IS THIS YOUR KING | "attempted takeover"

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    why was this guy acting as though he himself was the one who implemented these rules? first he comes and says he should be the one to take over, and then he tries to put him on the spot?! garrus mimicked the dry snort and jerked his head backwards quickly; an action that was showing his now rapidly thinning patience. "let me get this right, you come here to 'inform' us of our problems and then conveniently want to join? and, for the record, everyone completes the joining ritual," he'd pause to allow kodiak to say his piece, nodding in agreement with what the ursine said, "i think kodiak here has a point. you came here, insulted us, asked to join and then question how we do that too. are you scared? or just have a lot of things to say?"

    the feline would make a noise somewhere between a scoff and a laugh. "ah yes, let's abandon our traditions now to let this guy join instead of noting his points for later and have him undertake the trial that's still enforced. why the hell not." with each word, he wound himself up even more until he had to stop talking; his jaw firmly shut together and his actual point unvoiced. "you think he came here without a plan to make us believe he's doing this out of the goodness of his heart rather than joining to, effectively, become a source of power here? dammit radha, you're hearing what you want to believe." was she serious? or was he being too paranoid? now that he had such a thought in his mind though, garrus couldn't see the middle ground; the grey.

    his ears flicking, he turned back to khan. "you want me to trust that, after calling out your future higher positions bar me, that you will respect them and not take advantage of our current situation? because i can't say i do." he drawled, gaze steely; an unspoken challenge in his words. could he be convinced? perhaps - but he'd be suspicious of the veiler.

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    Radha's support was much appreciated, but of course, there were those who decided to argue against the valid points he made. "What's bad about a little bit of criticism?" The dire wolf wasn't too concerned about the opinions of children. They were indoctrinated in whatever ideals they had been raised in and hadn't formed their own opinions yet. "Alright, cub, let's say that 'if they were fit to be here, they would be able to pass simple tests.' When did Always Dead do it? Is she fit to be here then? What about you? What about the rest who were in the group? Don't let the 'grandfathering' clause excuse the fact that the Ruiners who put this tradition in place are actively trying to dissuade outsiders from joining to maintain their power."

    "Garrus, as you can tell, I came here with many things to say. If I was scared, would I have come here, outnumbered? You still haven't answered my question. Tell me: who has actually completed the joining ritual since it was implemented?" They were dancing around the question instead of answering it, since Khan saw it as the crux of their problem with new faces. "And, it's not a tradition. It was implemented less than a damn season ago and you call it a tradition like the tradition of BloodClan being feared and respected. Where is that tradition, Garrus?"

    There was a dry snort from Khan as Garrus accused him of being power hungry. "Why should I respect those who have done nothing to earn my respect? Why should I not take advantage of weakness? Tradition and custom, if you're so very interested in maintaining it, dictate to respect the strong and crush the weak in this group. Where is this tradition? I would have no reason to be here if the Ruins were strong."

    He paused for a moment, his eyes narrowing. "If you really want me to do the trial, I'll do it. I pick my opponent to be your leader."




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