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  • Hello! My name is Corvain, I haven't been on this website since 2012. I have no clue what's going on anymore so my first question would be what is the Agrelos? Second, what does it mean to be Agrelos born? Third, are bears still okay to play? I understand that they aren't allowed into traditional clans but are they okay in the Agrelos? I have pieced together some half-a*sed answered for myself with context clues but I'd prefer a full answer from someone who didn't quit for 6 years.

    Another question is can you make characters that are Agrelos-born and pretend that they were there before the "Earthborns" took over the Agrelos even though they actually weren't? Or did the character mentioned previously have to experience the Agrelos before they were taken over?

    If none of these questions make since, you can ask me and I'll attempt to word them better. Thank you if you help me out or even try to help me out, because I am at a loss.

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  • Agrelos is basically the extended game! So that means powers added up that equal to 100%, dinosaurs, hybrids, cat, dogs, wolves and any animal which you can see in the codex also!

    Agrelos born basically they were born before Earth came to the Agrelos region, so before Extended became Agrelos.

    Bears are still allowed to be played!

    You can have them know what Agrelos was like before Earth-borners came along, I have an grandma character who lived in Agrelos before Earth came along to Agrelos! :)