RosenGuard Academy for troubled youth(a haunted school)

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    Long before the academy was a forest ruled by a demonic spirit of a deceased lord who practiced in the black arts. He would capture travelers from the road disguised as a beautiful young girl or boy needing help. Once lured to his crumbling home he would kill them and eat their hearts entrapping their souls with him. A famous group of monks came after him and managed to seal him in the depths of his decaying house surrounded by those he had murdered. After many years passed a new lord took over the land building a grand home for him and his family unknowingly weakening the seals that had kept the demonic soul in check. Slowily the flowers around the home began to wilt and die soon his wife too died in a mysterious way. Eventually even the staff started disappearing and apparitions were seen wandering the halls late at night then in the day. Fearing for the lives of his staff and daughter he left the home letting it stand empty for many years.

    In his passing his daughter who was too young to have remembered the incidents and not believing in the supernatural gave it to the public who transformed it into a boarding school for wayward children. Yet as before activity began and soon students began to die in accidents or disappeared all together. Finally one survivor of a attack was able to warn the others that the students who disappeared were killed by one of them. A student who wasn’t a student rather just carried the face of one.

    The school in response had the site blessed and shut down for many years but once more under the hand of a woman who does not believe in superstition the boarding school has once again been opened. Though many safety measures have been taken it won’t be enough to save the unfortunate souls who walk into their own grave. To survive they must find their own solution.

    Will you survive the school year?



    forms must be filled out completely

    Make extra ocs characters will be dying

    Please write at minimum 4 grammatically decent sentences

    No kissing and dissing me

    Romance happens but no pregnancies

    No kids older or younger than 15-16

    If you want your oc to live put Safe but you must have at least one Kill marked as Prey

    I will play as the demonic spirit

    Teachers will be npcs played by myself same for Security/principal/school dr.

    .i will allow 2ghost students 1evil who will kill others the 2nd who remains silent for fear of the schools main evil

    Pm me if interested once two are obtained I will post taken under the section but the names will not be posted to maintain initial surprise.

    School rules

    .Be in your assigned rooms by 11pm on weekdays 12am on weekends but under no circumstances leave your rooms between 3-4am. You’ll be in big trouble if caught out at that time. Lock your doors.

    .Be in the building by 9pm


    .do not pick up strange objects if something is found get a teacher or security guard

    .if any strange person is seen on the premises call security ASAP

    .be in classes 2minutes at latest after the bell rings.

    .skipping classes will result in punishment

    .no bullying

    .no males or females in each others room without the door open

    .attend all meals breakfast is at 7am lunch is 1pm dinner is five pm

    .never go any where alone.

    .Behave yourselves failure to follow rules will result in a immediate bus to the nearest juvenile detention center.



    Layen Pearl







    School DR:





    Students rooms:


    Mallory May||Victoria (Tori) Schultz

    Emma Stone||Maria Martinez

    Esmerie Toolse(Fritz)||Amy Thorn

    Lèi Kūren||Rymi Carty

    Graham Frank|| Leo Williams

    Jason Clark||Yūdo Kūren

    Deon Lee|| Piston Hall

    Erik Smith||Kolby Wolf








    Criminal record:


    Safe or Prey:


    Desires(naughty and innocent(the demon will be preying upon them))

    Fears(again later use):


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