A Step Forward (intro)

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  • (bracken has been a backstory npc for twistedtail for a long time, so with the afterlife thread being a thing now i figured i'd finally bring him here)


    The old tom padded through, starlight swirling around his paws as the tuxedo made his way to the water. He had been here for so long, so many moons.. it was amazing to see all that could change in such time, and all that stayed constant. But he had wandered, just as he had done in life, but again he found himself right back here, a little saddened by the new, young faces he found here now. Far too many young cats found their way to StarClan too soon. Some apprentices, some even kits, and some who never had the chance to see the world.

    But then, he couldn't change it if he tried, not that he wanted to. It was unwise to mess with the flow of life, as cruel and unfair as it may be. So Bracken would stand idly by, and watch, and wait, and welcome.

  • [color=d4af37]"Hey mister!"[/color] Dusk-kit would bound up to Bracken, his tail bouncing jubilantly behind him, skidding to a halt right before he ran into the other tom's leg. Of course, he was still surprised that through all these moons, he had not grown. Perhaps he was a bit more mature. After all, he had spent two years in the same place. Of course he had to wisen up some time. That didn't mean he didn't want to act all adultish all the time. He missed out on a whole apprenticeship, cut him some slack.

    "You seem deep in thought. What's up?" He would gaze up with those owl-like amber eyes. That seemed to be something that a lot of dead cats spent their time doing. Thinking.

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    The tom's ears twitched at the sound of a small voice approaching him, quickly turning to see the kit and briefly saddened by how short a life the other had to live. "I suppose I'm just.. musin', y'know. Seem to be doin' a lot of that lately. I left a lot of cats behind in my life, n' I.. I gotta wonder how thing would've turned out if I'd chosen a different path. Cause, y'know, it ain't all one line - life, that is, and--" The tuxedo paused, looking down at Duskkit sheepishly. "Ah, now, I'm awfully sorry, I'm ramblin' on 'bout stuff you probably don't care about."

  • "Stars above shine brightly

    I miss you, but you'll be ok" — Jadefeather — StarClan — 50 moons at death —

    Jadefeather was with Bracken there. It was truly saddening to see the young arriving to join their ranks, knowing how much they had missed with their early deaths. Too many needless fights, too many sickness untreated, bad circumstances and choices and more lead to young cats taking their place among the stars too soon. There was simply nothing to be done, not now at least. The deceased ShadowClanner watched as Duskkit, a child who wandered the starry skies with the rest of them, bounded over to Bracken to speak with him. A little curious herself, Jadefeather walked a little closer to listen.

  • "It's better to get it all out than keep it in." It seemed that Dusk-kit thought about the same things too. "Sometimes I think about what would happen if I had survived. The sickness was awful. I miss a lot of my Clanmates, but try as I might, I haven't found a way to go back yet... They're probably long gone..." He trailed off too, as he looked down to the ground, thinking. Death sucked, but as a kit, he would never be sure as to why the others felt such sympathy for him and his early death.

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