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  • 「 in a foreign land, in a × castle made of sand 」

    The bound meadow of the Highlands was pretty close to the talon bridge, so the young tiger cub hadn't encountered much trouble bringing her stuff here. Laid out on a picnic cloth were various rocks and household junk: lengths of different-colored strings, pens that had run out of ink, plastic utensils, that sort of thing."HI! Come give me spare parts and I'll invent something new for you!" Chione would shout at random passerby. Sometimes she would want to keep what was given to her, other times she would use them in the inventions themselves. She was particularly proud of a few of the examples she'd made that were sitting off to one side of the blanket, including what she called Anger You Can Throw: a fishbowl with glitter and powdered pepper mixed together, and a plastic spoon included. The idea was to add water and use the spoon to fling the spicy-shiny mix at things one doesn't like, so they can throw their anger away. Next to that was the famous Two-Rock: it's like one rock, except it has the power of two rocks, because it is tied to a second rock with a string. Silly 'inventions' like those were her specialty, and maybe her mother Echo Scoppio would appreciate the enterprising behavior - or possibly disapprove of it.

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  • How he arrived at the Talon Bridge was debatable, but hey- Will was enjoying himself so far. The canine was pursuing the many stalls set up in the area, his golden-flecked eyes taking in the goods and bobbles that people had to offer. His shoulder, though healing quite nicely since receiving proper medical attention, was causing him slight trouble, and as a result the Solace Kingdom member had a noticeable limp. A large leather satchel was slung across his chest, resting against the right side of his body as he walked. The satchel was quite clunky, filled with odd bits that he'd found scattered across the desert. It was kind of heavy, and he'd experienced some trouble while lugging it across the desert, but Will figured that he could trade or sell most of the stuff to vendors. He was glancing over a stall that contained simple jewelry such as rings and bracelets when a young voice caught his attention.

    The pitch- give her items and she would invent something out of them. Sounded right up his alley. An ever so charismatic smile present on his maw, the male made his way over to Chione's picnic cloth, his smile growing as he took note of the examples that she had set out. "Hey there!" He greeted, placing down his satchel. "If you don't mind the challenge, could you make something that would help me survive in a desert?" His voice was warm, and he tilted his head to the side before throwing open the satchel's cover. Inside was a wide assortment of items, ranging from scraps of cloth to pieces of metal. It was everything that an inventor could ask for, in his opinion, and Will was pretty proud of the collection he'd amassed.

  • Aglaia Scoppio Idemoni


    The woman came upon her child a moment later. Eyes on the scene and head tilting. She was going to make things to help others? She would frown slightly. Not because of the idea, but because she would offer such help to males as well. "This is wonderful love. I can not wait to see what you make him."







  • 「 in a foreign land, in a × castle made of sand 」

    Chione gave her first customer a puzzled look. Why would anyone need help surviving in the dessert? Of course, he couldn't have expected her to think he meant dessert rather than desert, which was exactly what the cub was imagining right now: someone stuck in an endless expanse of cake and ice cream, cotton candy clouds and syrup rivers. But as she gazed in awe at the canine's satchel of parts, a wide smile grew on her face. "Challenge accepted!" declared the inventor, as she practically dove into the offered items picking out materials at random. A big flat banana leaf, two brass necklaces, half an emptied-out milk bottle, a paperweight, and a handful of straw - yes, those would be perfect!

    × × ×
    She grinned happily, eager to show off her skills to her mother as well, though she could probably expect a gentle but firm talking-to later on about taking male customers. Oh well, one mistake was okay, right? The cub went right to work folding the leaf, chewing holes, tying knots, grabbing some tape for the parts that just didn't want to tie together. "Ah-ha!" She called out at one point, then the whole thing fell apart and she spent another ten minutes, and a lot more tape, fixing it. But then... "Okay, ah-ha for real this time. May I present to you, The Smelling Hat!" Adorning the young tigress's head was a square of banana leaf that had been folded over and over to make a hat. In front of her, a length of glass hung in front of her nose, secured by the brass chains of necklaces on either side. This was counter-balanced by the paperweight that sat on her neck, keeping the hat from just falling forward over her face. And sticking out all around it was lengths of straw that seemed to perform no function (and in fact, they served no real purpose, but Chione decided it was fashionable to add 'detail' to one's clothing). "See? When you eat too much desert, sometimes your breath can smell bad. But if you have The Smelling Hat, your breath gets sent right back at you, and you can know if your breath smells bad even if nobody tells you!" It was genius. And not at all what Will had asked for. But hey, A for effort, right?

    × × ×
    She beamed happily, taking the hat off and passing it to the male. "How did I do? Do you like it?"

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  • As the young inventor began to search through his satchel, picking out materials, William would turn his attention to her other creations, which were lined up nearby. Two of the most notable inventions, if you could even call them that, were two rocks tied together and a fishbowl full of glitter. How nice, it even came with a spoon. He couldn't help but chuckle at the sight, though his laughter stemmed from admiration. Although the designs could use some work- they were innovative, and it was clear that a lot of heart had been put into their creation. Ah, to be young and innocent again. His absentminded smile grew in size, and before he knew it, Chione was finished. Will turned his attention from 'Anger You Can Throw' to the tiger cub, only to for his eyes to widen as they noticed the hat upon her head. "The Smelling Hat." He repeated, the canine's amusement clear as day. Perhaps he should've been more clear with his instructions. She was a child after all, and expecting her to know the difference between desert and dessert was a bit naive of him. However, Chione was over the moon with excitement- obviously happen with her invention. And he had to admit, the hat was pretty impressive. It was also fashionable to an extent, if you ignored the straw sticking out.

    "You know what? I like it." He gingerly took The Smelling Hat from her paws, staring at it for a moment before placing the invention on his head. It took a moment to readjust the leaves, seeing as how Chione's head was smaller than his- but next to that, everything seemed to be working great. The hat did it's job, and within seconds of putting it on, William got a whiff of apples and wheat, which was an accurate representation of his breakfast. "Scratch that- I love it." He suddenly paused in thought, tapping a paw against his chin. The motion was exaggerated, but hopefully Chione wouldn't notice. "Now, how ever am I going to repay you? This invention is very useful, so I should give you something of equal worth." If it was possible, the traveler's smile managed to grow even wider. "Ah-ha! I know," He reached over for his satchel, and emptied all of it's contents into a neat pile nearby the child's blanket. "How about I give you all of my gathered materials? Surely a wonderful inventor like you can find a use for them."