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    Ladon had just left the Valhalla after a short visit there in search for some plants he could use to make some medicin that hopefully would last through the whole winter. During this upcoming season many got sick, catching themself a cold and so Ladon wanted to be prepared for it so he could help those how would fallen ill and sick during this harsh time that was creeping in closer towards all of them except from some few places perhaps. He had heared it was warmer down the south then it was up towards the north which was why he was staring here, quite sure most plants had died of by now up there, or at the very least being useless to use for anything of what he was searching for. This enviroment down here for sure seemed warmer and maybe it was the volcanos to thank for that. Ladon knew he was going to head up further up towards the north along his way and planned to stay there over the winter for two reasons really. One of them was his coat were more suitable for the cold enviroment while the other one was so he could help out those how would struggle and suffer during this winter. More victims how would get defeated by the cold or starvation. So the Physician hoped by living up there could prevent some of this tragic fates.

    It was worth a try knowing the old lady would have wanted him to do so as well. Saving lives that was what he tried to do now, to help others to heal thier injures both physcially and emotionally. Someone needed to be there for them and so he wanted to try to be the one how was there when he was needed. At least it made him feel a bit better everytime he helpt someone out, to know he had done something good and one day maybe his own injures could heal, to found a way to move on and even forgive the man how had taken away both his childhoos and sight from him...maybe. Ladon was still not ready to talk about that male, to even bring him up and talk about what even had happend. It was a burden he keept on holding in for himself but he was doing better he believed, at least he was going to pretend he was until it actually felt real.

    Tired after an other day outside exploring and searching for everything that could be useful during the winter had decided it was about time to found somewhere to rest before he would contunie on with his journey. It was a long way still before he would reach the north so wasting to much time in one place wouldn't do much of any use for him. Ladon wanted to move on as quickly as possible to head of to the next territory to ask a new clan about some possible assistence. But for now Ladon would enjoy to drink some water by a lake he just had crossed and decided to take a small break by while the only company he had was the ghosts how was following him around. Some stayed with him for days while others moved on rather quickly for different reasons. Those he could help would of course make sure to spare some time for so they could found thier way to the...after life. From there he could only hope Lupius would treat them fairly and hope darkness not would fall upon them. That was what Ladon feared the most still but tried to push those thoughts away. He needed to believe in Lupius and he might be welcomed into the moon one day once the time come. He just needed to contunie on to believe.

    Kady Keyper  

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    After Kady's failed suicide attempt there had been so many big changes in her life. She's starting to believe that some kind of power had forced her to posses a nearby mutated tigress body to give her a second chance at life, and for that she was appreciative. Ever since that moment she hasn't had any depressing episodes, but has instead given life a positive outlook. There's no more living in fear, or regrets in her life decisions. No more being hesitant and wondering what her purpose in life was.

    She realizes now that her purpose in life is just to enjoy it. Live it to the fullest, and influence others as best as she could in positive ways.

    The shift had been a hard time on the clan, but they've adjusted fairly quickly and were now thriving. Well, thriving aside from the fact that they would be going to war with the Shadow Veil soon, but there are moments where the feline wonders if the shift was truly good for them. They had lost many important creatures during the shift like Adalacia, her adopted daughter Yanyu, Irene, Aristotle, and more. It was a dark time, and it was the only bad thing she found her mind continuously wandering to.

    She needed a break. Nothing too long, just a few days away from BlizzardClan to clear her mind and give herself the self love she needed. How she ended up in North Delos? She wasn't quite sure. The feline just let her body take her away somewhere where she wouldn't be recognized.

    And yet...even with leaving the territory she can't help but to look over her shoulder constantly. Was she being watched? Were there enemies nearby looking to ambush her? It wasn't a healthy way to be thinking, but in a situation like this she really had no other choice.

    After hours of walking and the pads of her paws screaming for a break the tigress comes across a lake where she could soak her fur and spend some time sunbathing. But she wasn't alone.... There was a figure in the distance, though he seemed harmless enough. Perhaps this was just another traveler looking for a break on his own adventures.

    Kady naturally keeps her distance in a respectful manner and also just because she doesn't want to be bothered, but there's something off about this traveler. There's an overwhelming urge to get a closer look, but why? Her curiosity was always something that got the best of her, and so she makes a lazy swim around the shore to really observe this stranger.

    But this was no stranger... this was a white canine who had a familiar scent lingering to his fur. So what was he to her? Someone she met in another clan during a festival? A brief BlizzardClanner her? She continues forward until the male is properly in view, and then it clicks.

    This was Ladon.

    The young boy who had gone blind. The young boy who she tried so hard to help during his time in Blizzardclan, though looking back on it now she wished she was able to help more. There were many overwhelming emotions going on through her head. What was he doing here? Was he okay? Thank goodness he's still alive.

    And nothing can stop Kady from calling out to him. "Ladon? Is that you?" There's a pause as she brings herself to shore, though still keeps a respectable distance away. "It's Kady... from BlizzardClan." Would he remember her? Or was she merely just making an embarrassment of herself in this moment?

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