So how bout that BNHA HUH??

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    So how bout that BNHA we all love and adore huh?? HOW ABOUT THOSE CHARACTER GROWTH ARCS WE LOVE FROM OUR CHILDREN?

    *The only rule is that you have to talk out your discourse like adults, mmhm, okay les do this.

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  • Oh gosh, it's definitely possible for me to pick a favorite, but I ALSO have a top five.

    1. Katsuki

    2. Izuku

    3. Allmight

    4. Aizawa

    5. Kirishima

    Thats just the top five though. I love everyone in the show SO MUCH. It's a huge stress reliever for me to watch and read it and it's genuinely something I enjoy. I have most of the posters that are out.

    But really, I just love the show in general! The comedic moments after genuinely funny to me, the character development is so startlingly part of the show (katsuki going from struggling not to cry and hating all of his classmates and being insecure about his powers to bring honest rivals with izuku, growing and maturing as a hero and a person is a big example.

    The other is endeavor being consumed by only beating people and then growing to honestly wanting to help them and be a better dad to his kids?? That's awesome)

    I'm not gonna get into ships (mainly cause I know they cause discourse and I'm SO not about that life family) but needless to say — I love looking at all the ships and honestly I'll be happy to see any of them be cannon. People are so creative!!

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  • i don't have any official merch, but my friend got me an Izuku keychain from comic con and i LOVE it!! on one side he's all smiles n on the other he's w o r r i e d

    worried Izuku is honestly just so relatable. if i had to pick a fave it'd be a tossup between him and Hitoshi! :D

    YEAH I LOVE HOW CHARACTER DRIVEN BNHA IS!! character driven stuff makes my lil heart go !!. i love so many of the character designs! And the villains are s o g o o d!! like oh gosh i love that video game nerd with the chapped lips so much. even tho he Really needs to learn what moisturiser is

    i dont really care about ships tbh? but i do like shindeku and tododeku! idk what the ot3 name is but that's my fave

  • I have at least four different keychains of Katsuki - most of my merch is Katsuki. I'm a bit of a fan and I always laugh when he's onscreen.

    Why is worried Izuku relatable to you? I'm curious - mostly cause Katsuki is the most relatable for me.

    YES, I LOVE THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. And the fact that their abilities and the weaknesses of their abilities make logical sense? Katsuki's hands will get dry and crack if he uses his too much, plus the muscle aches. Todoroki's will freeze him if he doesn't use his fire quirk, Izuku's will break him because his body isn't used to the strain.. Kirishima's will work great but it slows down his mobility and if he cracks then it's a serious issue because he could quite literally BREAK.. It just makes logical sense.

    Plus too with the fact that Recovery girl's quirk is used to heal them is done inventively too - it will heal the damage but it may not heal all of it and if you don't become better than you were, and get the same injury.. Well. Izuku demonstrates pretty well what happens.

    Shiragaki is okay - but he could be better. I wanna know his character development a little more - what I find TRULY interesting is his relationship with AFO. It's pretty similar in a way to the relationship Izuku has with Toshinori. But it's a counterpoint in the fact that that's easily what Izuku could have become as well.

    I'm curious to see how his powers developed too..

    Why do you like Shindeku and Tododeku? What made you lean towards them more than any other ship?

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  • i'm glad you find him funny! i don't really like him because of bad irl stuff, but i think he's an interesting character

    YESS I LOVE HOW LOGICAL IT SEEMS! i hate it when series are just like "bc i said so". p l s,,, gimmie Reasons. i Like Them!!! also,,, one of my fave things character development things that happened is Uraraka learning to Fite-

    i just really like his design and personality! i find the whole hand thing really interesting! his dry skin is also interesting to me, because i've never really seen it as a trait in a character before. plus it makes sense given that his quirk makes things flake apart n disintegrate! i also find him kinda relatable? freaking out over Nothing is such a m o o d

    haha the reasons i like shindeku are kinda lame. i didn't actually really care about Hitoshi at first. i just thought he looked really cute and had an interesting personality, but wasn't particularly special to me. im obsessed with fanfic and while i was searching for some, i found a shindeku oneshot. my favourite colour is green and my s/o's fave is purple, which seemed like a valid reason to give it a go to me, so i did. and i loved it! i love the way people portray Hitoshi. i love how Izuku would probably shock Hitoshi by enthusiastically asking about his quirk and telling him it's a good one for a hero. poor Hitoshi's so negative about his quirk. i also headcanon Izuku as having anxiety and being autistic like me, so i think it'd be really awesome that Hitoshi could ask to use his quirk on Izuku when he's' having a Bad Time so he can make Izuku breathe instead of hyperventilating and stuff like that!

    oh gosh that ramble got long. reasons i like tododeku are pretty similar tbh. except it was fanart this time! just Shoto giving Izuku a lil kiss on the cheek. i had never really considered ships before that. it made me pause n look back on their dynamic. i realised i really like it! it's really interesting to me! it's not a huge deal tho. i dont massively care if they're dating or friends i just want them to be close

  • It's totally fine if you don't like Katsuki! A lot of people don't, and that's perfectly great. I just like him not only cause he makes me laugh (He's so over the top.. Reminds me of when I was a six year old playing sports and telling people to "die" because I was so competitive...)

