The Winter Winds Are Coming In//November Meeting

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  • Minnowstar makes her way out of her camp, her feet dragging in the morning dew. Alert, yet somehow blank, eyes look over the camp before short legs jump to her meeting spot.

    "Cats of SkyClan, gathering for a Clan meeting."

    Perhaps she will discuss her current disillusion with the world around her, but probably not. Minnowstar had no plan in mind to call this meeting except it's the new moon, and it is what is supposed to be done. Surely something will come to her once the cats begin to gather.

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  • Meetings. From what he could recall hadn't had any good announcement besides from a few ceremonies in awhile. He assumed this one wouldn't be much different given the lack of things happening within the clan. From his knowledge at least.

    Padding swiftly over to the meeting place the broad shouldered warrior sat down, his attention put on Minnowstar.

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  • Orchardbreeze peeked her head out of the nursery, stepping forward to listen to the meeting. What could Minnowstar possibly be announcing now? More ceremonies? It felt as if everybody was growing up..the world hadn't stopped with her mentor's death. And the world wasn't going to stop as more left, died, or joined. Feeling a bit out of touch with her Clan, the queen decided to stay at the nursery entrance and simply listen from there.

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  • noEM9q7.gif The young warrior made her way over to the meeting and sat on down. She had been a little out of action recently. Doing her best to keep up on her skills and finally growing use to her warrior duties. Rainpuddle looked around before focusing on the leader. "" .

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  • Pollenkit and his siblings were still too young to attend meetings. When they were four moons old, his mom had assured them, Then they'd be permitted to sit in - if they managed to be quiet. The orange tabby thought that would be quite the impressive feat with his trio of siblings. Bumblekit, Daisykit, and Honeykit were relatively eager and energetic, more than could be said for their older brother. He really didn't mind too much, though. His siblings would find other things to respect him for, perhaps his smarts. Not wishing to brag, naturally, though Pollenkit liked to think he was relatively intelligent. It wasn't time to ponder that, however. Offering a smile towards Briartail, he made a soft request to hear about all the news when she returned. The tortoiseshell had agreed with a purr, licking the tops of her kits' heads before ducking out of the nursery to join her mate Thistlebelly to hear the meeting.