3 eggs, 1 adoptive daddo; EX-Sanctuary Leader eggs

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  • Yeah,

    Meet Betrayal, Dino/dragon/crystal hybrid thing

    He's from before this whole Agrelos thing, like Pro-Male Skulls time.

    If you're interested, basically, He's Nightwish's (great?)grandson, him being Skulls first leader, Betrayal was also once the Sanctuary's leader, he's also like a brother to the current Sanctuary leader, Chicagocrimes, not sure on the whole official thing yet

    But yeah, Betrayal will venture out and stumble around 3 eggs, 1 of any carnivorous dino, 1 dragon, and 1 wyvern. (if any mod or admin says otherwise, it's been years since I got here, so I need to read up on some stuff, it'll be toned down to just animal children.)

    Rules are! Yeah, there's them like usual

    1. Naming theme will be Fate Grand Order based, so go nuts on choosing your favorite servant from the game, if anyone doesn't know what FGO is, don't play it, you'll only loose your bloody sanity and money

    2. They will be very much loved, (but if you go for the like 'evil' servants, go ahead and give them there personas if you like, yes....so like Ozy and Gilgamesh, you know how it be)

    3. They ain't leaving the Sanctuary, but they can go and explore the Sanctuary's allies with permission

    4. CHICAGOCRIMES is to be bullied by them and she knows she'll be eaten by Betrayal if she retaliates the bullying

    5. Go nuts on their descriptions, give me something to read please

    6. Please be active, The Sanctuary and their allies could use mischievous children to boost their activity

    7. I stg I will find you irl and beat you if have to make me choose an Ozy and Gilgamesh, I won't complain if you make a Brynhildr or Nitocris cause I love them more than I love living