    He is an interesting character! I like the fact that they actually expand upon the fact that his pride comes less from the fact that everyone has seen him as superior most of his life until UA (But there's that too) but more from insecurity cause he's ALWAYS been the best.

    My brother thinks I'm kind of silly cause I like it so much, but he has this thing where animes have to be logical, or he doesn't wanna watch them. I've been trying to convince him that he should at least watch it for an episode before he decides he doesn't wanna watch it in its entirety (Though I wish he wouldn't skip episodes just cause of one embarrassing moment. - 3 -) ) and we should be doing that here soon!

    Yeah, his design is actually really pretty cool! I feel sorry for Hori though cause.. He has to redraw that thing in all its handy glory. I couldn't imagine having to do that every time, man.

    Those are valid reasons too! Honestly, I like listening to others talk about their favorite ships, but I hate it when they bash everyone else's ships too.. It sours the whole experience for me - when honestly you could just let people like their ships like they like their ice cream flavors.

    (Personally not a fan of vanilla but I buy it for my dad and my brother who like it whenever they can get it. I prefer chocolate. My mom on the other hand likes mint chocolate chip.)

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  • Ah! I forgot to expand on why I like Katsuki.

    Honestly, he reminds me so much of myself that I look at him and aspire to be him in certain ways, cause I struggle with my antisocial disorder and I want to be able to be as confident and loud as him in public when I want - because I'm loud and confident like he is in private. Mostly, I just want his level of confidence and his organization. He's smart too, so I use that as a way to keep me going with my studies!

    Basically, he's my rolemodel in everything except the harsher parts of his personality..

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  • you're so passionate about him that's amazing!! i love hearing reading people talking about things they like. it feels like bonding with someone, y'know? because of my autism i like to do this thing called infodumping, where i basically explain everything i know about a subject. i generally don't do it, because i don't want to annoy anyone, but when i do i feel so much closer to the person i was talking to. infodumping to the right person feels great, so hearing reading someone else infodump feels great! idk if that makes sense-

    his obsession with the word "die" is pretty funny. it feels kinda like he was taught it means 'something very bad happening to someone' as a little kid, so he got into the habit of saying it and never stopped even after he was old enough to understand death.

    Good thing Horikoshi likes drawing hands! Tomura's a nightmare to draw. a nightmare. i havent even tried drawing him and my brain hurts at the thought. drawings are permitted maximum One Hand and i won't draw any more than that

    i read your post out of order and automatically assumed the ice cream was a reference to The Curse of The Anime Protagonist. have you read that? it's so good!! im not really a fan of ice cream at all, honestly. im lactose intolerant and it's just Not Worth it

    !!!! that's great! i'd never really considered positive things about him, because i just... didn't want to. something he said made me extremely uncomfortable, so i just kinda ignored him. thinking about him in a positive light is really interesting. it's way too easy to fall into the trap of "I hate x. Everyone should hate x" and i really don't want to

    imma expand on why i love Izuku! he kinda reminds me of myself. i see myself in the way he mumbles to himself, in the way he freaks out about things, impulsively tries to inspire people, his stubbornness, and the way he tries but fails to comfort people. he's such a reminder that positivity is a choice. kindness is a choice. i can choose! Izuku makes me want to choose. also we're both short af. AND HIS T-SHIRTS. THE "SHIRT" SHIRTS

    Izuku's quirk notebooks remind me of the way i like to take notes about series! im really into writing and fanfic is good practice, so i tend to take characterisation notes while im watching things. im lame i know :D

  • Gosh, I MISS infodumping! I infodump on a lot of things I'm passionate about - I'm at that state of mind where I don't even care if they're not someone I know - if you get me started I WILL DUMP. I really, really like forensics and psychology and criminology, but I don't dump on them cause I know it can be a trigger for some people to talk about that kind of thing, and I don't want to hurt anyone when I do it, so..

    Yeah, his obsession with the word die just reminds me of when my younger self first learned how to curse. Like, legitimate "you should get your mouth rinsed out with soap. You should literally be drooling soap right now for those kinds of words" level of cursing. I just kept doing it. Now-a-days, I don't do it much anymore unless I'm really, REALLY experiencing strong emotions.

    Oof, yeah, hands are something I struggle with in art. What I'm struggling the most with right now is cats though.. Been trying to draw Flint here lately and he's kind of difficult to draw - orientals and all that. I take a lot of inspiration from Katsuki's expressions too, so those are always fun..

    Mmmm.. I'd like to one day do fanart of the kids but I'm not there skill-wise where I'd be happy with anything I produced. I have thought about reading that fanfic, actually! It was one of the first BNHA fics I stumbled across but I haven't gotten around to reading it. I've been studying with math/roleplaying/working so much tbh I haven't gotten the chance.

    What was it he said that made you uncomfortable? You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.. But as I'm typing this I realize it could have been that thing he said on episode one.. - 3- I'm not really a fan of that line, and I wish he'd just hurry up and apologize for it gosh. It made me a little squeamish and I was worried that it'd be a continuous thing he does. But thankfully, he's never said anything of the sort since - from what I can tell.

    Yeah! Izuku reminds me a lot of my brother - he's autistic too, "classic" autism. I'm on.. I guess the opposite side? I've got Aspergers. But yeah, the way that Izuku grows and matures to become a stronger individual is something I really want for my brother. If only because I worry that he's not very happy with where he's at right now (He's convinced that "normal" people will hate him because he only completed a certain grade, because he mumbles, because he "doesn't have anything to bring to the table" and that he scares people cause he glares when he's uncomfortable)

    I can't personally relate to Izuku, but thinking about him like he's my brother always just brings a smile to my face - even more so because when he grows his hair out it's naturally curly like Izuku's too. Like, legitimately. We're not sure which side of the family he got it from cause my mom's German and my Dad's partly Irish mixed with a whole lotta of other things - but it's dark and curly at the same time and his facial hair is ginger. It's really weird but I like it. (I just wish he'd groom it a lil. silly boy)

    I like graphic t-shirts with that vein of stuff too! I have one that says "If you've read this, that's enough social interaction for the day" and another one that says "I'm not tsundere, I legitimately dislike you" and another one that says "Snapcat" and has this goofy cat on the front taking a selfie. My white one says "I dislike morning people. And mornings. And people." and my last one is a gift from my ex that has the moon phases on it and says "not phased".

    I really like graphic t-shirts that have somewhat offensive or weird sayings on them tbh. I just wish they had a shirt that says "T-shirt" like Izuku's.. I'd wear it like crazy. Or even "Dress Shirt". That'd be fun.

    I have other shirts that have skulls on them too, and they're in all kinds of colors. I never noticed that I did but the more I look at my collection... I like graphic tees a lot.. (´∀`;)

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  • oooh neat! I tend to dumb about toy customising, furbys, dolls... yeah im 4

    Im trying to get practice with cats! My art's mostly inspired by anime and Homestuck. R o u n d

    It's really good! When you have the time i highly recommend it!

    The suicide baiting. Ive tried to hang myself in the past. A boy demanded to look at my bruises, told me I'd done it wrong, and called me "deadie". Bakugou makes me think of that. I wish he didnt.

    My hair's curly too! Naturally ginger, dyed purple :D

    I mostly just wear pyjamas tbh. I dont go anywhere except school so i just wear uniform and pyjamas-

    If this is formated weird it's bc im on mobile

  • Sorry I'm only getting to this now! It's been a busy couple of days.

    When I was younger, one of the things I was very heavily interested in was transformers.. I don't know why, I think I just liked the whole figuring out how to transform them. Transformers and Art happened to be my two biggest things. I don't think I ever fixated on one thing for too long, but when I get honestly into it I tend to go hard (I've spent nearly three hundred dollars these past six months on merch for the shows I like and stuff)

    Yeah, I figure I'll try to read it here soon - I'm dying slowly cause the holidays are coming up and I have to go visit family and they always tire me out. I figure I'll read it between trips yep.

    Yeah, I think that was something Hori mentioned not wanting to ever have him say again - it was kind of an overall regret for him and kind of turned everyone off of him. I don't know, stuff like that doesn't bother me anymore if only because people have told it to me so often it just slides right off like oil in water. I totally get why it bothers you though!

    Yeee, I need to dye my hair here soon. Got some nice brown hair, think I'm gonna get an ombre dye job, yep yep.

    I wish I still had my school uniform. I kind of miss those memories from fifth grade..

    Nah, your formatting was fine.

