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    If you found this thread you must be interested in joining the fan clan we're building. This thread is going to be used as a storage thread for forms and any news or important plot points that will be going on in the rp thread. I will hopefully be building an official sign-up for this clan one day, but for now you can think of this as our sign-up thread. Making a form for your joining cat/s is currently optional, if you are doing a bio use your own form and you can put whatever you want in it that you'd like us to know about your cat/s. I'm not certain about ranks right now but if you'd like to add them into your form put your current rank from one of the four groups listed below and then put your desired rank for the clan. I'm not sure if I'm just going to pick from random or do a vote for who goes where in ranks, although that's bit off into the future currently. If you have any questions about this thread or wanna plot please post it in the correct thread(not this one).

    To post in the rp thread you must read all of the rules on this thread, I will know if you don't. You are not permitted to post in the rp thread until the rules are read.



    -No, insulting, bullying or rude-joking in OOC. Ever. Respect is a very important topic for me, and anything less will not be tolerated. If you feel that you are being treated this way, please PM me with as much details as possible.

    -Please keep discussions in OOC to a minimum and on topic and refrain *put we shine*from posting only in OCC on the RP Thread. Feel free to OOC in the chat thread as much as you'd like.

    -This is a semi-advanced RP, meaning that if you cannot write 3-5 sentences (of course, you are permitted to write more), this RP is probably not for you.

    -You many have as many cats as you can handle.

    -No oddly colored pelts *like diamonds* or eyes, no jewelry or anything like that.

    -Do not request or ask me to reserve ranks.

    -I'm not too picky when it comes to names, although, if it sounds way to far fetched for a clan cat's name I'll tell you to change it.

    -No more than 3 kits may be born to any she-cat. This is to prevent chaos within the thread.

    -Your character(s) may not have any supernatural abilities. (Such as flight, x-Ray vision, transformation powers, etc.) This also means no wings.

    -This is not "mateclan". Mates are not *in the dust* the only thing that happens in a Clan.

    -Do not mini-mod. If you see a problem, report it to me or a moderator via PM.

    -If you are inactive for more than seven days, with the exception of letting me know ahead of time, your character will either be demoted from their higher rank or taken off of the RP allegiance completely.

    -You must be an active RPer(don't need to post daily/hourly just every couple of days would be nice) to request a high rank in the clan (ie. Leader, Deputy or Medicine Cat).

    -This is a 'traditional' warriors roleplay.

    -Please run plots through *in your post* me before putting them into actions.

    -Do not just make kits if you do not have someone to take care of them. A sole kit under the age of six moons would not be able to survive in the desert(unless you make it a kittypet then I'd make an exception.)

    -Follow the usual rules on the site.



    Rp Thread: Here






    Jhovah the Talking Pony

    Clan News


    18:34 16:34

    Loners: {21/~}

    Loners tend to keep themselves isolated, forming little to no groups (often they are alone as their name suggests, or are accompanied by another one or two cats, or some kittens, etc). They may steal food to keep themselves alive, but find no benefit to picking a fight except in the case of their or their company’s safety.





















    Rogues: {7/~}

    Rogues generally intentionally (or without care for boundaries) wander onto the territory of other cat groups such as the Clans. They are quite aggressive and often form groups with a pecking order.








    Kittypets: {6/~}

    Domestic cats that lived with Twolegs







  • All of these guys are open for plotting with.

    The names with asterisks (*) in front of them in the allegiance are the cats who will be called by Starclan to help form the clan. I need two more cats.

  • edit; both of these guys are open to receive the call from Starclan c:

  • Tracking! My form(s) will be edited in at some point tonight.


    ➳ Call me Seb!

    ➳ Masculine pronouns.

    ➳ Advanced rper & here since 2012.

    ➳ I have a plotting thread here!

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  • Here are my forums. I hope you like them, because I didn't expect to start with three, it just sorta happened XD. Sorry Tanglekits is so short.

  • //Might add more characters later.

  • Join PrairieClan! --- Looking for a clan that will strive for long-term activity? Then join the brand new PrairieClan! Lots of positions open! Also in search of someone who enjoys coming up with and planning plots to help me with the clan!

  • Proud RPer of

    Spidershade ♀, Foxtongue ♂, Blossomfrost ♀, Stonepaw ♂, Applepaw ♀ and Panther ♂ of OakClan

    Flurrykit and Shaddedbloom of Traditional ShadowClan

    Berrybounce former Warrior of Traditional ThunderClan

    Robinpaw, Bell and Beau of Traditional RiverClan

    Tortoiseshell and Creamcandle of Traditional WindClan

    Commissions! I may be taking them soon!

    If you have time and money to spare Buy Me A Koffie!


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  • you've yet to have

    your finest hour

    characters. | played by ray.

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  • Name:Frostkit (paw) (fur)


    Sexuality:not sure yet





    Personality:Frost is very kind and helpful. He loves to play with his little sister,but on occasions he will play too rough and hurt her and will always apologise and try to make her happy again. Frost is a determined kitten and will not stop until he completes his goal.


    Family:Nightkit (sister), both parents are open to be played

    Other:put we shine like diamonds in the dust

    Name:Nightkit (paw)(shade)



    Sexuality:not sure




    Personality:Nightkit is practically the opposite of her brother,she is shy and kind but does not like to go out and play with others as her brother does. She does enjoy being around her sibling and playing with him even though he is twice her size and usually hurts her everytime they play. Nightkit is a cuddly kitten and usually falls asleep curled up in the curve of her brothers body or just curled up napping.


    Family:Frostkit (brother),parents are open for anyone to play

    Other:put we shine like diamonds in the dust

  • Hi there, is there a form template by any chance? I'd love to join as a loner if that's okaay (if there's a spot open could starclan call on her to help if not no worries :) )

    Carmen Sandiego Returns at last...Will you join her or the sides against her??

    Carmen Sandiego Returns ~ Sign ups ~ Open to all

    Sherwood - A robin hood story

    Sherwood - The Lost village ~ sign up thread

    ~~ If you need to contact me I do have a discord at Carmenfan#4438. I am so sorry for being inactive and hope you forgive me for not being on as often as I would like.

    Class schedule ;:
    Mondays - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

    Tuesdays - 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

    Wednesdays - no class during the day but disc golf usually at 1 pm to 4 pm and then dance

    Thursdays - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

    Fridays - 10:00 am to 11:00 am

    Weekends - no class ~~

  • There is no form you make your own, just make sure you read the rules. At the moment the spots for cats who are called are filled. If one opens I'll let you know.

  • You need to check out the rules, I put in red that you can't rp until you read them so please take a look at them. I'd rather not have just people playing kits with no one to take care of them. So if you could make an older cat or find someone who can look after them(going to add this into the rules). You also need to fix the rank so I know where to put your cats above.