poor people he’s forsaken- dream & plot kickoff

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  • There had been one specific dream that the boy had every night for a moon now, always sinking deeper into a dark body of water- so dark he could barely see his own paws. He’d woken up shaking, his paws soaked in sweat every time, but this time was different. There was some cat that’d saved him this time- her coat was slightly transparent and her eyes glowed like suns. She’d told him something, but he’d forgotten it by the time he woke.

    Still, he was shaken to the core about her appearance, and this time he wanted a professional opinion on the matter.

    He made his way to the Stoneteller’s den, clearing his throat. “Hello- Sky with no Moon? I have a problem- I had a dream, and... there was someone in it trying to talk to me? I think she was dead..?”

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    Comet in Night Sky

    hell raising, hell raising.

    —— penned by chervani | ToRW Stoneteller | false prophet

  • What now? Sky wanted to snap at the newest Tribe member. It was her go-to whenever she heard her name. Especially when she was finally getting around to sorting her herbs. But then he's still speaking after calling for her, and her jaw nearly snaps shut, swallowing the snippy reply.

    A dead cat speaking to him in his dreams? Huh.

    "That could be a member of the Tribe of Endless Hunting," Sky replies, before going out to join him though not moving past the mouth of her den, "What did this cat say?"

    Perhaps this was a sign the dark leader was looking for. Or maybe he was screwing with her. Who knows.

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • The tom watched her expression morph as he spoke, his own expression remaining blank.

    He shrugged off the suggestion. Perhaps, but why would they take an interest in him?

    At the question, he pushed to remember anything the woman had told him. Alas, he couldnt make anything she’d spoken clear besides a few words here and there. He remembered being too scared to listen.

    “Well thats the problem- I’m not sure she said much other than a fee words, I can hardly remember it all. I do remember that i think she mentioned you, which is probably why I came here.”

    hell raising, hell raising.

    —— penned by chervani | ToRW Stoneteller | false prophet

  • "Odd. Usually they don't shut up. Maybe that's just to bug me," Sky replies, bored at the suggestion. Annoyed their ancestors would go easy on a child, but yap in her ears til they bleed. Maybe to lock the cat into the position, and once he's stuck the ToEH will continue their wailing.

    She stops a moment to think over what to do in this situation. After all, dreams can be just dreams. Maybe Current was just remembering someone. But to have Sky mentioned? Not likely. And she was supposed to be picking a To-Be to take over when she finally is bitter enough to die...

    "Well, if she comes to you again make sure to listen," Sky hisses out in annoyance, "I can't much help you if I do'nt know what the broad wants. We may need to make a journey to the Cave of Pointed Stones to see what they want."

    //Maybe they go and Sky talks to ToEH and they're like "beware" and Current sees DarkToEH and they're like "good job kid"

    And Sky tells ToEH to screw off and that's how she makes him To-Be?

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • Current nodded solemnly, smiling to himself at how serious she was taking it. From all he’d seen of her recently, he’d quite literally expected her to laugh in his face or tell him to screw off, or something like that.

    Regardless of what he expected, it wasn't such a serious conversation about the future actions. He was really glad she believed him, mostly. He met her gaze when she hissed, but be shrugged it off. Patience was a virtue. Instead he gave her a blank smile, his eyes unwavering. “I think that’s the best course of action as long as you do.”

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    hell raising, hell raising.

    —— penned by chervani | ToRW Stoneteller | false prophet

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    Sky isn't truly listening when the younger cat replies to her. Of course she thinks it's the best course of action, that's why she said it! The Stoneteller keeps her snippy reply to herself, however. The dark leader is too busy thinking. Such as: when to leave, and who to leave in charge when they were gone. These things were so much easier before they moved, and yet, it had to be done. It wasn't like she was going to take the Clan's place of worship for a spin.

    "Then we should leave sooner rather than later for the old camp. I don't want to be stuck in the snow after listening to the wailings of the dead."

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher