Help please

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  • First things first, just in case anyone is wondering I created a completely different account so people wouldn't know who I was. I don't want people to see me differently or possibly say something bias because of it.

    This has to do with the site, but I figured because it has to do with my own mental health and is effecting my thoughts off the website, people helping in this section would be more prepared to deal with that. But if thats not enough I suppose then move this wherever it needs to be.

    I need someone to pm, someone who is also possibly rping in traditional or use to. I love trad, but ooc I'm seeing things that are rubbing me off the wrong way. Its probably my extremely bad anxiety, but before I do anything I want someone elses opinion on if my mental problem is causing this or if I genuinely am somewhat correct.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • my inbox is always open, alright? please, if you feel comfortable about it, please message me and ill do my best to help you <3

  • hey, i never rped in traditional but i do have experience in groups with all sorts of ooc communities so you can pm me too if you want another opinion

    the universe has moved for us