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  • That's okay!! glad to see you again :D

    wowwwwwwwww that's a lot of money. i rarely get merch. spending money makes my anxiety Yell, so i draw stuff instead! i like drawing a lot, though im not very good at it. you talking about how you used to say 'die' to people in sports made me wanna draw a lil kid Bakugou doing baseball or somethin! i just,, wanna draw you something

    what colour(s) you gonna dye your hair?


  • Yeah, it makes my anxiety yell too, tbh. But it's so worth it after I stop being anxious about it because I genuinely buy what I love or what I think is cool. I usually set aside fifty bucks for myself every paycheck to my spending account, and then the rest goes into savings. It fuels the need to buy merch but doesn't drain me completely off money.

    Yeah, kid me used to say some pretty awful things — believe me, I used to get in trouble for it ALLL the time. But it was mostly me blowing smoke with no fire, y'know? At most, all I did was intimidate the other teams.

    I'd love to see some of your artwork! You've mentioned that you draw, but I haven't seen a gallery.. do you have a DA? I'd love to follow you. I'm thinking I'm gonna try drawing the boys here soon too..

    Probably a brown and a couple of blues. I have this one blue that I really like cause it's so shockingly blue — like MS paint level of shocking blue. It's a great counterpoint to my really dark hair.

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  • i don't have a DA, though i probably should sign up. i mostly just show my art to my friends and forget about it tbh.

    here's a wip of my oc Angus! i really,,, should finish that sometime next year

    ohhhh blue's one of my fave colours!! :D

    CURSED CONCEPT: a quirk that mimics other quirks. the accuracy is dependant on how much the user looks and acts like the person who has the quirk they're copying. name? Cosplay

  • ooooh! I like it though! I have a couple ocs I need to hurry up and finish drawing too, but I'm out of a tablet until Christmas. I plan on getting back to drawing as soon as possible. Tumblr's a decent place to put art but I have to admit, I don't use it at all for anything else but art and art tutorials. Both sites are equally toxic.

    It's one of mine too, but I like red a lot too. Orange, cyan, and pink tend to be my favorite colors.

    Ohh! I actually really like that idea... But at the same time, I had an honest idea for a similar quirk. When they touch you, they get your power for a little bit of time. Gradually, the time limit for the power increases the more you use it.

    Also, it's possible for their power to stay permanently, but they have to die first so.. I was thinking about it and honestly the way that it would work the best to me is if you were like izuku and studied their quirks obsessively.

    I'm still trying to figure it out, tbh.

    Oh hey! Do you maybe wanna make a windclan cat? I wanna rp with you but my only character at the moment is Flint and I'm working on getting him into windclan

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  • ty!! i gave up because the hands were annoying me. also, Angus has three braids and they're SO ANNOYING to ink. aaaa im on tumblr like,,, 24/7. im probably gonna change my username when i think of a better one, bc i just used my tumblr url!

    Green, pink, and blue are mine! i have a soft spot for purple tho, bc it reminds me of my s/o. it's the reason i dyed my hair purple

    thinking about quirks is fun!! i tend to be silly about it, though. i mean, if i had a superpower, i would do dumb stuff with it. im 16 im Dumb by default. like why don't the BNHA kids do more dumb stuff with their quirks? ESPECIALLY Izuku. he never got to do the dumb stuff as a little kid. i want him to do it now-

    aaaahhh sure!! im not great at roleplaying and im still kinda confused about how a bunch of stuff works, but i'll try my best!

  • honestly i wish they'd do more dumb stuff with the kids

    I want to see the bakusquad go and take weird pictures with katsuki scowling while he takes the pics cause his friends are lovable idiots and his heart is growing three sizes and its not good. I want to see Izuku trying to bench press iida with his quirk and having Todoroki making slushies or cooking popcorn using his quirk

    tbh I even want to see my crow son tokoyami doing stupid things with his quirk man


    yessssss i love getting to rp with people. Lemme know when you got an idea for the character. I wanna talk with you about them.

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  • i can ABSOLUTELY imagine Kaminari filming Bakugou and narrating it like Bakugou's a wild animal in a documentary tbh!

    i bet Shoto would accidentally destroy a kitchen with his quirk. he doesnt know how to cook. he'd be like "this cooking time is inefficient" and just,,, BURN it trying to make it cook faster. and then it sets on fire. and then everything is on fire. and Shoto is dying inside

    also i want Uraraka to call her pads her toe beans. they look like toe beans!!

    it'll probably be a guy. i mostly rp boys. i just,, love me some boys!! y'know the "i was busy thinkin bout b o y s" song? THAT'S ME ALL THE T I M E

    can you tell me about Flint? u could pm me for plotting-