Characters Based Off Of Others

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  • So, there's a habit of mine that I'm worried about. And it's something I've noticed others occasionally doing. It's the act of basing your characters off of those from other works. For example: Basing a Death God off of the title character from Memnoch The Devil. Or a demigod son of Apollo who draws from Icarus/Jay Guthrie in terms of looks and talents with a mother inspired by Patsy Blackwood. That kind of stuff.

    Anyone else on the sight do this? And...It's okay to do, right?

    Any requests for RPs/regular conversation must either be written on my wall or I must be tagged in a thread. My inbox is filled to the brim.

    You are utterly welcomed to create NPC families for My Characters. And be as creative with said families as you want. Because I am lazy.

  • I have two characters based on other characters out of my five.

    One of them is Sagittarius, based on the Little Prince.

    The other is actually three, on the same account, the Baudelaire siblings. I've retired them, but thought I should mention them here.

    Mo one has given me any grievances about this, and I honestly like seeing it. If it's not okay, I've slipped under the radar until now, but I think it's fine, as long as you don't pass it off as your very own idea.