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    wolfthroat / wolf, wolfo, wolfy / male [ he, his ]

    tribe of storms and stars / traveler / legate / former rogue righthand

    unknown moons of age / two years mentally / adult

    created october 14th, 2017 / ages whenever


    wolfthroat, being born into a clan of rogues, was immediately thrown into a world of power and blood. he knows nothing of clan life, only that he grew tired of taking lives without a purpose other than honour. he struggles with his past, frightened that those who meet him might ultimately deny him their friendship based on his family and backstory. he is ashamed of himself, wishes to prove his worth. as murder brought him fame once, now he wishes to erase that memory.

    wolfthroat has been seen stalking others from the trees, living in them really. the trees belong to him. it is where he can be found if he goes 'missing'. he is most comfortable when he is up high, as it makes him feel superior and as if he has the upper hand. this is also where he builds his nests at.

    wolfthroat is not easily moved, both emotionally and physically. he is a rock, an unaffected being that would much rather deal with his own shit than take on others. though he is not heartless by any means, he has simply seen enough in his life to find what might frighten others as... normal.


    demisexual biromantic / leans heavily towards females / dating no one / ½ of _____

    platonic relationships are quite easy to make with wolf, but he is often very stubborn and doesn't trust others easily due to his past. he is a very loyal friend, and with time will be able to trust the other if they haven't tried to harm anyone. romantic relationships are harder to form, you've really got to catch his eye to interest him. he enjoys being complemented and knowing that the other is impressed with his appearance/knowledge.

    his parents are serval ncp's, former high ranks of the rogues. he has one unknown living sibling, up for adoption.


    [CURRENT BODY:] - muscular charcoal serval w/foggy deep sea eyes.

    ↳ full description - muscular and well defined. his body is seemingly etched by the gods, every inch of him covered in fine flex. upon his pelt do ebony dapples play, coated so evenly with another layer of charcoal black that ripple and reflect in the sunlight. he is a slightly hulking male, standing higher and heavier than the average of his breed due to genetic issues. weighing 65 pounds, standing 25 inches at the shoulder.... more to be added. pelt coloration: click. eye coloration is the same colour as my speech text: eye colour.

    — INJURIES/ILLNESSES: has a healed scar that travels across his upper chest, along his throat, and stops on the tip of his chin in three thick lines.


    [EXTERIOR TRAITS] - persistent. calm. comical. blunt. steadfast. stubborn.

    [INTERIOR TRAITS] - loving. protective. demanding. alluring. brotherly.

    ↳ wolf is a charming, alluring young individual who places himself a lot higher on the totem pole than most people. he is nowhere conceited, but it is painfully obvious that he is confident in everything he does and strides to leave an impression on everyone that crosses his path. he is heavily masculin, enjoying the female form a little more than he probably should. he can be seen as a lustful brute, tasteful, even... more to be added.

    — DISORDERS: none at the moment.


    [WEAPONS:] reinforced claws. abnormally long canine teeth.

    extreme physically, extreme mentally (overall dangerous)

    will start fights / will end fights / won't run / will die saving others

    peacefully actions are allowed, including healing.

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    name origin: the origin of his name is a rather simple one, being that his form and style of hunting/fighting is similar to that of a wolf. the way his ivories clash upon flesh like a bow through a doves breast, the way celestial eyes watch vigilantly over everything in sight- hungrily, angrily, protectively. those that see his strides often compare him to a wolf in wait, thought mayhaps it has something to do with his elongated fangs and reinforced claws? those who have seen him up close or have had the pleasure of hearing him speak will easily understand the suffix 'throat', as his words drip from the end of his maw as if they originally belonged behind a harp, a piano, an entire orchestra. you might be so entranced by it that your eyes miss the three long scars that line his chest, throat, and chin.

    silly moodboard thingy: wolfthroat moodboard

    leave me unholy and dirty and beautiful

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