lousy one until she knew how to fight.



    ( bloodclan guard + female + 7 moons + npc x npc + played by vespertine )

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    giant white molly / fifteen moons / bloodclan guard / sheogorath x npc / tags