Hate being undeclared, but don’t want to declare

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  • Just as it says on the tin.

    I’m a first year college student, and I have to register for next semester’s classes soon.

    I hate being undeclared. It was fine at first, my plan was to take classes in my area of interest and figure out whether or not this was something I could do.

    I wanted to do something in science, but I had no idea what because I enjoy a lot of branches of science and didn’t know what to declare.

    Now I find out that I can’t take anything other than the weakest, lowest level science classes because I need to declare a major if I want to take them.

    How am I supposed to know what I like or don’t like in science if I can’t take anything other than bare-bones science class?

    So I’m probably going to be taking classes that I don’t care about on my dime because I can’t declare, and my registration date is the 31st!

    I’m so frustrated and unhappy with this and I don’t know what to do about it

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    The path is clear

    We require only the strength to follow it

    Sorry if I suddenly disappear for a while or take a long time to respond to threads. I’m busy with college and my mental health is kind of iffy lately.

    If you want to drop me from threads so I don’t kill them with inactivity, I completely understand!

  • this is pretty late whoops. don't worry about what you want to major in just yet. i promise you will find something and then change your mind hundreds of times before you settle. remember, your first two years are just your basics, so it doesn't matter what plan you are on right now. i am going into medical school but i have my associate's degree plan set for chemistry when i literally only have to take one chemistry class. just make sure you have your math, english, history/government classes and basic bio. heck, you could take zoology or earth science and a few years down the road you could want to be a pastry chef. don't sweat too much about it, and also take to your advisers. Mine have helped me out a lot on what I want to do and helped me get into the classes that best suit my long-term plan. ;)