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  • stillkit's brother was a rather mellow cat himself, but he still retained the limitless energy characteristic of young tom cats. he was battling a moss ball a few tail lengths away when suddenly he kicked a bit too hard and sent it flying. "yo stillkit, watch out!" he squealed, glued helplessly to his spot as he watched the ball arc towards his sister. she seemed to like doing nothing, but she better do something or she was gonna get hit!

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    { skyclan kit + 3 moons ++ played by sadie }


    hiding in a hollow tree


    [ silver torbie and black chimera with pale blue eyes ] [ two moons ] [ male ] [ trad. skyclan ]

    name info - rime - frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapor in cloud or fog | to cover an object with hoarfrost

    the small silver-brindled tom watched as stonekit accidentally throttled a ball of moss in his sister - apparently called 'stillkit' - his frigidly pale blue orbs akin to two frozen over lakes widening. he knew even if he attempt to limp over he wouldn't make it in time to come to the she-kit's rescue. he wasn't sure the stoic molly was in the mood to get thumped in the head by a flying mossball, judging by the steady thud of her tail. was she always so quiet? why was her name stillkit? well, he supposed it really wasn't all that peculiar. all skyclanners had strange names. everyone close in age to himself donned -kit at the end of their title. the whole custom had been explained to him, but he wasn't sure he really grasped the ways of clan life yet.