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  • It was odd that she had wandered so far from her home; she couldn't say what had driven her. Perhaps it was simply a desire to see a little more of the world, or an urge to escape the oppressively heavy cloud of grief that hung over the Veil. Regardless, though...she had found herself near the Cartel's border - close enough that she could faintly smell the scent of the underpopulated AntiClan. Her lip curled slightly at the idea: she hated the Cartel, and had ever since she'd met Chesh and learned more about the group. She felt that they treated individuals as disposable, and she loathed the mercenary fashion in which they conducted themselves. But she hadn't fully realized where they lived, and now she let out a soft hiss as she realized how close she was to her least favorite group. Disgusting. Bast thought, turning hastily around and beginning to trot away. Beneath her, her steadily growing stomach swung slightly, as she unwittingly went further and further from their father's residence.


    hey! hope you don't mind that i made this <3

    feel free to have sterling do whatever - he'll probably recognize her from his fling with the body's previous occupant, but i'd imagine he'll be horrified at her visible pregnancy

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    now that the evening is slowing,

    now that the end's in sight


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    Underpopulated Anticlan? Oh boy, if those thoughts had reached the ears of the Break male, he would have had a few colorful words to say about that. As for disposable..? Eh, I guess she wasn't too far off. It was true that the younger members were considered... insubstantial. Until you proved your worth, that is. After you'd reached the likes of Seagi and Ryuusaki, you were perhaps considered a little more valuable than the average member. But that was life, baby. You're always disposable to someone, and valuable to someone else.

    A soft hiss reached the wolf's ears before the source reached his eyes, and he turned to face it. Sterling had been conducting a lone patrol that day, quite possibly to scope out any newcomers and get to them first before his fellow Cartellians... But hush now, that was a story for a rainy day. Violet eyes were about to turn away when they'd caught movement of the Shadow Veiler. Oh shit, she looked familiar.. Back for more no doubt? The though was enough to put a smirk on his face, a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. He took a few steps forward, moving to talk to her before his smirk dropped, along with his cigarette, to the floor. Fuck. Fuckshitfuckno. Was she...? She was just fat, right? That's right. Just fat. Fuck. Fuck.

    "Fuck." The words seeped through his teeth like a gas leak.